Exclusive! Katrina Kaif & Ranbir Kapoor get cozy in Ibiza!

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This year Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif's vacation made headlines. First came the rumours of Katrina, Ranbir and Ayan's holiday plans in Barcelona. However, none of them confirmed it. In fact, Katrina was reported to be joining her Bang Bang team for the shoot, contradicting the vacation plans. There was also news of her going to London.

Then came a twist in the tale when Ranbir Kapoor was spotted in Ibiza, Spain by Rahul Vaidya, who tweeted a picture with him.

We then saw Katrina leave the airport before the IIFA weekend. It was then assumed that she left for Macau. There was a lot of speculation on the curious case of Katrina Kaif leaving from Mumbai and not landing in Macau. This lead us to believe that she perhaps did head towards Spain where boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor was waiting for her. It so happened that, this turned out to be true!

Yesterday, we say a sneak peak of Katrina, Ranbir & Ayan living it up in Ibiza, Spain. Today, there are exclusive picture of the love birds cozying up under the Ibiza sun. This was on Monday, July 8th where they attended a David Guetta concert.

Well, I guess now this photo says it all!

Credits: Pinkvilla

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I like tamanna

I hate Katrina! Ranbir deserves way better than her. Thank god he is not dating her.

kulam kulam pyar karenge hum dono....Iss duniya se nahi darenge hum dono
hehe....bless them both...they make a cute couple

I hate Katrina!

katrina dhoka dene wali ladki hai

@Bolly bird Ranbir is a decent guy ok! How dare you say that. He is a good person, and I want to marry him.

Ranbir is a decent guy ok! I want to marry him.

Girls in the west dont usually look at family name when they decided to get married...so kapoor khandan wud mean nothing to Kat. She will marry someone not for hnis family prestige or name or clout, but for love.

I'm in love with Ranbir!

Ranbir never lies about his relationship, he is not dating Katrina which is the fact. So Rankat fans please leave him alone and stop saying oh he is lying. He is not lying! The media is lying. Ranbir will marry a non filmy girl! Period.

Thank God katrina rubbishes the rumours about her and ranbir being together.
She said once again tht she is single......not planning marriage .....and busy with her upcoming projects.

It proves she is not in love with ranbir....i am really happy.
Our kat deserve much better guy ...she is totally family person.....hope she will get her true partner soon.

We love u kat so much.

From their body language in this as well as other photos they dont fit into couple but buddy though pinkvilla photographer should get many accolades for this.i think paparazzis most chased celebrities are kat and ranbir.

Hey guys just now katrina kaif hos given a statement regarding her rumored affer, i think all this RanKat fans are going to get very disappointed, Rumours that Katrina Kaif is all set to tie the knot with Ranbir Kapoor are dimissed by the actress as “utter rubbish.
see what she has to say on it- “I wish people would get a life of their own and not bother so much with what I am doing, or not doing.I don’t need to hide anything. I am single and not answerable to anyone. But I won’t be arm-twisted into issuing clarification just because the rumour mongers are having a field day. Let them have their fun.
>After this Katrina clams up. But a close friend of hers reveals that Katrina is at the moment trying to focus on her work alone.
>“These are rumours spread by some other actresses’ well-oiled publicity machinery who are making the best of Katrina’s absence from the screen in 2013.She refused big films recently because she wanted to focus on Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang. Now she is thinking of signing Abhishek Kapoor’s film, though unlike reports, she hasn’t said yes yet.And she won’t say yes with a newcomer until she reads the full script and is convinced about her role.”

@ Anonmous I hope I get to marry him. I'm a non filmy girl. I love him soooooo much. I agree Katrina is using him, she doesn't love him. stupid Rankat fans can't understand that. Katrina doesn't deserve him.

I hope they get married soon so these Randeep fans can get lost totally

Stupid Rankat fans just get lost. Ranbir deserves a lot better! I agree Katrina should marry Salman Khan!

@ Anonmous I hope I get to marry him. I'm a non filmy girl. I love him cookbook much. I agree Katrina is using him, she doesn't loveyet stupid Rankat fans can't understand that. Katrina doesn't deserve him.

Ranbir kat...♡♥♡♥

I want marry you Ranbir! I'm in love with you!

Omg so much haters get a life please long live rankat...

Katrina is an opportunist. She is using ranbir to save her ending career. Ranbir genuinly loves her but
she doesn't have any feelings for him( as evident from the above pic). I hope ranbir marries a nice good natured non filmy girl because he deserves a way better girl than her. Hope he stays away from people like katrina! God bless him!

I want to marry Ranbir! I love him soooooo much!

Deepika is main cause for katrina-ranbir seperation.she is a sop and her blind fans are commenting negative about katrina. shame on these jealous ppl.

Katrina doesn't even deserve his toenail. Forget about her getting the whole ranbir
Rankat fans or i should say kat fans because till now all the ranbir fans that i have met(including me)
hate katrina should get this straight that ranbir deserves much better. Tell ur kat to go back to salman

Hahahaa kat deserves a better guy lol are u kidding me???
A superstar who comes from such a respected family is head over heels in love
with a former pornstar n u are saying that the former pornstar deserves better than him. Like seriously??
But yes u are rite she doesn't love him just enjoying with him cz thatz a commom trait in all
God save the world from such insane people!!
Pv pls do post this

Kat deserve much better guy than ranbir.someone who is gentleman and trustable and most importantly romantic guy.

Katrina is nice,beautiful gal she would never marry this kind of guy.i can't see any signal from her side and she hardly speak about ranbir.she is waiting for the right guy in her life till then she is enjoying with ranbir.

Katrina is just friends with him...she is not dating ranbir...pls katrina marry me....don't ever trust him.

I agree when a man stalks a woman it is a crime but when a woman(deepika) does it then nobody has a problem?? She still has yjhd dp on twitter...my gawwwd i haven't seen such desperation anywhere

@ PinkvillanFromDelhi Finally someone agrees with me that Ranbir is not dating Katrina! All these Rankat fans are stupid. Listen you Rankat fans I love Ranbir with all my heart ok. don't like Katrina anymore. For the 100th they are not dating. Ranbir will marry a girl who is not actress which he has clarified on May 20th 2013. That's his decision. I just hope I'm the one for him. I love him soooooo much.
Pinkvilla please post this.

Ranbir never cheated on Dedpika ok!

@ PinkvillanFromDelhi Finally someone agrees with me that Ranbir is dating Katrina. All these Rankat fans are stupid. Listen you Rankat fans I love Ranbir with all my heart ok. don't like Katrina anymore. For the 100th they are not dating. Ranbir will marry a girl who is not actress which he has clarified on May 20th 2013. That's his decision. I just hope I'm the one for him. I love him cookbook much.

You guys can insult me and make fun me. I don't care. :'(

Honestly from there body language it looks like they are just friends,come on,don't we all spend time together with a friend of opposite sex? I Surely spend lots of time with my guy friends but there is nothing between us.

I dont think Katrina is younger than Ranbir. She looks older than him- 2-3 years older


Seriously you are right....Ranbir himself is 30 and Katrina claims to be 29 ,a year younger BUT she can pass for his older sister, she is definately around 32

They are not dating ok! Ranbir will marry a nice sweet None filmy girl! It's definitely not that stupid Katrina Kaif. Please get of this stupid fantasy that they are dating, because they are not.

I don't like Katrina Kaif! I want to marry Ranbir! Don't you dare say I can't. I can ok! Some of you Rankat fans are so mean. :'(

May be friends with benefits?

Why aint any comments being updated.

Ranbir is one smart guy. he didn't wanted to ruin his carrier like vivek. so he handled it smartly.

Iris thread has only over 2200 clicks. Why is it still no one for the last 3 days. Any ash thread reached much more than that and disappeared after 2 days. Is this Kay PR paying for it?

They are not dating ok! If Ranbir dates someone he will openly admit without fear. He himself said that which is the truth. So all you Rankat fans shut up. Enough of your stupid dreams of them getting together. They are not together so grow up! This pic is totally useless and a rumor. Ranbir will marry a appropriate girl. Katrina is not appropriate.

save these two from all the haters !!
u make the best couple ranbir and katrina

katrina does not look happy with ranbir she looks stiff and that glow and happeness is missing some where i think she knows ranbir ain't her type. when she was with salman she use to feel secure and happy and glowing all the time. i think ranbir is using his current star power and forcing her to date him. if its like this for them the end is near very soon for both of them i think by 2014 only. if there only close friends then its ok. Ps. i am not a ranbir, salman, deepika fan to aim ranbir and katrina. i am just telling the truth which i see rest is up to you crazy rankat fans. pinkvilla please post this.

Personal pics shouldn't leak like this....we should respect their privacy...wonder who did it? feel sorry for them....anyways i love them as a couple. The look great together. I am happy for them.

Salman Khan tweets: My parents always taught me to give my "used" stuff to a "less fortunate"

Had katrina not been Salman's girl friend, every one of them (including bollywood) would have been happy about this couple. Ranbir who was so close to Salman in the beginning of his career and later dating his girl friend makes him a very evil guy. He shouldn't have dated katrina what so ever. Katrina is a pure b**** no words to describe her further. I used to love Ranbir and Katrina individually. Now I hate them Individually. These both are evil people, culprits at heart. Karma will definitely teach them a lesson.

I think all this going to another country and spending time together is just their way of saying that they're dating without really having a confirmation. I mean c'mon there have been several reports of the two of them dating and being spotted together, and almost 90% of the rumours in bollywood are true. I guess they haven't really admitted it because the media will most likely get more fuel-age if they admit to dating in print. In some sense they probably have admitted it without really directly speaking about it so that there isn't a media circus if they ever break up. I mean, both of them would probably want an amicable break up so that there isn't a ruckus.

If they are dating i don't think they will last very long. Have never imagined them both as a couple see them more as buddys or long lost siblings! Lol!

they're both shit

They look hot and genuine together,but i still think katrina deserves much better guy tgan ranbir.Ranbir get too close to every co star work with him....priyanka... deepika,katrina,nargis.....ranbir could be good friend but not life partner.
He played with both the gals deepika and katrina....whenever tries to leave him... He goes back to deepika.
Please ladies..wake up now.
Now anushka will be doing a movie with ranbir....waiting for new drama.

The way ppl talk on here i think they think rankat actually read their comments ...hahahahhahaha its too funny

its 3 days now and already getting stagnated...can someone flush this and post something new.

Fri, 2013-07-12 14:05 — Anonymous
I don't disagree with you. by that logic amitabh should have got abhishek married to a young 23 yr old to produce sons immediately. instead the wise decision was for numero uno amitabh's son to marry numero uno ash so the whole family gets a PR boost. unless its an influential politician, ranbir can benefit from marrying kat just like bachchans and ash union benefited both.

I feel awww when ever I see them together. They are hottest betown couple. Soon to come on silver scrren. According to scoop of the day they have been finalized in imtiyaz alis next.

People dosnt seemed interested in ayan. Only one ayan pic .

This post has become so popular. People are dieing to see ranbir katrina together

Kat and ranbir look great together. Such an awsome pair. Deepika is still stuck up to ranbir nor is she removing rk tatoo or not yjhd dp from from her twitter account. Inspite of her movie chennai express is at release. She is so stuck up to ranbir ,o my god I can't belive it. Ranbir and katrinas ibizza cosing up pics are doing round of web.still she wants him .I now understand why imiyaz ali casted her for veronica. He saw the inner stalker in her. If a boy stalks a girl its a crime but wht if a girl does it . Is she alowrd to do it?

very bad pr stunt ranbir..not expected this frm u,u r talented actor u dont need to do all this,like many despo women in bollywood do...posting manipulated pics n then shower their own comments for supporting themselves ...lols

ranbir n his prs....lols

They love each other. And zamana tho humesha se pyaar ka dushman raha hai.

Soo hot best couple of bollywood! Hope to see them in a movie soon!!!

i don't buy this ranbir and katrina dating thing. its been 4 days since they are back in Mumbai and both ranbir and katrina are sitting in there home doing nothing and they don't met each other to much and when they are in Mumbai or any where in India this kind of there pic never comes out that's strange to me! if they where really dating each other then they wouldn't shy away to show there love for each other i am telling you they are just close friends who thought its Spain who is gone see here so they did this thing for time pass because if you see at the pic there is no feeling showing in there faces for each other and they have a stiff body language. people who are in love don't beehive so non emotional for each other! is int right guys.

RE: Sat, 2013-07-13 11:15 — Anonymous

Wow Ranbir is one hot , loving , crazy boyfriend I like boys like him.He doesn't shy away when it comes to show a girl how much he loves her .Keep going Ranbir and Kat all the best to you.

have you missed out his constant denial of his relationship with Katrina for the last 2 years or more? where were you then? whatever he does, he does it on the sly..!

Oh god they are so hot and cute! Biggest bollywood couple!

Pls ranbir don't fall into this clever woman's trap.
She knows that you are best thing to have happened to bw and
that ur career is going great guns that is why know she wants to
work with you in imtiaz's next
Leaking out stories that u are keen to work with her when it is evident
that she is the one who is desperate to work with u to save her ending career.
Pls ranbir beware of this chick. She is not what she pretends to be.
Pv pls pls post my comment i m ranbir's biggest fan pls

Wow Ranbir is one hot , loving , crazy boyfriend I like boys like him.He doesn't shy away when it comes to show a girl how much he loves her .Keep going Ranbir and Kat all the best to you.

Kat and Ranbir are totally made for each other

All the comments saying they are not dating are by deepika fans or deepika herself :O

Why create controversy? It would not hav been such a big deal had it been some random girl . That's not the case RK Kat hav been talk of town for years . When you knw tat, why were they openly dancing! Plus spotted at airport without Ayan! Every house which has a news paper will see the pic and naturally ppl will say something's there. and when ranbir was in Delhi in Sep 2012 shooting for an pepsi ad that time ranbir kissed a girl in his hotel lobby she was a doughtier of some rich business man but people will not make a big deal out of it just because ranbir and katrina have been linked for years that's why people make a big deal out of it!

they are both disgusting and cheap. hate them both.

This is not a serious relationship in bollywood it is a very normal process some times for an actress to chill out with an actor some times, even close friends do that some times but that doesn't say that they are dating! people from the outer world would take it otherwise!

I dont think Katrina is younger than Ranbir. She looks older than him- 2-3 years older

Katrina looks very stiff with Ranbir, I don't know why but i feel this she has leaked these photos to make Salman jealous. I may be wrong. I will tell you why and no I am not a Salman fan.
Kat is a very private person and guards her personal life well, its bit shocking that she came out with this cozy pic.
Just in an interview yesterday she said that she respects Salman a lot. Why would she say that after showing off ur so called love wth a new guy. That she really respects her ex.
She knows Salman has a supposed new gf in his life now whom he has bought an apartment as well and that Salman has slipped away from her hands.
She used to glow and look so happy and secure in Salman's company. u can see all ETT promotions. But With Ranbir she looks a bit bothered and stiff and the glow is completely missing. I think she knows Ranbir ain't her type.
Just my observation.

Post this plzzzzzzzz.

I think Katrina is a fool. she should know Ranbir won't marry her. then she will be totally heart broken when he calls it off. She is calculative and stupid at the same time.

Ranbir ain't marrying her he is just enjoying her, and then will go for a rich gheralu non-filmy girl which mom Neetu approves.

There is a roumer that ranbir and katrina were having a liplock before the photo was kicked
Lip lock, LOL, they have done much more than that darling. huh

I really think these photos have been leaked by Katrina. Coz Ranbir was continuously saying he is not dating katrina, he will marry non-filmy girl and the news of him proposing kat is all rubbish. Katrina on her part is not getting any good films after bang bang. she is a bit insecure as to what will happen to her in future. will she be left alone without films and no suitable Bollywood match. I think she is desperate for films and another relationship with film actor and ranbir seems good potential for her. Its really sad that such girls who earn their own money, show as if they are so independent and strong women really need to jump from one man to another so soon. can she not stay strong and focus on good films. anyways her call, its sad though.

And those fools who call this love are idiots. I think these two are only together as they will use each other, there is no love its an association of convenience. I think Salman Katrina were in love at least before 2010, but Ranbir kat somehow seems fake. Kat always said she don't want to flash her private life and want to guard it, here she is doing anything but that. its because she wants to use this connection for career gain.

PV post this please.

okay, my brother works for Katrina's PR firm and he's told me the inside story-- that these two are not dating. these pics get Kat attention and keep her in the news, considering she doesnt have any releases in the near future. ranbir's working on it, but Kat's playing hard to get. they are friends but not in boyfriend-girlfriend. she's worried about the salman angle and also about if she can even trust ranbir (considering how they got together in the first place).

Katrins is a mysterious lady. And like that thing about her .

The pic says he kissed her .and then they were checking if anybody saw.

There is a roumer that ranbir and katrina were having a liplock before the photo was kicked. The photographer just missed it.

Well. Now thats an interesting news. I love them together.

Me thinks, Ranbir is just having fun. This is not a serious relationship. Little birdies says that it is far better for heroine to cling to a man. Too many people would try to hit on her otherwise.

Jealous deepika fans are in denial.There is no denying , Ranbir and KK are lovers. His hands on her body say so!!

everybody listen have you people ever seen a pic of Ranveer singh and deepika which was from Dubai in that pic Ranveer grabbed hold of deepika and kissed on her chicks that proved that they are dating! but do you guys see any thing sort of in this Ranbir And Katrina pic well not so how can people say that ranbir and katrina are dating! Pluse Ranveer Singh and deepika all ways come and go together everywhere weather in parties or events and they talk about each others relationship that called a love saga! and here ranbir and katrina are hardly ever seen together so how can people say that these two are dating and there in a love saga between them doesn't seems like! Ranbir and Katrina only looks close friends to me!!! what you gays have to say on this? Pinkvilla do post this one.

jab miya biwi razi tho kya karenge pinkvilla ke kazi ...


ranbir and katrina look more than comfortable to spend holiday together . Still people say they are not close . Than wht is close . Dosnt this look close to u guys. I dont know wht is close than ?

esus christ, what the heck did you write on a public platform like this one. Please go back to school and study english all over again.

See the correction below.

Aish is 3 years OLDER THAN Abhi, Arjun Rampal's wife is OLDER THAN him, Imran Khan and his wife are the same age, Netu Kapoor is 4 years younger THAN Rishi Kapoor. And Katrina is 2 years younger THAN Ranbir, I am OLDER THAN you, so you should listen to me. Ranbir used to reply that I am OLDER THAN you so you should listen to me.

PV please don't post such atrocious nonsense on a public forum like this one again, besides this will affect your standard.

PV please post.


And pray tell what is YOUR standard? Looks like ur supposed education has not taught u any manners or civilty. The original lady/ man who posted here has better than average english and obviously knows another language apart from english. You are just an insecure show off who needs to put other people down to feel good about himself/herself.

PV please post

I think most of the people on pinkvilla are who are commenting on ranbir and katrina are rankat fans,and they what them together if they get married and it didn't work out,are you guys gone take that responsibility of there marriage. and katrina and ranbir are just meant to be friends only because for kapoor khandan katrina is a very coman thing kapoor khandan all ways looks for the property and money from the other person or his family, like ranbirs sister Kareena Kapoor married Saif Ali Khan because he has the Pataudi Palace which is in Delhi is worth 700Cr and long back when Karisma Kapoor marriage broke with Abhishek Bachchan just because that time he and his family did not have that kind of money and property.and katrina does not have any thing like this,i am telling you when time will come for ranbir to get married he will marry some rich and wealthy family doughtier of some business man or some politician and if an actress then from a rich filmy family when ranbir can have more younger girl of 24 or 25 why he will marry a 30 year old frog like katrina! ether they are only friends as they say or they are flirting with each other without any commuted relationship its only a matter of time the end is near! don't you agree with me guys on this? Pinkvilla please do post this.

he not about to kiss her while dancing if he was about kiss her then this pic would be then while they where kissing get your eyes fixed katrina's face is on the other side and ranbir's face on the other side and both of them are looking stiff this is not called love saga or dating each other! people are so fool here.

i still cant believe that some people are thinking that they are not dating ROFL
are u guyz for real??? just look at the pic lol
and dancing like seriously???
why is he about to kiss her while dancing ???????

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