When Kareena Kapoor tried on clothes for Ram Leela!

We all know about Kareena Kapoor denying Ram Leela for Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. She claimed to have no regrets for losing the film to Deepika Padukone.

On the other hand, Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is grateful to Deepika for walking in when Kareena left believes that everything happens for the best and is happy Kareena didn't end up doing the film. On hearing this, Bebo sarcastically replied saying that she’s glad Sanjay feels so! Looks like things are getting heated up between both of them.

Meanwhile, @safriyaf came across a picture of Kareena trying clothes for Ram Leela way back when she was supposed to be doing the film. So what do you think? Would Kareena have made a better ‘Leela’ or was Deepika perfect for the role?

Credits: twitter

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Glad she left it.. Deepika was much better.. Kareena wpuld hv spoiled d film..

Queen of FLOP

The movie would have been Flop if is Kareena. Her days are indeed over

Thank u deepika 4 saving us

Kareena is am extremely talented actress but she is some how jinxed, why did she not grab a role in no one killed jessica, even Pareenita, she would have done wonders in Kahaani, even the roles Priyanka and Kangana did in Fashion would have done wonders for her career, she ended up doing a stupid role in that movie with Akshay Kumar and that one she lost so much weight and wore that stupid blonde wig. She even missed out the fantastic role in Don 1 and Don 2. Kareena is not strategizing well, Deepika did two good roles with Saif and her career was so positively affected. She is such an acomplished actress but her choices for some time has been working against her big time. Even a movie she is scheduled to do with Hrithik is now stalled because of his health. Her on screen chemistry with Saif is not working.

I love Bebo but I think the Gods are not with her. Either she focuses on being a wife and mother or seek divine intervention even the zero talent Katrina is doing Dhoom 3, why not my beloved Bebo.
PV please post

I totally agree with u .. i mean she says no to such good films even kal ho na ho :/ long back tym.. all movies whic were super duper hit were 1st offered to kareeena duno whos guiding her :/ so disappointed she said no to ramleela for GTPM :@

Kareena was never offered don 2. Even in don1 she did more like a cameo with an item nmbr.

Kareena still is a best actress . n she will b best 4ever.. u all r jelouse person...

Kareena is a better actress and she could've done a better job. Period. Now stop whining haters.

Kareena should adopt silence for once. Her own interviews are sabotaging for her. Kareena mentioned oh I always wanted to be an actress since I was in my mother's womb. That was an interview she gave during Heroine movie promotion. Kareena talks so much non sense that she does not remember what she said few months ago. If you always wanted to be an actress and are RajKapoor granddaughter and movies are your whole life than you did not prepare yourself Kareena. You never learned Dancing. Dancing is very important for Indian film actresses and all the trained dancers actress have done well in Bollywood. Such as Vijaynti Mala, Hema Malini, Madhuri, Aishwarya, Rani and yes Deepika is a trained dancer also that's why she got Om Shanti Om. Dancing is a requirement to be successful in Bollywood and sorry Kareena you have two left feet and you yourself said in Interview they can get dancers I will not dance. After marriage to Saif, Kareena mentioned I will not Kiss in movies any more. Now all over she is giving interviews Kissing is not a problem. Intimate scene is not a problem. If you wanted to be an actress you would have gone to acting school, dancing classes and learn as much as possible than you would have made mark for yourself. RamLeela or Devdas would have never worked because Kareena can not dance. Reason Katrina is successful because of her dancing and keeping dignified silence and not saying negative things about others. Deepika Rocks! Please Deepika keep improving and Let your work do the talking.

Kareena has even said that she don't care who is queen or not. Please stop putting word in mouth. When actress like priyanka, deepika..say bad things on her still she never respond that's because of her dignity and respect. She is still the favourite..but yes its bollywood circle, some come and goes...but the one who leave a mark stayyy. So I can tell tell you that kareena is beyond that queen throne, she has already achieve and taste it too. She is on another level..and even in 40s..mature and intelligent roles will come up to her.

She is still the favorite to you her fans, not us. sorry

Well some peeps here are commenting its first flop of kareena, wake up...she have her share of flops but always been applauded for performance, acting, expressions...despite having part of those flop movies. That's why filmmakers queue for her. But bebo..you have catch evil eyes with those negative people or actresses who are absolutely jealous of her. That's why they are going like mad dogs east, west, centre to make their talent recognised as they know they wil wash out if they don't get a settle life after:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Kareena has spent a good majority of her career in the pages of magazines and TV insulting fellow actresses, producers, directors and you name it. But there is something about negative aura and vibes she has failed to understand, she should shut up for once and concentrate on attracting positive aura and vibes, the greatest thing in life is that what you emit or give out is what you attract.

Someone here called her fierce but when one is known more for very abrasive and militant nature it can work against you big time. She should stop running people down and I don't really know who is encouraging her to keep going on with this terrible attitude. There is a thing line between being outspoken and out right insulting, her so called career is suffering, how long ago was Jab we met, Heroine did not do much for her, she is now just popular for her marraige, her sister who is in a bad marraige, her surname and then what, nothing of substance. She is such a huge star but she is still stuck in her stupid head it is about time she evolved to a bigger star and not this trouble some, bitter and empty person.

Some people here are saying she has new projects and good for her, it is about time she sought some divine help, visit some temples and stop fighting people. PC that she was attacking at a time has moved on, she attacks every other actress like a rabid dog it is always her attacking people, PC, Bipasha, Amrita Rao, Ameesha Patel, Aishwarya Rai, even in one interview she called Vidya a man, SLb. This woman is sick.

Kareena just shut up and focus on doing some good films, Deepika has overtaken you, very soon Sonakshi and Alia will leave you in the dust.

PV please post.

PV please post

#1 post. All of you haters with your repeated comments just proved that she is still the #1. a flop film never can affect her popularity and power as a hit movie never make Deepika #1 because she has no talent. she is just a beautiful model not an actress. Kareena has been in this industry for 13 years and saw lots of flop or hits but noting affected her position and nothing will!

hai hai mirchi uff uff mirchi LMAO! look girl, Rani Mukherjee was way more talented than Kareena but still she failed to sustain her position and totally faded away.. toh phir yeh Kareena kya cheez hai ya kis khet ki mooli hai?

Talent and stardom are mutually exclusive...so Kareena's peak is over whether you like it or not! and stop making inane statements like "noting affected her position and nothing will!" out of insecurity!

no shes an over actor and this movie needed some intense acting skills and deepika was the best leela

UFf, she can go to anyl level .it will b no surprise if tomorrow she takes a dig at girls shahid dated after her by saying she got him now I was the first to get him with the likes of priyanka chopra.

#1 post. this is Kareena Kapoor Khan and nothing can change her no 1 position. you haters just proved it :)

Kareena is fortunate to be married into an extremely well off family to a man who is crazy about her and right now is in a position to take her career less serious, do fun roles that she enjoys and spend more time with her family than do all the back breaking job that movies like Ram Leela requires. She has established herself as a top heroine. She has sustained in the industry for 15 years. what more has she got to prove?

Good she did not take the bakwassss movie.... at least GTPM is a family film.... Ram leela was an utter nonsense......

Tu no.1 heroine... ;-)

She has been in this industry for 13 years and more than that she has witnessed everything! Really many actresses fans here are desperate and depressed here, what are they trying to prove?? There is only one Kareena kapoor and she is surrounded with lots of love and friends..flops..she has it all..criticisms she seen it all..still..she is here, very well alive. This is her jungle..she is fiery! She is self-made..made her own decisions, if she dont want to do SLB stupid Ramleela..she is right to do so..in fact there was nothing at all in this film. 10 songs and lots of colors to prove saleabiliy..?? Love was missing in SLB life thats why he wanted to see deepika and ranveer heated on the couch..!!!!

dp jealous of kareena, so trying her best to badmouth kareena, bt all in vain coz kareena hav millions of fan, so how can tiny pr activities mange dem... kareena loved u and also loved u in gtpm...

You guys don't have to drag down Deepika jst so you can prop up Kareena.Deepika gave her best to her role as Leela and fortunately it paid off cos she's getting all the accolades.Kareena also made her own decision to play Dia and unfortunately,that backfired.It's nobody's fault,it's just what it is.

Exactly! Why is DP getting dragged over here? :|

kareena rocks...

Heroine was 60 crore+, and dat proves kareena popularity, in gtpm she was d real hero, and she was fun to see ìn comedy nights, nach baliye and kbc, and kkk fans don't worry coz real collections of gtpm are nt out yet, the collections out yet is by dp and slb pr influence, both women are too jealous of kareena's sucess...

The real collections wont come out coz the exact figures are so embarassing. :P btw its 2-4 crs each day. :P a super flop

Some trying nasty things here..but each and every actress has been jealous of kareena, whether films, career, boyfriends, stardom friends, or personal life. Anyway bring it on..its a fact!!!

Superb! Masha'Allahhhh.....Rocking..

Yea I agree she is still the craze among the audience..KKK has a huge fan following..and the youth has always idolize her. She has been frank, honest..portray right attitude..but medai blow some out of proportions to give some way to desperate so called actress

Kareena and her pr need to let this go. She made a ridiculous choice choosing Gori Tere whatever over RamLeela and now she's the loser in every way. Photos like yhis suddenly appearing are just an embarrassment.

Sexy, beauty, talented.............................over the top..beblolicious


Deepika looking classy and amazing as always, can this girl ever go wrong with her look..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

she is a stunner!! I love the makeup,hair,dress, its all to die for. And my absolute fav part of her look is how she embraces her skin tone and flaunts it...

It's clear from her last few movies that the public are not interested in her any more. It's as simple as that.

is this the #1 post ? can't even tell with the new layout of PV lol

Is this leaked pic sour grapes from Kareena for being unceremoniously ousted from the film, or the case of a fading Bollywood heroine desperately trying to hog the limelight?

she is too old for this movie. good she didnt do it

#1 post.

No#1 Post.
Now no one can say that they are not interested in her anymore.She was the craze and she is still the craze amongst the audiences.

nooo she looks old!

This female was neither popular nor a craze amongst the audiences. It's justfilmmakers were casting her & were trying to force upon public. But public was never interested in her films. All her movies result is there for everybody to c. Jwm was a success because of its own merit.she is not a hard worker. She kept getting offers along with money that is all wants.

Yes, KK was never popular and this is why filmmakers loved her and still does (she is still on demand). LOL

ya right still on demand?

ya right still in demand is that why all she has is a kjo aish rejected film left all film offers have dried, while deepika is on the heads of shekhar kapur for his magnum opus pani im sure its hard for u digest deepikas success.

You are a freaking idiot - go get a life. I love DP :) I am a big fan of hers btw :) Supporting Kareena doesn't mean it is hard for me to digest the fact that DP is successful -_- Annoying!

She just signed a movie dev benegals next n she had slotted 200 days for Shuddi that's y she hasn't signed many movies. N u must be crazy to say she was never popular. She is one of India's most popular actress I think After Aish. That's how popular she is. So get a life n don't compare deepika with kareena. As far as pani is considered. They kicked out someone like hrithik Roshan for sushant singh that's says enough.

They did not kick out Hrithik for Sushant. Since Pani did not start for a long time Hrithik is more mature and older they needed younger person. Yes kareena time is over Deepika is very much in demand and most of the producers want to cast her than Kareena. Kareena price has gone down and Deepika's has increased.

Kareena price didn't go down n it never will. Deepika PR needs to calm the hell down. Even today Kareena still is the first choice for film makers. Deepika is ready to any movie that Kareena rejects. She still needs to learn how to ACT! as soon as Deepika gives one flop that will be the end of her. Unlike Kareena who didn't become famous by giving hits!! She has a lot of flops but it wont affect her one bit!

Why is DP's name being dragged over here man? :| Did my comment mention the name "DEEPIKA."

She is a Pathan, dont underestimate her..she will not give up easily, am telling you guys.

DP is hardworking and coming on in leaps and bounds. She did a very good job in ram leela. As for KKK, she is very talented and used to be very passionate about her roles and bollywood. Not sure if its true, but it seems to me that she has come under Saif's influence a lot in the last few years - Like him, she has started to turn her nose up at hindi films and started to show (manufactured) interest in English films and songs, books, travel etc etc. Appears that she has subsumed her natural personality and interests to Saif's. People like Saif and Imran seem to look down upon bollywood though trying to earn a living through it, hence are not very successful actors - the disdain comes through. Bebo wasn't like that, but is moving in that direction. She was good when she believed in her roles and her films. Now she can't sit through her own film. I bet she knew GTPM would be a flop. She's no fool even if she is snooty and has made some disastrous decisions in rejecting good roles.

Kareena you walked out of Ram Leela because Bhansali wanted too many of your dates and you did not have them.
In last 3 years all you have done is Heroine, Fevicol item song and Satyagrah movie.
Than you mentioned in the interview Bhansali wanted you to sign a contract you cannot get pregnant while doing this movie.
I think your interviews are not very creditable.

Kareena is beautiful and stunning. Unfortunately she talks non sense and it is always I, me myself etc. She is doing wrong movies
and not willing to work hard specially after her marriage. Movies like Ram Leela took lot of hard work and dedication and it shows in Deepika's work. Kudos to Deepika ad Kareena you need to accept and give credit when people excel in their work.

Kareena am happy you did not this stupid movie called Ramleela! Her personal life is beforehand..SLB, you are finished! Now start another movie with another color perhaps green or yellow will fit you more as you widely use red in your last one. Wink wink.

GTPM flop so what??? She is still on demand, and at the start of her career she did have flops too, she made it with or without! Flops is her cousin sister..those actresses who are having successes are not getting offers like she's is having! A pity! Like deepika is eyeing another kareena project with salman, but guess salman dont want her and she is going on and on for praising salman!

Whyyyy are they releasing those pics now..SLB has been promoting ramleela using kareena name, thats from the very start, now whats the use of getting the pic??? why he did not do it before..??

Awesome pic! Natural! Beauty!

Goddess! She rocksssssssssssssssssss Deepika Prs spread the venoms..she is too strong too! Just wait a little years more!

KKK..ravishing, am happy u did not do Ramleela, as there was nothing in it!!! 10 songs and hyping of ranveer and deepika relationship make it watchable else SLB would have left with a black face.

The Bold & The Beautiful..KKK!!!!

She looks great but lets stop with the could'ves, should'ves & would'ves!

Sat, 2013-11-23 23:30 — dream_stuff
dream_stuff's picture
Oh! Bebo sarcastically replied. I bet she must be desperately weeping inside. Having followed her interviews for a decade I can vouch on that. Remember her KWK episode S-2, she said “I don’t want to be an arm candy in a Big Budget films”(obviously she meant a certain ‘Rai’ and the film was Dhoom-2).Later in that same episode during Rapid fire she answered she wished to be a part of Dhoom-2 and went on and on about Hrithik:P
So, her “happy vappy” vibes of late was only feigning. We can expect many absurd comments from Bebo, Brace yourself Deepika it’s your turn now.
Lol so true. Kareena is bit like her "Heroine"character bipolar lol

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I will say it here again a thousand time, Kareena lives and only exist in her head, she is always fighting someone, she thinks her militant agressive approach makes her look like a strong person, it is good for someone in this cut throat industry to have the I don't take sh*t from anyone attitude but SRK, Rani and very successful people in this industry are not always hyperventilating in fits of anger, rage always spewing nonsense like Kareena.

Before when she came out with this her attitude of me against the world, some people found it refreshing and fun, but at the moment it has taken a dark tone, kareena is now sounding like an idiot, when she is kicked out of movies she insults the people behind it, when the movie becomes a success she insults the actress that starred in it, when a bollywood actress does a movie in the west she calls it mediorce, I remember when Heroine was about to come out she went all about insulting PC stating that Fashion will be mediorce, then what happened to Heroine it flopped and she got no single award for it, she has too much negative energy which has clouded her sense of judgement she is choosing movies that are flopping right, left and centre. Kareena is not a pleasant person, period, she is an extremely insecure, dim witted woman, apart from her Kapoor surname what is working for her, after Jab we met she has gone the Katrina way appearing in arm candy roles in RA.One, body gaurd and a bit role in 3 idiots. Her so called big career exist in the pages of magazine. Now that Deepika is the rave of the moment, she should get ready for this stupid woman's stupid comments.

Kareena, ramleela is a huge hit without you, for once be happy for another woman's success.

PV please post.

OMG you nailed it!!

Omg! omg! omg! better than deepika as Leela..!

She looks pretty but she would NOT HAVE FIT the character of Leela AT ALL!

Kareena herself has said she walked out of RamLeela, she'd "changed her mind" apparently. HUGE MISTAKE. She can do a breezy romcom like GTPM with her eyes closed, playing Leela would have been like nothing she'd ever doe. And now look at the result. She's also going regret walking out of Zoya Akhtar's film. She makes such dumb film choices, it's a shame.

Marjaniiiiiiiiii...haters:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


kareena looks great. she would have rocked as leela. i cant wait for her to work with slb in bajirao mastani. that film is kareenas!

Time is not letting the actress and film maker coming together! But in bollywood, anything can happen..she may in fact get another project with fab script. We never know!!

i guess SLB is having her on her mind for this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL she looks stupid. glad shes not in the movie

Can we stop comparing Kareena and Deepika? The former is an actress and the latter is still in the process of becoming one!

I salute kareena, truely she is so very strong and grounded! When heroine release there were many who has done anything to put her down, but this never affect her. Now its exactly the same??? Kareena Kapoor Khan is the only actress who don't copies or eye anyone projects compared to the lass Deepika overdrive PR machineries. Filmmaker approach her because of her potential, acting skills..But don't fly too much??


From looking at this photo, i honestly think Deepika fit Leela's character better. It as i always used to say about Deepika - she's indian beauty

So suddenly we get a picture of Bebo essaying the outfit for Ram Leela...Kareena PR calm the hell down!!Deepika was a good choice to play Leela! Kareena would have looked like Ranveer mother IMO.

She cannot act.GTPM has broken all records of flopping.Terrible collections.Worse than Zanjeer.Her nth flop in a row.Satyagraha was super-flop too.She will soon be out of work.

first if she cant act, audiences and filmmakers would not have line up to see her! KKK name has been associated with Amisha, Aishwarya, Preity, Rani, Priyanka, Vidya, and now deepika..where are they///?? Some are here while others away. So haters don't be that blind. I rest my case.

And the people who are here are giving a tough competition to her infact they are far ahead of her now.

If Kareena cannot act, then pray...tell who can? Bollywood must be doomed if you say she cannot act. Be real.

Vidya Balan knows acting.

Best comment. word.

They are hating her but dont know how to and what to say.

stop being two face

Nothing two-faced about it. It's the damn truth, say what you want about Kareena but she can at least act to save her life. I am not a die-hard fan of hers most especially because of her media relationships but I like her and her acting, unlike the people who claim to be true fans but kick her while she is down or stuck in a rut.

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