Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik, Suzanne snapped with kids at the airport

Kareena and Hrithik snapped with kids and Suzanne at the airport.

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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@Tue, 2012-11-27 08:41 — Anonymous

hahahah...bestest comment ever...so true as well...MIND BLOWING!!!!!

hrithik ji,is ghatiya chhinal sujaan ko chhod do,aapko bahut saari sundar ladkiyan mil jayengi aur kareena bhi milegi...

What is that 10-year-old doing in that stroller? :-)

some people seem really jealous of Suzanne...hmmm..why are they
calling her names with out any reason...its beyond me..

So what I noticed here in pinkvilla is that there is an apparent lack of common sense and logic.. case in point users commenting on Hrithik's son being in a stroller? Come'on guys!

kareena should leave that buddha saif and hrithik shouold DEFINITELY N VERY IMMEDIATELY leave that cheap buddhi ugliest ghost suzzane.Kareena-hrithik should hook up togather n do movies,,,,fast!

Bebo-duggu...keep rocking guys!love you both...waiting for your 'togather' appearance!

Why r they putting their overgrown children in strollers and carrying them. Can they walk?

I'm liking kareena' beauty n dressing here...very cool....and Hrithik Roshan reminds me of his knph days...looking so sweet n hot...at the same time.....*OMG*!!

hope hrithik n kareena met

kareena looks stunning without makeup

I though kareena and hrithik were togeer at the airport! They need to do a movie together fast!

whats with kareena's face? first pic, she is looking like saif :S

Pic # 7... Hrithik nearly killed me with that look! So hot.

kareena looks amazing without dressing up or any makeup.........

Gorgeous Kareena!

Some of you guys are so ignorant or haven't travelled internationally. For people with kids strollers are a must. The flights are 24+ hrs(US to India), you have to change flights with 8-12 hr breaks on the airport only. The time zones are off, when it day in US it is night-time in India. Then you can put the sleeping kids on the strollers and kill time on the airport.

Forget abput kids the adults get dead tired and sleepy from time difference.

One of the kid looks half asleep in the stroller or just woken up.

Thu, 2012-06-14 00:40 — Anonymous

That child needs to be out of the pram and walking, what kind of foolishness is this - he has longer legs than half of us.

HAHAHA...........you are short or what ???
thanks you made me laugh......:)

odd sandals on suzanne such a lovely lady but the most horrendous taste in clothes

What was the purpose of the pram...? Both children look perfectly capable of walking. It's not like their toddlers and parents thought oh lets take the pram in case they get tired. Very odd indeed.

Kareena and Hrithik look so good even in this simple avtar specially kareena
as for susane why does she wear these sandals? whyyyy

@Kareena and Hrithik snapped with kids with suzzanne.
wow i love this headlin,minus that witch's name suzzane.

could n t agree more

Thu, 2012-06-14 01:24 — Frozen-Heart

As always Kareena looks stunning without makeup

@Thu, 2012-06-14 07:05 — Anonymous
lol....you are fading away.looking at her beauty n because of so much jelousy!...loser!!

@Thu, 2012-06-14 06:17 — Anonymous
moron,you might be some sort of 'skeleton admirer'.we are humans!

why is their eldest in a stroller????

hrithik and kareena,OMG....OMG...i fainted...they look so gorgeous.and wtf???hrithik's wife is the udliest,cheapest loser in the whole world.he should leav this drug addict nerd witch.she is just wayy bad!!

omg kareena looks so beautiful
when i read the title i was kareena and hrithik snapped with their kids, i have seen that ghost name suzzane
love u hrithik+kareena come back soon
we are waiting for u

Yuck Kareena's boots are so tight at the calves.

If you have good, clear, smooth skin, then you don't require much makeup especially foundation and concealer. That's why Kareena, Katrina can walk around in public without makeup unlike people like sonam, ash rai, shilpa shetty.

Kareena is one of the few stars who dares to leave the house without makeup.

haha i think they bought this stroller on their visit. it looks unused.

Is there something wrong with Hrithik's kids? Can't walk?

kareena is very beautiful

hrithik should leave this drug addict basterd su and should have been with kareena..it would be so nice to see them togather.wish they had posed togather for camera.But maybe both of them were so tired of travel.

isn't that kid too old for a stroller?

LMAO!! Why is Hrithik's older kid in the stroller and the younger one in his arm
sibling rivalry,my older sis use to do the same thing.
Kareena looks gorgeous

Kareena is fading away...looking so pale, old and WashedOut!:(:(

Kareena have always had very good skin. Even though she may look tired, but skin always glows. Therefore, she requires minimal make up. Even in most of her films, she wears less make up than many other actresses (compare pics).

I got a similar pair of boots! :)

It's soooo HOT in Mumbai, so why these people always wearing boots and jackets??
Even when I visit Mumbai (from cold Washington DC) in December, I find it so stifling, humid, and too hot to wear winter clothes and yet these celebs regularly wear knee high boots, jackets.....are they just totally senile??

to all the gawar people here - Suzan is wearing a nice comfortable out fit ehich is super when you are traveling by air for hours. look at her body, not even a inch of fat. i would die to get such body!

"How dare you! Tumhe koi haq nahin banta ki tum itniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii khoobsurat lago"----that tooo without makeup!!!

love you bebo!!!!

Kareena looks tired. Great skin though. Hrithik looks fine, he's actually more attractive when he puts less effort in looking like a Greek God. The less said about Suzanne the better. Not sure which of the boys is being pushed in the stroller but surely he's big and old enough to walk! A bit weird.

hrithik and kareena are looking supercool and sexy here.su as always ......eeewwwwwww!i don't understand why pinkvilla post her pics!!she is farrr from beauty or sense of styling.

oh goshh..hrithk should be with kareena.suzane has toi be the ugliest n most senseless 'woman' (or watever she/he is)!she looks like hijri!!ee!

i wish kareena-hrithik were togather with those kids!!!!!!!!!woooooooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

hrithik n bebo are two of d most beautiful people.while his wife is d ugliest one.even god is regreting!

kareena looks beutiful,even without make up.hrithik-reminds me of his cute look in knph!!kids are supercute....but suzanne.....mehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

kareena-hrithik...beautiful people.they shoud be 2gather.sussane should be got out of this planet.she is a waste.poor kids.they've such a horrific cheasp mom!

Pram for such a big child. Gosh.

Wow her skin is beautiful. Very few girls can look that good without make up. She's lucky.

As always Kareena looks stunning without makeup

when are kareena and hrithik doing a movie together??
suzanne - omg sack the stylist or get one

That child needs to be out of the pram and walking, what kind of foolishness is this - he has longer legs than half of us.

Hrithik needs a haircut and a stylist for his fashion-disabled wife ASAP! Bebo is stunning without makeup

bebo loooks soooo scary
...... pale pale skin needs to add a bit of color!

WTF is up with Suzzane? Don't they have mirrors at home or anywhere else????????? If she thinks this look is cool, that too on her .....................................................give us a break! EWWW. MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU STYLE. IT'S TRUE!

Bebo's looking great even though she appears tired. still hot. I think she's lost weight, reminds me kind of her Tashan days. Nice look. effortless of course :)

These photos of Bebo have changed my opinion of her about her beauty. She is actually very pretty without much makeup. Quite stunning. As usual Hrithik and his sons are beautiful.

Ewwww kareena doesnt look good at alll oh my gosh those boots really????

wow! dint know Hrithik is so good looking without any styling n stuff.. But he needs to improve his personality n interpretation skills cuz he is very dull... Though he is humble n hardworking , his interviews r monotonous n without any humor. he needs to brush his confidence so he will reach the same popularity as SRK, salman etc cuz they have witty sense of style n have 'star aura'

i always think that if hr was a girl he would be the most beautiful woman ever, even as a man he i handsome but men aren't acknowledged as much, kareena looks pretty and so does suzanne

Kareena is so gorgeous without makeup. I wish I had her skin

Her boots looks horrible.

Kareena looks scarryy.

LOL...why is Hrithik's older son in the stroller! he must be like 6 or 7! Kareena looks nice without makeup. She has good skin!

uhh hrithiks kid looks a little too big for a stroller

kareena n katrina r d only actress who step their house widout make up :) unlike priyanka chopra who always seen wid make up on wheter its sum1 funeral or @ airport.

even without make-up kareena is gorgeous!!!

kareena looks so much like Meryl Streep in some of these photos

He is a big kid, why is he in stroller.

Bebo looks so beautiful ! What the hell is suzzane wearing?

"How dare you! Tumhe koi haq nahin banta ki tum itniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii khoobsurat lago"----that tooo without makeup!!!

She glows from inside...Aah some ppl are blessed!

Kareena looks amazing!!! Uff woh attitude!!!! :D

Love her outfit...contemporary chic!!!! :D

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