Kareena Kapoor's new print Ad for Lavie handbags

Kareena Kapoor's new print Ad for Lavie handbags

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love u beboooooooooooo

umar minhas circket world up 1998

Look at all these people complaining about Kareena's legs. In my view, they are just great - Great shape, good mass, smooth and creamy appearance, fit and athletic. She has European legs, especially calves, this is in her genes and she can do nothing much about it anyways. Calves are a part of the body that is purely genetic and no amount of Gym visits or surgery can change them. Just watch the Bollywood hunks like John Abraham and and the like, beefed up upper body but tiny calves in comparison. Kareena is built big, with strong bones and large legs and she is making the best out of them. In any case, I think there are many who admire her legs and wish they had legs like that. Why else would Anne French choose Kareena ans brand ambassador? I am sure Anne French did a lot of market research both with women and men on what perfect legs mean to the average Indian....

Stop it people, kareena is so pretty, n why should one be perfect...beauty lies in imperfection...Bebo is jus stuning the way she is...i love how healthy she looks now..u go bebo, no need to promote illeness size :)

lovee you beboo!

Kareena did jaw and bum surgery to remove excess fat.pity she forget to do the leg surgery...i am nt complaining.i just hate the fact that she could have been bold enough to accept that she did undergo those surgeries and liposuction rather than each time lying that how yoga and exercise has slimmed her.just check out her body.Upper she is still slim,y only her leg look out of proprtion..

guys this is the REAL kareena kapoor! no photoshop no manish malhotra to save her! lol

wow she looks horrible! cheap jacket cheap skirt horrible leggings! is this the new bebo after marrying the nawab? she looks so tacky! looks like she needs a personal stylist! what happend to you bichari bebo!?

Kareena cannot model. Enough proof on this website itself.

Its true that people are complaining way too much about her weight, but for the record Kareena was NEVER a size zero. The only girl in the industry who is close to being one is Anushka. BTW that's not a compliment. It just looks unhealthy.

This outfit just doesn't work on bebo. Although she's so pretty that doesn't need outfits to flaunt her, but this ensemble is just not right!

Who was the stylist for this photo shoot - ugh! Ill-fitting outfit, no coordination, awkward pose, disaster!

when she was slim u guys were complaining she looks to skinny and now when her legs return to normal after everyone said she should gain u still not happy. U guys are just bad

Not the best outfit I agree. But complaining about her legs and how fat they are? When she was size 0, a lot of people here were like yuck. Now she's normal (yes, I call that normal), everyone complains about how fat she is. Then, it's the same people who complain when celebs go under the knife to enhance their looks. You people are never pleased. I'm sure you all are just perfect 36-24-36 sizes :)

Usually the ones that are obsessed with pointing out a celeb's legs are the GIRLS.
They are like "ewwww.........her leg is......."

I agree these kind of styles dont fit indian actresses but kareena looks fine here.

Did they forget to photoshop this image?

i guess no one is perfect but its just that all fans sentiments are hurt when some else make fun of their personal favourite celeb.... lolz!!! its tit for tat!!!

guys!!! why do you think actresses must look perfect??i saw comments ppl laughing pointing out her legs!! guys i am sure you too are not perfect!!!

what happened to her legs

ROFL @ her legs!

expression is A1 atleast. only kareena delivers like this.

That outfit is atrocious, and Kareena's legs are fat, omg!!

LOL at her hegs

waowwww waowwwwwww waowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

horrendous outfit. horrible fit of the jacket, weird looking legs...all in all...its pretty blah

legs doesn't look athletic

grossssss looking

Daer Yes

kareena is cool...but i dont like d bag...its soo cheap...

oh god, what is that. horrible from head 2 toe. looking just how.

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