Saif should get intimate with other actresses: Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor, who celebrated her first anniversary recently in London, wishes to separate her personal and professional life. Bebo mentions to PTI, how she does not mind hubby Saif getting intimate with co-stars. She says, "We do not feel insecure. This is my professional life and my personal life has got nothing to do with it at all. They are two separate areas of my life. There is no insecurity that I feel. He is an actor and that is his job. He should get intimate with other actresses. If it is a romantic song he should look like a romantic hero. He should look good all the time. I want him to do that and vice versa".

"I hope 'Bullett Raja' does well. He should work with everybody and all films should do well. Whenever his film is releasing he should look good with that particular heroine," she adds.

She also wishes Deepika Padukone starrer Ram-leela all the best. Her movie 'Gori Tere Pyar Mein' and Ram-leela are set to release weeks apart from each other this month.

She says about Ram-leela, which was initially in her kitty, "I loved the trailer of Ram-eela. It’s fantastic. I hope the film is a blockbuster. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is an amazing director. The kind of hard work that was required for the film, I don’t think I would have been able to do it."

Now, there is an honest confession that you would hear from few actors. There is another sentence that caught my attention. When talking about the new crop of actresses in B-town she says, "There is work for everyone in the industry. I will always continue to work in films that I believe in and I would like to work in. Even at the start of my career, if I didn’t want to be a part of a film, I was very vocal about it. In fact, I am sure there is no heroine who has rejected as many as films as I have."

There is the Bebo trademark statement for you. Brimming with confidence with not a trace of modesty. But then, that is what we love her for.

Credits: PTI

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You can't help it, she has that attitude which sets her apart. Atleast bebo is better than others who conviniently choose diplomatic way to be in others good books. She has her share of hits and flops, which is inevitable...she is charming.. N i am proud to be her fan;-)

What Deepika has done in Ram Leela i cant imagine any other zyactress doin.g that.Deepika owns Ram LEela.

Lol she sounded so mature until the last part

She gets more annoying over time...

Ok, Kajol has rejected HDDCS, Mohabbatein, Dil Toh pagaal Hai, 3I, KANK, Bombay Talkies, KHNH and Veer Zaara.

Rani has rejected Lagaan, MB MBBS, Luck By chance, The Namesake, Heyy Baby, Bhool Bhulaiya, Swades, Mary Kom, Begum Samru and Gulab Gang.

Madhuri rejected HDDCS, Khamoshi, Darr.

Sridevi rejected Baghban, Shakti, Dil Toh Pagaal hai, Baazigar, Darr and Beta.

Katrina rejected Gunday, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Singham.

None of these women (barring Kajol occasionally) go around saying they've rejected the most films and that too, some of the greatest films of Indian cinema. Shut it, Bebo.

Oh get a grip Kareena as if! Miss I Love Myself acting like she's doing Saif a favour by giving him permission. No matter how much she convince herself she's fine with him doing this kind of acting no man or woman would tolerate. Somewhere down the line it's bound to cause conflict. She tries so hard to act all modern and all. If she trusts him so much, why does she need to say such statements to justify herself??

Well, good that she realised she wont be as good as deepika in ram leela. Maybe she can act, but who"ll dance ?...LOL :P

''In fact, I am sure there is no heroine who has rejected as many as films as I have."
LOL Bebo please I am pretty sure the has been actresses that reject films and more so than you, at least she is confident.

haha clever kareena! the reason why she's being soo generous and understanding about saif getting intimate with other actresses, even INSISTING that he does, is because that's exactly what she wants to do with hrithik in shuddi. lol...don't think we don't know anything bebo! ;)

she is saying all this crap as she jsut want space n break from saif for her ;future; project 'shuddhi'...

Kareena should be ashamed for saying that she and Saif don't watch hindi films. If they don't like, why do they expect the Indian public to watch hindi films ? They make a living out of it but are ashamed to watch Indian films ? Do they think it is modern to give such a stupid answer ?

OH Dear God the last line crack me up!!she's still full of herself!and for the record those movie u rejected ended up becoming blockbusters(Kaho Naa Pyaar hai etc) and other heroines in those movies acted more than what u would have done(overacting)and it's funny how u rejected good movies and u choosed crap movies like Golmaal,Bodyguard,Raone to name a few...

correction - NOBODY loves her for it. It's what we dislike her for.

"Wed, 2013-11-06 11:49 — Anonymous"
The standard replies list something like this

"It is special"
"Special bond"
"Feel blessed"

"The kind of hard work that was required for the film, I don’t think I would have been able to do it"

---> Exactly. I'm so glad the role went to Deepika! :)

Look who is agree with Kareena's statement.

Why are people getting pissed off? She said it as a JOKE!!
She never said that others haven't reject them. Sheesh

Does she think that other actresses don't reject roles, too?

On a separate note, she's right about Ram Leela. She's not a very good dancer, I don't think she would have done justice to the role. Deepika's not amazing either, but she's got a lot of energy and the physique to pull it off.

i want to see which actress wants to get intimate with saif lol

I think a lot of actresses want to get intimate with saif I remember bipasha saying if John wasn't her boyfriend she would be with saif.

ahahhahahahha, I knew she will mess up at the end. Selfish woman.

Just when you think she almost gives a decent interview, she concludes the interview with trademark kareena statement. 90% of bollywood stars need a reality check.

We are modern
We don't watch Hindi movies
We don't discuss work with each other
I am the first actress of Indian cinema who....
I am very secure
I am a kapoor

This is a standard list of Kareena's replies to any and every interviews

Sassy and stylish! Always makes the headlines with her nerve wracking quotes which are open to interpretation.. Lol. But I agree, no other actress has rejected as many films as Bebo. But the fact is that almost every big movie is offered to her first. She can't do all of them at once. So by compulsion
she leaves some for mere mortals like Deepika and PeeChhee to feed on!

Me me me... I I I..
Uf so offputting

This is why I call Kareena a thorough professional. She knows they are in entertainment business. Audience want to watch good couple on screen and are least bothered about the perfect married life/husband/spouse actors have. Saif or Kareena need to look good onscreen with other actors. This couple seems to understand it and hence they have plenty of co-stars that are willing to work with them.

How lucky Saif is to have such a nice wife like bebo..hehehe!!

LOL, Kareena was doing so well and sounding mature, I couldn't believe it, and then she just HAD to say "I am sure there is no heroine who has rejected as many as films as I have." , ahaha. same ole' Bebo.

What's wrong? She said the truth??? She has rejected many movies, it's a fact. And she is still in the top league after making many mistakes.

I don't see anything wrong in any of her quotes. She is a honest and genuine person, that's why a lot of directors, actors and producers do favour her.

She is sooo dummmmmmb .. 0 IQ :D

she is lazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy then.....................

Queen of bollywood is so sweet!!

She rockssssssssssssssssss, this ladyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

yes kareena there are no other heroines who have rejected so many good projects n have wasted their potentials on crappy movies..

What crappy movies has she done. Whenever she tries to do good movies they always do NOTHING for her sure she gets critical acclaim but she even gets that in movies like 3 idiots, jab we met ekaet.
Unless she gets a hit she won't have the drive to do movies like that.
The reason why Pc n vidya do those kind is because they got success with them. Let's face it kareena didn't get any success when she did movies like chameli,dev, omkara but with Only Jab we met.

its true
But the fact is only these crappy movies make you #1

@lastline of bebo
You say it or not
We all know its true,

ahahahahahah .. I LOVE BEBO... i loveeeeeeeeeeee reading her interview ..
#EXTREMELYhonest #candid #spicyYETsweet #queenOFbollywood

Whats wrong with the last line.?
Yes,we all know that she has rejected so many offers.Deepika is a supestar today just because of her leftover.

I really liked the things she said untill i came to the very last line. "Thres no heroine who has rejected as many films as i have" ... If so good for her.

The biggest narcissistic actress on earth. I'm the only actress this .. I'm the only actress that.. Get a life girl...

Sour grapes in some sense

Twenty years from now, Kareena will still be immodest with not a trace of humility in her. Haha, she'll never change. But she is a really good actor, who has rarely performed to her full ability. She was great in Chameli, Omkara, Dev, LOC Kargil, and Jab We Met. The rest of her performances did not require much effort.

Cannot imagine anyone but deepika being leela, she has done an amazing job. Glad kareena dropped out, there would have zero chemistry between her and ranveer.

you can see the future? The movie hasnt even been released yet you are claiming she has done a great job?

From the songs promos it is clear to see that deepika has worked very hard for the movie, like nagada sang dhol, I don't think any other actress could have pulled it off like deepika did, maybe priyanka cud have done it but definitely not kareena kapoor.

Well,good for her!

Ah, she had to go say that last line, didn't she. Somethings never change.

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