Gubbare song promo - EMAET

Gubbare song promo - EMAET 0
Gubbare song promo - EMAET 0

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Anonymous's picture

i dont know y most people have a general tendency of criticism rather than appreciation...........

people blindly start criticising whether knowing it is good or not..........

Anonymous's picture

seriously people cant get over jealousy....
if bebo looks like imran's aunty.........den pc for sure will look like his granny...........

btw song is good and fresh...........Amit trivedi is best after a r rehman.

filmychica's picture

It's people like you who actually bring in the AGE-BAR and discrimination on women in the Industry. She is not playing a teenager and nor is Imran so why are going crazy over this?

Buddhas like SRK (no offense but the truth is that) and all are okay romancing young girls who probably 20 years younger to them but WHAT CRIME if Bebo acting with a guy perhaps 2/3 years younger if not same? Stop these double standards. If we, the public do these it forces or gives BW enough excuses to get rid of talented actors sooner and grab young white firangis lol. or girls who don't know how to act.

also, you're all going to be old, so am i. so get a grip.

Anonymous's picture

FLOP Film.....seen this before in countless bollywood films

Anonymous's picture

Something not right with her complexion in this movie. She dosn't look fresh. Face looks grey, teeth dull colour. Saw one of the promo songs, 'aunty ji' now here she needed better make-up. May be it was done on purpose so she would'nt look older than Imran perhaps...?

Anonymous's picture

Kareena looks soooooo fresh love her look n styling in the movie

Anonymous's picture

omg sooo much hatred dey look damn cute together so wat if she looks a bit mature she plays a year elder to him in d movie but der chemistry is mind blowing i just cant wait to c d movie it looks sooo much fun

Anonymous's picture

OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!




Anonymous's picture

I can't believe how the hell they made Kareena look so young she looks like and behave a teenager.

Anonymous's picture

Ok is Kareena supposed to be a patient or suffering from some deadly disease in this film coz she does look she's somewhere else no life in the performance..

Anonymous's picture

This movie has such an Anjaana Anjaani vibe.
I bet it goes that way too.

Anonymous's picture

i wish it was priyanka

Anonymous's picture

lovely mum romancing her son!!! puke

luvtohate's picture

BORING....kareena looks really fake here

Anonymous's picture

i love this jodi. CANNOT wait for it to release. about 2 weeks to go.......

Anonymous's picture

she seems too subdued! no fun


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