Interview Kareena Kapoor & Imran Khan with Komal Nahta

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Kareena is always commenting in pink obvious. Too much of self marketing. Hideous

DISSAPPEAR FROM HERE.LAST WARNING.i am sure you're a frustrated loser yourself.that's why you can't digest good things.

This was a really fun chill movie. Aahatein is my fav song from the film as well.
Kareena has matured so much in the last few years... and since when is she not eager for marriage, that was not the vibes she was giving out a year or 2 ago.
Imraan is pretty boring in real life, i only like him in his films , lol.

kareena has an amazing skin...

the movie was sooooo good i loved it imran was specially good

i just love kareena and imran

Cute couple, Kareena looks soooo much better with Imran than with Saif.

they make a gawge0ussss pair =) way to gooo Imrannnn luv'em both stunning =)

cutie kareena


cutteeeee ;p

I really enjoyed it!!!!!

The movie is awesome...go watch it...

The party party song was the one that I saw them shooting for in Vegas and it is not in the movie! So disappointed but still looking forward to this movie

Imran is much more matured than this 'bebo'.

I want a return for the stupid EMAET...IT WAS HELL BORING AND THEY WERE SUPER FAKE...


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