Karisma Kapoor's new ads for Admix Retail - Party and Wedding Collection

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Karisma Kapoor's new ads for Admix Retail Salwar Kameez for party and wedding collection .

Credits: https://twitter.com/admixretailhttp://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.205014402975623.64002.100004011941918&type=3&l=06b528421f

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LOL nw she is copying me..you poor thing.haha

Poor thing. LOL

LOL you are a psycho...when her argument is weaker she accuse people..how desperate..poor thing

LOL... too bad, so sad. Arina was caught lying and trolling as Anonymous on this page. Hope she learned her lesson, telling the truth is always best.

kitty I am glad you shared this link.. karishma look gorgeous..A mom of two and she look so fit...love the dresses specially the green one

LOL now she doesn't have anything to say..poor kitty..now go and hide,,from now on you are irrelevant.

Haha... you're so busted. :)

kitty I think you should go to a mental hospital.You completely lost it. A person who lies thinks others do the same. Same way you comment as anon and you think I do the same.I am not afraid of you so I don't need a reason to comment as anon.I remember the first time I visited PV I saw your bitter comments on salman post and I wasn't afraid to reply back at you that time.People like you think others are like you too. You talk about banning anons here, but I don't get why PV hasn't banned you yet cos the most poisonous snake here is you.

Tsk tsk. Lying doesn't help, even if truth hurts.

WTF kitty you lost it dear

So the person below who was arguing with me and saying "I dont have an ID in PV" is Arina. LOL

STUNNING! Even after delivering two kids she looks fit, healthy and regal.. Kudos Lolo!!

Lol kitty u r a joke! Go comment on your fatty ash's posts!

Thank you Pinkvilla! :) xoxo

Anonymous, your argument is definitely weak. Like I said, it's very easy for you to point your finger at a registered user when you don't have the guts to stand behind your own accusations. You want to make accusations BASED ON MY HISTORY OF COMMENTS AS A LOGGED IN USER while you hide your own history of comments like a hypocrite. I'm sure that I don't even open half of the Karishma articles, but I will open most articles on the front page (not that I have to explain this to you). You are a liar.

It was so great when PV banned Anonymous trolling for a time. When your types have to log in first, it's amazing how much better they behave themselves when it comes to communicating with other users. Hope PV bans Anonymous trolling again soon, and FOREVER! :)

the most elegant i would say

Kitty you change the topic when you repleid to my first comment ..so I dont think my argument here is weaker all I told you was the truth about what you do which everyone will agree including you..and no dear I dont have an ID in PV .I think I dont need one..How do we know the user who have ID doesn't post as anons..GOD only knows..How do I know you dont post as anon..as I said GOD only knows..so I dont think it matters whether you have ID or not

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kitty whether you are anon or user does anyone really knows who you are..so I dont get why I shud be afraid of making an account
and I think you just really cant disagree with the things I said about you cos they are true
anyway I hope kitty is not your real name coz that would be a dissapointment
Good Day :)

@ Anonymous, in the time that it took you to write a paragraph about me, listing all the things that you perceive that I "always" do, you could have logged in. What are you afraid of? Having to stand behind your own words? It's very easy and hypocritical to point fingers at a user of PV when you don't have enough courage to log in first. That's one of the reasons why anonymous @ pinkvilla is a breeding ground for trolls.

She is looking stunning !! Great figure , can't believe she is a mother :)

Bollywood is very ageist industry. Very unlikely that Karishma is going to get any films that offer her worthy roles. Why cant she do something creative on TV? It is also very high paying.

Karisma looks gorgeous...Gorgeous yummy mummy

I am not sure whether kitty is a hater or admire.It seems she never misses a post of kareena or karishma..Dear you are no better than these trolling anons..infact you are worse than them..you always criticize and take down the clebs you hate and praise the ones you love..and also you cry about these anon trolling you all time when you yourself do the same..whenever you see a hateful comment toward your beloved celebs you go after the anons..

anyway karishma look gorgeous..These outfits are elegant and very neat..I would love to have the yellow one and the green one and yeah karishma is the fittest mommy in bollywood.

wow...nice designs unlike the trashy Manish Malhotra designs...

wow..looks better than most youngsters and even more than kareena..

Looks like they have pasted one or two shots of her face on all the pics.

i like the last two

Dream on, Kitty. Dream on.

@ "you are full of crap", the reason you write about Aishwarya is because you can't get her off your mind... even on Karishma's post, you can't forget her for a second. Poor Karishma! At least her post on PV is getting more hits, views, and comments due to Aishwarya's name being mentioned here.

Poor Karishma, even in a post dedicated to her, people are more interested in "other celeb mommies", and one in particular. Aishwarya. No wonder, Aishwarya is the most popular celeb on PV, and where is Karishma?


you are full of crap kitty the reason why we write about her is she is a slob don't take it as a compliment to Aish

Poor Karishma, even in a post dedicated to her, people are more interested in "other celeb mommies", and one in particular. Aishwarya. No wonder, Aishwarya is the most popular celeb on PV, and where is Karishma?

"Sun, 2013-01-27 14:51 — Bolly bird"
Quite sexist remarks you are making. You mean moms who are in secure relationships need not work because their other halfs are working? Moms only in bad relationships need to work? Is it bad if they have to work hard to provide for family? Is it dishnor to have to work hard? You seem to be looking down upon those moms who want to work to provide for their families. What is wrong in working hard to provide for your family? Infact if Karishma is working hard to provide for her children, it is quite admirale and noteworthy. That act deserves praise than your condescending remarks.

i think aishwarya is genetically inclined to be quite overweight looking at her mother but that only makes me admire karishma more because she has those "kapoor genes"


*eye sides Aish* She looks like she is still pregnant what a poor excuse of a lazy woman


Karishma kindly give some TIPS to other MOMMIES of Bollywood!

someone cast karishma...she is in magazines, in awards...she wants a juicy comeback...some director give us a chance to see this yummy mummy on screen.

@ pinkvilla boy Other mommies don't need to earn money for feeding their children,their marriages are not breaking down, They can take their time and being in a stable secure relationship they could even decide not to work anymore.

I dont know how her face looks gorgeous. She looks lille worn out in all the pictures. There is something missing. But love all the outfits.

Karishma kindly give some TIPS to other MOMMIES of Bollywood!


*eye sides Aish* She looks like she is still pregnant what a poor excuse of a lazy woman

Nice collection.Happy that she is taking work....little less botox and minus duck lips she would look more pretty

Karishma kindly give some TIPS to other MOMMIES of Bollywood!

Wow what a fit woman! Does she really have two kids? :)

SHE IS SO SO SO beautiful that i can't help myself but stare at her ...SO SO VERY EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL

The 'divine yellow', 'green grace', and 'blue heaven' are beautiful pieces.. Wow....

Although why would they photoshop her face so much? She's already gorgeous!

Just Love all the dresses, especially the black one and the parrot green one.


You try having a baby and then talk - I doubt you're as beautiful as either of the women you're talking about.
So make it about the clothes and not about the people you barely know.

she looks great a mother of 2 she didn't let herself go like fatty boom boom Aish who looks like horrible after a year and couple of months having a baby

really like em, ive got the green one...

One word... Wow

Lovelyyyyyyy...outfits and is karisma kapoor!!!

Superb, gorgeous, mind blowing. I want all the dress.


she looks beautiful...love the green Chinese collar dress, the black and the last one in blue!

She looks stunning



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