Madhur Bhandarkar & Kareena Kapoor With Komal Nahta

Madhur Bhandarkar & Kareena Kapoor With Komal Nahta 0
Madhur Bhandarkar & Kareena Kapoor With Komal Nahta 0

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Anonymous's picture

Fri, 2012-09-21 21:22 — Anonymous

So interesting. Kareena kept saying she was the first choice for heroine. Yet when Komal asked Madhur, "though kareena wasn't your first choice, did she hesitate doing the film?" And madhur didn't even say that Kareena was his first choice!

listen carefully: he said, he knows her since chandni bar and always wanted to work with her and when he went the first time to her, she was busy.... pehli bar jab mein unke pas gaya to woh busy thi, hala ke mein page 3 ki time bhi unke pas gaya and jab mein baad mein gaya .... got it?

Anonymous's picture

Most effective part of the Heroine movie was that the actress not just used the s*x tapes with her ex- boyfriend to plant a cheap scandal for a career comeback but she had plotted all along ahead of time and had filmed such a video proving that all she knew was to misuse personal relationships to up her quotient and she was incapable of loving anyone but herself and all that drama of vulnerability, love, confusion was a total put on and by her own actions proving what a rascal she was - unfit to be loved by any man and undeserving for anything the world had ever granted her. The end was very good that as a woman it impacted her more and she had to migrate to another country disfigured and faceless having to disown her identity for which she was fighting so much

Anonymous's picture

If you don't watch the video, it could be KARISHMA instead. Same voice, same way of talking. Ack, the interviewer is flattering them so much.

Anyway, I won't watch this film, coz I tried to watch 'Fashion' and could only bear to watch 1/2, the dialogues were so phony and the plot was cheesy/simplistic.

Anonymous's picture

she looks out of shape, especially near her abdomen.

Anonymous's picture

When Madhuri Dixit is there who wants Kareena

Anonymous's picture

So interesting. Kareena kept saying she was the first choice for heroine. Yet when Komal asked Madhur, "though kareena wasn't your first choice, did she hesitate doing the film?" And madhur didn't even say that Kareena was his first choice!

Anonymous's picture

i hear movie was too long and nothing great in the script.

Anonymous's picture

ew at kareena's fat legs.

Anonymous's picture

kareena is looking so beautiful and gorgous in this nude dress. only kareena can carry this nude color in our industry.
loved your interview as always. loved to watch your interview as always honest

Anonymous's picture

BAD MOVIE ...I AM SHOCKED! i am kareena's one of the biggest fans..but honestly really disappointed ..really

Anonymous's picture

madhur looks very handsome for a director. kareena and he would make an awesome couple. they look great together. in fact, they are ALWAYS together lol.

Anonymous's picture

Madhur dodged the Aish topic well. Kareena also dodged marriage question. Lol, too busy with their head in the clouds for Heroine.

Pinkvilla_boy's picture

LMAO delusional fans of other actresses fighting for Kareena

Anonymous's picture

im really looking forward to watching this!

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Loveeeeeed this movie.
Must watch for all bolywood lovers,
Minus the Ass[h] kissers, they are all so sick, need to be institutionalzed.

bolly_masala_news's picture

i watched Heroine .. very very very much disappointed .. so saad i wasted 350 bucks & my 3-4hrs in theater for this crap :(

Anonymous's picture

I'm waiting for That Girl Daily to appear. She's Kareena's number 1 crazy coco head.

angelicious's picture

LMAO @ Fri, 2012-09-21 17:53 — mystic river
angelicious is hardcore kareena hater. wonder why he/she made post on her promotional activities
If anyone is a hater here 'mystic' its you... cuz you spread negativity all the time. Even now instead of concentrating on the post you dragged a random person into it without really knowing her at all.
I don't believe in hating anyone (unless I know them in real life & they deserve to be hated) Kareena is just another actress from bollywood AMONG 1000's... Some have talent, some have looks, some have personality, some are great dancers etc. - Some have more than one talent... And some don't have any quality out of those. If you see my posts, I post almost anything & everything I find interesting about FILMS/Actors/Music/Media (I have around 500 points) that would tell you, I am just a cinema lover & I share this interest with a lot of people here (I have studied digital-media + film-studies & I work as a photographer myself, so its quite obvious that I have a lot of interest in this medium)
Like any normal human being I have likes & dislikes in everything (food, clothing, films, music, actors etc. etc.) So if disliking someone's personality or acting style makes me a hater than I guess everyone on this planet is a hater.
As far as Kareena is concerned, yes I am not a huge fan of her (mainly cuz of her personality & attitude) but whenever she has done a good film, given a good performance I have always appreciated it (I have some of her films on DVD as well) So stop spreading negativity cuz you don't know Me or most of the people here, stop putting everyone in a small box just cuz you have issues.

Anonymous's picture

Relax now.... Heroine has turned out to a dud. Flop movie.
Madhur should learn from watching Barfi. Don't use the same formula in all your movies.
And Kareena dear : please learn how to act, don't rely on Khans and Imtiaz Ali for hits all the time.

mystic river's picture

angelicious is hardcore kareena hater. wonder why he/she made post on her promotional activities.

Anonymous's picture

Great interview.
So correct - she has her head on shoulder even after being so successful.
Way to go kareena

spicylia's picture

OH poor Madhur your NAIVE DIRECTION ruined that MOVIE ..


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