Kareena & Ranbir Kapoor to come together on 'Koffee with Karan'

Photos,kareena kapoor
Photos,kareena kapoor

Karan Johar's popular and hugely anticipated chat show, 'Koffee with Karan' will go on air on December 1st. While the guest on the pilot episode is not yet known, we can now confirm that the Kapoor cousins - Ranbir & Kareena will come together on episode number two of the chat show. This is kinda disappointing in a way as we expected Ranbir to come with Katrina and make their romance public on the show. Oh well!

Which brings to our guess that the party that Karan threw yesterday at his residence might be a kickoff party for his chat show.

In the other news, Juhi Chawla has also confirmed her presence on the chat show. This will be her first appearance on it.

Karan took to Twitter to announce more on the pilot episode, "First day of the #KoffeewithKaran shoot!!! Am shooting Episode 2 today!! Episode 1 is being shot on the 15th...will reveal all in a bit...".

Now who is this celeb guest who is not free until the 15th ? We think it is Salman ;-)

Your guesses ?

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think it would've been more interesting to see ranbir with sonam kapoor..good tv

bollybuffer's picture

Meh- Kareena hasnt done any interesting movies recently, no controversies, nothing. what's he gonna interview her about? and BOOORING!

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About her mariage with saif in which again she'll say they r the most modern couple, they love holidaying in london so much that she recently got honoured by the british govt, saif has the best TOOH and blah blah blah where her KJo will be listening to her silly answers like an idiot. Also yeah, she working with her ex bf hrithik again in which she'll say hrithik is one of the finest actors we have today and shes desperately waiting to work with him. :) etc...

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Please only new faces.... Bored of the same old folks.... I want Aditya roy kapur, varun Dhananjayan, shradha, parineeti, ranveer, etc etc

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SRK-kajol again??what more is there to know about them together....enough already!Just coz' Karan wants Kajol to be in news,he will pair her with Srk ,people would watch Srk with anybody.

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Nay, I am not interested in the Kapoors, they are too full of themselves. Boasting all the time.
I'm waiting to watch Salman's episode. And Aditya-Sharadha episode. Deepika episode, Aishwarya-Abhishek episode, Hrithik, Farhan, Ranveer, SRK, Rohit Shetty and Kangana episodes.

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I want hrithik and suzanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It will be interesting to see Kareena and Ranbir together.

Anonymous's picture

Maybe bebo will dish out the truth...about kat and ranbir lol

unthinkable's picture

OBViously ranbir will spill some beans about kat on koffee with karan tho!...

Anonymous's picture

queen Kareena and Prince Ranbir.
how nice!

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The Juhi Episode will be fantastic... apparently she want to be paired with Aamir or Madhuri....

Kitty's picture

Good for Karan, for being the 1st filmmaker who brought the cousins together. Yeah it would have been better if he would have got a world exclusive show of Ran-Kat but oh well.

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like Ranbir would dare to do that! haha...Salman is coming on the first episode, so it would be awkward to have RK and Kat in the second...and while we are at it, how about Aish and Abhi in the third ;-)

Anonymous's picture

Ur comment doesnt make sense. If ranbir didnt dare as u say coz it will be the 2nd show, then they c6d eSily have changed the sequence!!!

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deepika will definetly be in Episode 1... she's been the talk of bollywood for months

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Ranbir and Kareena are not that close in real life as much as their fans would love to believe that they are.. The families were not in talking terms for ages. Wonder if this rumour is really true.

Bibi112's picture

they're actually quite close. She always says that he's her gossip provider. She calls him brother.

Anonymous's picture

Kareena is pleasant to look at ,she is scandalous when she is taking dig at actors but other than that i usually space out when she is making conversation.I love watching actors who can converse,lets see how the list of guests goes.

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I think first day => Aamir Khan!!!

Anonymous's picture

Aditya shradda please...

Anonymous's picture

Want Kajol!!

Anonymous's picture

Can't wait. They are definitely family - look at the nose. ha.

Anonymous's picture

WE WANT NEW FACES.. please !!!

beboisdbest's picture

The kapoors will bring the house down 4 sure!!!!!

Anonymous's picture

who cares if they come together LOL

KajuKatli's picture

Ranbir-Kareena - Meh !
Salman - Yayyyy !
Salman is going to give such an amazing kick-start to this season.

Anonymous's picture

I hopee it's true. I was actually hoping this would happen. will be fun. :D

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I don't know who this "we" is who will be disappointed that Ranbir and Katrina won't be appearing together, but I suspect that people who want a fun, interesting episode are much more excited about Ranbir and Bebo together.

Anonymous's picture

They'll appear after they get married. or at least formally engaged. Katrina is very protective of her image.

Anonymous's picture

Really?? Maybe fo a survey first and then ull know

KumKumDolly's picture

Totally agreed. What is there to say with Ranbir and Katrina? At least with Bebo, we can expect some barbed comments and a little bit of gossip.

Anonymous's picture

LMFAO! So true!

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Anonymous's picture

Can't wait ;)

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If he want the maw audience he shoul cast katrina and deepika on the first episode

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I'd like Juhi and SRK.

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Finally, he calls Juhi. And I'm like whatever about RK-KK because I'm hoping the first episode will be the mother of all episodes with Salman Khan. Everyone else after him is going to be a tad disappointing.

Anonymous's picture

It has to be Salman!! and karan only u can make it possibe! plzzz.. Salman

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Juhi Chawla! Wowwwwwwwwwww! Though it took you time to invite this legend but thanks Karan! Juhi rocks

Anonymous's picture

i want to see salmannnnnn

Anonymous's picture

Salman and SRK on episode 1... lets hope for the least likely scenario ever. It could come true.

I'll be happy to see Salman on KWK in any capacity though.

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Hai rabba just cant wait anymore - i love this show! I would rather see the cousins RanKar together on rapid fire where at least one person is not an over-diplomat than RanKat where I would have got sick and tired of both being tight lipped. Love Kareena for always giving her audience what they want to see - never dissapoint's readily with pointless nakhras.

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Anonymous's picture

Jacqueline, Sonam, and Asin

kkk fan's picture

i love to see salman...
kareena should come with hrithik but shes coming with ranbir its ok

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salman salman salman ...
I want him to face rapid fire round :P

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lol yea that'll create a controversy on every question.

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