Picture: Exclusive and Unseen baby picture of Kareena with sister Karisma!

So cute.

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Credits: http://twitpic.com/3mjfwc

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lovely children))))))))

omg bebo is soooo adorable. these girls blossomed so well and grew into beautiful ladies

looking good

ashvrea with rani with shlpa with kareshma xxx picchr

omg beboo is sooooooo adorables

How cute was Bebo as a kid! Cheeky look even back then, and natural charm. Lolo looks very plain and like a tomboy. Also, she appeared more chubbier. As the Kapoor's tend to gain weight rapidly it must be something these two have worked hard to maintain.

She means most Indian women don't look as good as Bollywood actresses and I am sorry, but it's true. I am from Europe and walking on the streets of India you don't get to see girls looking like that so I think the Indian public could cut them some slack.

kareena verry2 cute,,,

Kareena was a cute kid but both of them are pretty plain especially Karishma. Only with make-up do they look pretty.

They're still very pretty especially Lolo back in her days .... and I'm sorry but none of them have a super long nose and not everyone is suppose to have a little button nose. I'm surprised this is coming from Indian audience because most indians have really long and hooked noses which none of these girls really have. Their noses do not dominate their nose what so ever. Everyone has different facial structures and your features should look on your face .... Take Rani .... huge face small features look bad or not that strikingly gorgeous. It's funny people have to make so much comments on most actresses because I've been to India .... and whether it's majority or whatever but Bollywood actresses are way difference than majority population .... except a few actresses most of them don't really even look Indian.

Wed, 2011-01-05 02:59 — Anonymous

They were so pretty. If only their noses had stopped growing and dominating the face.

kareena when she child lovely than now

sooo cuteeee

Tue, 2011-01-04 15:13 — Anonymous
That's such a short comment.

kareena is lovely xxx

bebo u r so cutie.i luv u my cute si pyari bebo.

karishma is cuteeeeeeeeee

lolo is soooooooooooo miiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn also bebo
but i like lolo

They were so pretty. If only their noses had stopped growing and dominating the face.

karishma is so sweet

awww they were both soo cutee!!! awww!!!!!!!

love the kapoor sisters.

Kareena was a very cute kid! Karishma not so much.

omg. kareena WAS soooo cute. loving her more here compared to what she looks now..

little kareena is a cutie, but adult kareena is not.


kareena stil looks like her from day1 top 2 toe

they both look adorable.

It sthe Kapoors so no one has ill comments.If it was Aishwarya then ,even if its a black n white foto, some would go like her eyes were always black, the nose is flat.So now u know it is one single breed who churning out all the rubbish.

Even Karisma's blue eyes llok like dark eyes in B/W foto.

5:40 are u the one spreading stories of their ages? rest assured, Karishma is 1974 = 6 years older than Kareenal...follow their pics & graphs...stop this negativity abt age...babita & neetu singh were pregnant at the same time...Neetu's daught was born couple days earlier than Kareena 1980...it was documented & proven...stop this nonsense!

Georgeous children...she was very natural & outgoing child...nothing has not changed...for those going after her for lineage, filmy child & being spontaneous...get a life...jealously & hatred can eat up alive....be positive...everyone has their own life...your life may not be same but negativity is evil & dark so clean your soul w positivity.

Just what I always suspected. Kareena has been a natural beauty from day one while poor karishma has had to work really hard to stop looking like a Randhir and Raj Kapoor clone.

omg kareena is sooooooooooooo cute, mashallah

Nice pic, Kareena looks adorable!!

omg so cute!!

bebo looks much cuter here than lolo - but nowadays it's the big sis that looks better

She looked so cute then! But this photo makes it really obvious that's she's had a nose job.

i like it....lolo and bebo very nice................so sweetttttttttttttttttttt

o god,bebo u r so cute darling.

aww cute babies

thanks for posting dessigal

she was so cute... karisma is 1973 born and kareena 1980 but in this pic you can not see 7 year age difference maybe 4

Awww Kareena looks so adorable (: Hahaha look at karshimas uni brow hahaha

Kareena was/is gorgeous!

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