VIDEO: Check out the crowd going crazy for Kareena & Imran @ Arabian Center Mal

VIDEO: Check out the crowd going crazy for Kareena & Imran @ Arabian Center Mal 0
VIDEO: Check out the crowd going crazy for Kareena & Imran @ Arabian Center Mal 0

The Arabian Center Mall plays host to Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor, on the 28th of Jan for the promotion of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. check this unedited and unprocessed clip as it is because its such a powerful reminder of what it truly means to be a popular celebrity and be loved by so many people. The raw emotions being spilled out here are so heartfelt, it can't help but give you goosebumps!


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Anonymous's picture

omg! kareena is so gorgeous!, if i was celebrity, I would jump on the audience :P

Anonymous's picture

I am sick and tired of this sarcastic acerbic person who calls herself kitty. She cannot see positive in anything besides Aishwarya and of corse she cannot see anything negative in aishwarya. Its tiring to be so biased either for or against belying common sense and logic in botyh instances.

after_u's picture

@ Tue, 2012-01-31 05:40 — Anonymous
seriously u need medical help...............katrina outsted kareen by 31 % of votes conducted by a survey of NDTV
TOP 5 STARS & ormax media
1. KATRINA 51 %
2. KAREENA 20 %
3. aishwarya 18 %
4. priyanka 10%

Anonymous's picture

Why was katrina even mentioned in this post.Well said that katrina isnt even a actress. Shes a bimbo that made it into bollywood industry because of eye candy. Cant imagine her ever doing a movie like jab we met or chameli.

Anonymous's picture

@Mon, 2012-01-30 02:06 — Anonymous

You're the freak! If katrina kaif even has fans, that says ALOT about her fan doesn't it? A Katrina Kaif cannot be classed as an actress! Far from it. All her roles have no substance. She is present to be eye candy. That is it! It's up to you if you want to believe it or not. But, think of the roles that she has been cast in. Personally, i'm not a huge fan of kareena but i'd much rather watch a film with Kareena in it than Katrina. Katrina gets item numbers. That is her claim to fame and stupid bimbo type characters i.e Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya, Nameste London etc. Theres countless of them. Yes her role was a little bit more extensive in Rajneeti but her screen space was hardly anything. Katrina can't act.

Anonymous's picture

@Mon, 2012-01-30 07:15 — Anonymous

You are a close friend of Priyanka that we should believe youu????? Get a life!

Anonymous's picture

@ kitty. Those people are all Indian. Do you really think that arabs or other people are interested in Bollywood stars? In Dubai are so many Indians!

Anonymous's picture

Kareena is a Light....She Shines Bright. Compare to other People who is so Dark.

barbie girl's picture

Awww Kareena and Imran make a cute pair!

Anonymous's picture

Imran and Kareena are like brother and sister!!!

That beard ain't solving the situation either.

Kitty's picture

Isn't that the same mall where they did the same promotional even for MBKD? They were going crazy then too, don't they have any celebs from Dubai? Or are they mainly into Bollywood stars?

Anonymous's picture

well anybody would stop and watch if cameras were around & couple of freaks were big thing here its a mall, people gather in a mall....

Anonymous's picture

What would be the situation if it was an Aamir khan or Salman khan

Anonymous's picture

most of them are screaming for kareena

luvtohate's picture

It only temporary....all these can go away in flip of seconds..

Anonymous's picture

Kareena will always Rule. People will always Choose Kareena over Priyanka because they can see the Difference. Priyanka is Sheer Evil in Disguise. What you see with Priyanka on the Outside is not what it is in the inside. Beleive me.

Anonymous's picture

wow!!!!!!!! just awe stuck!

Anonymous's picture

Wow they have soo much fan

Anonymous's picture

who ever uploaded this video is a dammn freak.........

if some one starts uploading katrina kaif fans video.........GOD only can save her

Anonymous's picture

goosebumps? lol

Anonymous's picture

they are giving me goose bumps also


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