Zee Cine Awards 2013 Nominations

Best Actor - Male:
Irrfan Khan - Paan Singh Tomar
Hrithik Roshan - Agneepath
Ranbir Kapoor - Barfi!
Shahrukh Khan - Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Salman Khan - Dabangg 2

Best Actor - Female:
Deepika Padukone - Cocktail
Kareena Kapoor - Talaash
Priyanka Chopra - Barfi!
Sridevi - English Vinglish
Vidya Balan - Kahaani

Best Film:
English Vinglish
Paan Singh Tomar

Song of the Year:
Chikni Chameli - Agneepath
Pungi Baja Kar - Agent Vinod
Tum Hi Ho Bandhu - Cocktail
Chinta Ta Ta - Rowdy Rathore
Radha - Student of the Year

The awards will take place Jan 6 in Mumbai, which will see the who's who of the Hindi film industry. The awards ceremony will be aired Jan 20 on Zee TV.

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Credits: www.zeecineawards.com

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@ Anonymous Ranbir is not a joker ok! How dare you say that idiot. Ranbir is 1000000 times better than Hritik. Ranbir is the best actor! I love Ranbir soooooo much.

Salman Best actor

salman khan wins best actor

Hrithik and kareena deserves this award.Agneepath is the best

@Sun, 2013-01-06 09:59 — Anonymous

very correct,hrithik is 100000000000 better than joker ranbir

Sun, 2013-01-06 09:59 — Anonymous
Do you read in primary ? Ranbir is 10 times better than hakla hritik.

Those who think ranbir was excellent actor in barfi, should see his saawariya etc movies as it is the same acting.
Hrithik and Vidya deserve the awards.

hrithik and vidya balan deserv awards...

only hrithk and agneepath shd win in their respective categaories no one else deserves it specialy over rated barfi

pc best actress


srk best actor in jthj


srk is best

im SRK fan but i think hrithik roshan deserve it

Deepika Padukone

srk for jthj

salman khan shud win......He is gr8.....luv u my best actor

srk is the king



Best actor only and only salman khan

Awesome to see Sridevi's name back in award nominations after 15 years. This is what you call a TIMELESS legend. She chose a brave film and a unique character and ended up making the most spectacular comeback in the history of Hindi Cinema. She has already started winning awards now and topping all best actress polls and charts of 2012. She has set an example that is going to be emulated for decades to come. Truly the greatest we have!!!

Best actor only and only srk

kareena the name is enough..........

only srk best actor

hrithik only BEST:)

hrithik has did the wow job in agneepath so he deserve for best actor award..

hrithik will win best actor
and priyanak will win best actress,vidya n ranbir wil also win awards.
barfi best movie

hrithik roshan for agneepath,clear winner......

Best Actor Salman Khan, best actress, katrina kaif

Best actor is blindly salman khan

Best actor :Srk

srk best actore

best actor
salman khan..
best actress..
sonakshi sinha

sur hrithik roshan deserve to win he did a veryy great job in agneepath

best actor shahrukh khan
best actress kareena kapoor

Hrithik Roshan...

Hrithik Roshan Agneepath..

Best Actor srk for jthj

Best Actor - Male: Shahrukh Khan - Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Most deserving are:

Best Actor Male - Irrfan Khan -Paan Singh Tomar
Best Actor - Female: Sridevi - English Vinglish
Best Film: Paan Singh Tomar

But it may not go to them, as awards are looking for TRPs

Best actor srk actress kareena for heroine and talaash

@nah bipasha does not deserve to be nominated. Deepika did really well in Cocktail & she deserved a nomination at least

dipooo was good too but bipasha was much better in my personal opinion..maybe bips will be nominated as vilian ..


best actor : Salman khan for ek tha tigar

Sridevi for her historic comeback & performance. Ranbir for sure.

SRIDEVI hands down! She's the tigress, rest are all mere lambs.

Best actor : shah rukh khan

best actres : katrina kaif .jthj -vidya .Dipika

best movie : jab tak hai jaan , kahani . Agnipath

best jodi of the year : srk and kat

best dirictor : yash chopra

best music : a.r .rahman .jthj -virhal and shekar .student of dear

best singer : mohit and sheya ghosal - chikni chamli . And saans

i am big fan srk

I think best actor is RANVEER KAPOOR......He did very well in Barfi....

Deepika is the one with tremendous improvement in her acting she deserves this she actually acted in cocktail

@Sat, 2012-12-29 00:47 — Voiceswriter

u r so jelous of katrina,you simply get lost.she is real queen of bollywood.i wonder where people like u even lie???

@Sat, 2012-12-29 00:47 — Voiceswriter

i hope they will create such desrving catorgories.at least,you will die soon...ufff..u pathetic bimbo frm b-town

OMGGG..who are those morons saying srk,sallu,akki for winning awards..haha this is the best actors not worst actors awards.
to me,hrithik,ranbir,irfan,vidya,pc,sridevi,kareena well deserved...

@Sat, 2012-12-29 19:52 — Anonymous


@Sun, 2012-12-30 12:21 — KareenaKapoor_Khan

you are the most talented but most desperate actress kareena,anyway love you:(

hrithik and priyanak,chikni chameli song of the year..where is disco deewane song?????

nah bipasha does not deserve to be nominated. Deepika did really well in Cocktail & she deserved a nomination at least

@abir-itis she is gonna sweep the special awards categories, that's what people are sure of not best actress.

best actor-hrithik,clear cut,no other choice
best actress-priyanka,for sure.
best movie-barfi/kahaani/agneepath
best song-chikni cxhameli/pungi

sonakshi is best actr

best actress should be kareena..coz it was natural acting not a coppied acting like pc.

How come akshay kumar is not include in the list ...OMG and rowdy rathore were O-some

Why akshay kumar is not nominated ?

definitely hrithik for best actor and vidya for best actress.

Best actress: Priyanka Chopra (Sridevi was fantastic in English Vinglish. But PC's acting was spellbinding. This year and all the wards belong to her. It will be a real joke if anyone else wins this. Or a tie between her and Sridevi will be nice. .....

Yes, but all bcs this disgusting SRK, he'll buy all awards as he done last year!

best actors are not nomintated like paresh rawal for omg . sonakshi for dabanng 2 and rowdy rothore and so on.


oh thats sad bipasha is not nominated for for her performance in RAAZ ...i think she was very good and 100 percent much better than deepika...anyway i think PC and ranbir because they did somthing very different ....but i like kareena and sallu to win as well...

best actress : Kareena Kapoor ;D

Best Film: Barfi
Best actor: Ranbir Kapoor/ Hrithik Roshan
Best actress: Priyanka Chopra (Sridevi was fantastic in English Vinglish. But PC's acting was spellbinding. This year and all the wards belong to her. It will be a real joke if anyone else wins this. Or a tie between her and Sridevi will be nice. And why are some people voting for Katrina, when she isn't even nominated? Though I love her too.)
Song of the year: Tumhi ho Bandhu or Chikni Chameli

i m so glad that nincompoop Katrina is not nominated :D lol

@ falling star and Anon :
I know Aamir doesnt care about these awards neither he attends this circus , but these award show guys should be neutral... it is like nominating only those people who will attend these award shows.. Aamir never said do not nominate me ..he said he doesnt care ...

Anyways I like his decision :)

Actor - Ranbir Kapoor
Actress - Priyanka Chopra
Film - Kahaani
Song - Tumhi Ho Bandhu

Its funny....how some ppl are saying Katrina 's gonna win...without even checking the Best Actress nominations.......Get a reality check - Thank God Katrina has not been nominated.....what a respite..... Anywes coming back to discussing bonafide actresses....this year the trophy should go to Vidya Balan or Sridevi...No one comes closer.......These two are born natural actresses.......others pretend to act ...they are not effortless ( including Jhilmil ).....Best Actor - Ranbir ...Sorry no other choice....Had there been a Nawazzuddin or Manoj Bajpayee...( GOW 2 / GOW 1 )...there would have been a dilemma....but with this nomination...no second thoughts....

Sri Devi.


best actress kareena kapoor

actor ranbeer
actrees priyanka
movies barfi

Ranbir is clear cut. He deserves all the award.

PRIYANKA CHOPRA for Barfi and its not even close. It will be laughable if any of the other actresses win over her. None of them can touch her performance. If the others win, this award show is a joke as usual. Hope they don't mess up for once in their lives.

Salman Khan/*Ranbir kappor- Best actor
*Sridevi / Priyanka Chopra- Best Actress
A.R Rahman - Best Musician for JTHJ
Udit Narayan - Best Playback for Radha
Best Movie - Barfi / Talaash
*= supporting

best actor-salman khan
best actress- sridevi

@ sharon_diva
Because aamir wont accept these awards.

srk must be the winner

best actress kareena kapoor if srk not buy an awards for pc

Best actor salmaan -dabang 2

@sharon_diva -
Its because he doesnt care about being nominated in "Indian" awards.

Best actor : srk

best actres : vidya .kahani. Katrina .jthj

best film : jab tak hai jaan .kahani

best song :jthj any song . Chikni. Radha

best director .yash chopra .jthj

Best actor is srk n actress is katrina...

where the hell is aamir khan?

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