Karisma PREGNANT Again!

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Mumbai: According to the latest B-town buzz, Kapoor dynasty's blue-eyed girl Karisma Kapoor is all set for another bundle of joy soon. Karishma who is married to Delhi-based businessman Sanjay Kapur, is pregnant with their second child.

A source reveals that the actress was recently spotted with a baby bump at a suburban seven-star hotel in Bandra. But the couple, who already has a daughter Samaira (4), is apparently keeping a low profile on the same.

“She is now in her first trimester. This is the happiest phase in her life. Samaira is growing up, her marriage, which ran into troubled waters a few years back, is in a happy place now and she is also keeping herself busy with endorsements. Sanjay and she feel that it was a good time to have another baby," said the source.

Another source said that her sister Kareena is very excited about becoming an aunt for the second time. "Bebo loves children and dotes on her niece Samaira. She organises her birthday parties and always picks up gifts for her from abroad. She is also very close to her sister and can`t wait to hold Lolo`s second baby in her arms," the source added.

However, when Kareena was asked about the same, she said, "Who told you?" but refused to say anything after that. On the other hand, Karisma`s dad, Randhir Kapoor said, "I have no idea if Lolo is expecting or not. No one has told me as yet. I would be very happy if she is expecting."

This is kind of bittersweet for me as i(as a diehard fan) was hoping Karisma would make a comeback anytime now. With salman or Govnida. But if she is happy i am happy :)

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Credits: http://spicezee.zeenews.com/articles/story41427.htmhttp://www.hindustantimes.com/Karisma-Kapoor-is-pregnant/H1-Article1-455296.aspx

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good........give us this good news many more times!!!!!!

nice pics


so what if she is pregnant!!
Damm get out of her business

headline makes it sound like shes octomom

boy or girl, that's irrelevant - lets wish her a safe pregnancy and a HEALTHY baby!

she luks amazing til now

lol her eyes look posessed in this pic!
But Agree with Sasha I love seeing her on small screen!
Shes so warm and a sweetheart! Thats like her 2nd home after movies!...She cant leave!
But Anyways, I hope she has a son this time around :)

ask karisma herself t know truth

hope she doesn't go away from the small screen at least

oh well.. she coming back in form , now she will be away for like 2 years...
when ever she was doing good, God has been brutal to her. this baby can be accident.she doent look like motherly material.

i wish her good luck. sanjay is powerful. she is trapped for ever.

people leave her alone! Her marriage was in trouble before and it isnt anymore! congrats if she is expecting! I wish she would have had her 2nd baby a few years ago coz now is the time for her to make a comeback! Raveena had 2 kids one after the other and has lost loads of weight and is doing 3 films! anyways all the best to lolo!

her marriage is already on rocks....more kids may make things worst...sanjay kapur is well know casanova of delhi...he may take a u-turn anytime....stupid dicision

she and her husband show NO closeness or bonding whatsoever. you can just tell there's no love in her marriage. i guess she doesn't have the guts to divorce him but instead if trying to make things better by reproducing more with him.

bad news for me i am a diehard fan of her


so what is big deal, she is married and concieve it law fully, not like some girls who feels mordern by doing all indecent activities

CONGRATS Karishma and your hubby Sanjay :D

congratulations to her! i love her

its really sad that her father doenst know about her prgnancy...they;'r not close at all since which father doesnt know that his daughter is pregnant. i blame babita. she raised them single handedly and refused to let them have a good relatioship with the father.

LMAO Love the title..Like"Again ?!!"Lol

govinda is her ex so she will not make a comeback with him

awww God bless her. But i want her back on the big screen. miss her so much

Big congrats to her....

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