Max Stardust Awards - Coming Soon - Promo

Max Stardust Awards - Coming Soon - Promo 0
Max Stardust Awards - Coming Soon - Promo 0

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bipashafanno1's picture

lol @the anon "bipasha needs to learn from Vidya" Yeah ryt...Vidya was all covered in TDP and have u seen any of her recent stage performances?? In almost all of them she eposes her cleavage and tummy way too much despite being so fat.Bipasha looks gorgeous and whetever she wears suits her.This was only during the persformance.She wore a saree to the event

Anonymous's picture

All these awards shows look the same

Drmolar's picture

Shahid kapoors the man!!!

Anonymous's picture

another show where bipasha gonna show everything why cant she cover herself is she alergic to clothes or wat girl learn something from vidya

Anonymous's picture

1st award show of bollywood without priyanka chopra.


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