Kareena Kapoor: Marriage is on the cards

The size-zero bikini look may be passe, but by her own admission, the hottest is yet to come.
Your expletive-mouthing role was accepted by the audience in "Golmaal 3", which has done well on box office. How do you look back?

Initially when we heard that the film was going to be released during Diwali, we were not very sure about the final outcome of the film as if the big Diwali release did not do well, then we would be in a mess and the year to come will also be a bad one. But then, things worked out a lot better as there wasn’t just a great anticipation for the film, but the film lived up to its expectations. Now when you look back, you feel the release timing was as good as the movie.

Is it true that you are now doing a love story opposite Aamir Khan?

I wish you were right! I was indeed approached by a film maker to work opposite Aamir Khan. But then I asked him to try and take Aamir’s dates first regarding the movie and then come to me. I can always work out my dates if I have to do a movie with Aamir. This was a while ago.

But suddenly out of nowhere I did read in a magazine that I am doing a film with Aamir. No one was more pleased than me, but I wish it is true. We haven’t broached the topic after that, but then after 3 Idiots I am eager to work with him. And if it’s a love story then what better than that…

Long ago Mani Ratnam too had announced a film called Lajjo with you and Aamir. But after that we didn’t hear about that.

Absolutely, Even I am waiting for Mani sir’s project. We had a discussion on the script of his film Lajjo. We also discussed the role in detail and my clothes and my look among other things. I had already worked in his film Yuva before and was looking forward to working with him again. But now the film has been postponed.

It is being said that you wanted Rs50 million for the film in Karan Johar’s film "Short Term Marriage" and the money wasn’t up to what you wanted. You had similarly lost out on "Kal Ho Na Ho" because of the same reason.

Karan is a family friend. I never discuss my price when it comes to working with him or in any of his films. Before starting any film Karan gives me token money. After completion of the film I would take up blindly whatever price he gives me. But he always gives me much more price than expected. Anyway, I don’t do films keeping money in the mind.

Would we get to see you in your size zero figure and bikini in "Short-Term Marriage"?

Absolutely not ! Karan has said that that the film 's major shooting is scheduled to be in New Delhi (Satenwada area). We are planning to start the shooting this December – January. And I feel my fans like my "Jab We Met" look more than the "Tashan" one.

Salman’s sister Alvira wanted to cast Katrina Kaif and not you in "Bodyguard" opposite him. But that didn’t work out. Please comment.

I am not aware about these things and also I don’t wish to get into all those controversies. I heard that Alvira was supposed to sign a Tamil heroine. But I know that my role in "Bodyguard" is one which the audience would love onscreen.

Tell us something about "Ra.One"?

I have some raw footage of my film "Ra.One". I feel I look really hot in the film. The film also has an Italian cameraman. I believe the credit to my hot looks partially goes to him. This film will release by next summer and I think it would prove to be the biggest science fiction film till date.

Also that you didn’t talk about your and Saif’s marriage.

I had a talk with Saif’s family as well as mine about the same. Saif is very supportive but he in jest he says in our industry, marriage is a taboo. And yes it is believed in this industry that heroine’s marriage is tagged as taboo. Saif is busy promoting his movies so marriage will happen after a year or so.

Does that mean you will get married in 2012?

Yes, we probably would get married around the time the world would come to an end in 2012. However, I don’t refuse to get married as I am thinking for the same.

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"I feel I look hot in the film" ya,right !!! in ma ass, kareena !! u've never been hot or something...wtf do u think u r ?? seriously !! i wish PC cud be in Ra.One instead of "the overacting queen kareena"

"I have some raw footage of my film "Ra.One". I feel I look really hot in the film."

Which sane actress will talk like this? Disgusting! Learn something from Aishwarya or Madhuri, Kareena.

all i got to know that she is soooo proud n jelous and desperate for a film wid aamir.............she is stiil so fool

this interview is before her confirmation for movie wit saif.but i jst loved the way she replied.i love her reality .she is never fake like katrina kaif.


how old is this interview? isn't she and rani confirmed for that aamir movie?

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