58th Idea Filmfare Awards 2013 - Katrina Kaif's Performance

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Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eVgnwaV4Qk

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beautiful and elegant at the same time.

katrina done awesome job in filmfare her moves were amazing,i watched filmare only for katrina and what rest of the actors done,did u watch anushka's performence ..it was hopeless and boring.katrina was worth watching...

katrina's performence was the best,she did amazing job in mashallah song,rest of the show was dull.kudos to katrina for lovely performence.

awesome she just killed it...super super cant take my eyes off her

lol the person who said boring woman, i see that your are a jealous she was drop dead gorgeous in this perforance , she dance so well, she is a best dancer of her generation, she make a new things and her belly dance was so great she was perfect!
and too beautifull

She did an amazing job. I was thrilled to watch her perform, she has definitely evolved as a dancer. Not to mention how beautiful she looked!

she rocked it!!!!!!!!!!! luv katrina

Meh..who cares ?? Boring woman

its not avaible plz uplaod new

all performances were recorded :( they should have performed live atleast in awards

Wow I loved the performance Katrina has the best songs and dances
She is so beautiful

She was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Lame performance--so expressionless

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