Kareena Kapoor snapped at the airport

The most awaited fim of the year Heroine is almost here and the critics have approved and liked it. Kareena however is on the move again. Here are pictures of hers snapped at the airport when she was leaving for London to join her beau Saif Ali Khan. She plans to celebrate her 32nd birtday there.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Wow she looks like a real star....whats up with ash she looks so horrible in airport photos...she wears a ton of make up while travelling but Kareena kapoor with probably only a sunscreen looks a million times better!

she looks pretty even without the make up .....

love those boots!! she looks good.

she looks very nice

Okay, so one more honeymoon with Saif. They go out on so many holidays all the time...is there anything left for after marriage ?
Anyway, now that Heroine is a flop, she can keep holidaying for ever.

Bebo's looking lovely here. loving the whole look.

not a fan of tights with a short shirt on, just not as flattering but still she pulled it off well.

Cheer up Bebo! Your off to London for your bday, Maujan!

not happy with heroine reviews darling...???

sabina's face is irritating.

+ Thanks Anonymous x2, I just saw your responses as well.

@WhiteRose thanks a lot for responding.

Btw, I just noticed Katrina and Aishwarya are in Chicago, Kareena is in London, Priyanka is in Los Angeles? With so many heroines outta town, whose watching the throne? LOL.

why do they always wear leggings with tops like that...its not a good idea esspecially if u r a bit fat;)
but her face is flawless very few girls look like that without makeup!

Who is that lady behind her. She is always taken with stars in parties and stuffs....

Shabina khan !!

Shabina khan-costume designer

Who is he lady in the back? She looks familiar.
She is Shabina Khan, costume designer and also the co producer of Rowdy Rathore!! She is one of Kareena closes friends!!

Thank goodness no shots of the yucky camel toe she is bound to have with this short top an tights! Who wears tights like pants - fashion backward for sure.

Who is he lady in the back? She looks familiar.

stunning bebo

i just love the way she dress up for traveling not too much done up. she is looking beautiful and love her jacket and boots.

She should loose weight! Her face is getting too chubby and she has a beautiful face. Bebo is gorgeous without makeup. Simply stunning.

Happy bday bebo..u r ma fav..d best..

Her best friend's name is renaa pillai who is not in the picture

Off to her honeymoon's.


her SKIN ..OMG it's just glowing and she really looks beautiful with less/minimal makeup..happy b'day Bebo

Happy happy bday bebo luvvvvvv u!

She is the only bollywood beauty who doesn't needs make up to looks good.


Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor :) God bless you
well done for that brilliant performance
P.S. she looks like a fashionista which she is

how can she look sooooooooooo pretty in tacky tights....top & jacket are lovely. She looks just gr8

Happy happy birthday.

She has her best friend, Shabina Khan with her. Happy Birthday, bebo!

beautiful skin

Aww kareena you are a true diva and very talented actress. Just saw ur movie heroine and u r the no 1 heroine.
You were absolutely fabulous Lou's and great. You have done the justice in the movie. I just loved it and want to watch more with my other friends

Go enjoy your birthday with saifu in london.


Shes looking a lot like LOLO in these pics!



She looks good - her passport looks so fat! Too much travelling?

So classy!

how do u feel, ur heroine being thrashed by critics and audiences alike?


OMG Bebo is looking so beautiful ....... Im dying, wish could met her

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