Actresses That Really Didn't Make It

This is my first post so I'm doing it right
Alright watching new bwood movies, the actress are really pretty but they can't really act, their more of models trying to act, so I've really started watchin old movies and those actresses are naturally pretty and compared to new actresses pretty good actors. I just wonder that instead of the '90s they started now, they could have been no.1 , or otherwise where Katrina is today. These are a few I liked but didn't get much sucess
Neha(really name Shabana Raza)
really pretty,good actress

She was very cute in kareeb n fiza, she married actor manjo bajpai in 2005

Btw Kareeb was a very cute movie

Mamta Kulkarni
She was an alright actress, really pretty, great dancer but quite rude if you read her old interviews
I liked her in Karan Arjun

Her infamous Stardust cover, which she was sued and fined for

She danced so winderfully here, and Sallu

*All those asking about Mamta, she stoped getting offers for some reason n her last role was in 2002, she later married a NRI and settled in New York, if shes still there idk but that was the last heard about her*

Aditi Govitrikar
Thou she didn't do much movies or act well in them I think if people would have gave her more chances she would have improved like Katrina
she was married early but recently divorced,she won Mrs. World sometime back
She has one of the most beautiful eyes, and she was in De Dana Dan as Paresh R.'s wife

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Greetings! I've been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out
from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

Mamta was avrage in terms of films and career..... she was not a flop ...

she had some very big hits to credit her ...Tiranga(1992),Krantiveer(1994),Karan arjun(1995),Sabse bada khiladi(1995) and ghatak (1996) ....all went to list of top grossers movies of the 90s .........

some of her other films also were semi hit or avrage :like aashik awara (it did well for both mamtha and saif ....),waqte hamara hai(the film which saved akshay career), bhokaamp (did very well in box office ).......andolan with govinda and sanjay it was the 12 highest grossing movie of 1995 ......ahankar with mithun also was avrage and the songs were huge hits ........

the problem with mamta started when she became chosy about her roles 1997 she didnt have any release because of china gate and her broken legs... .just one bengali movie which she did few years ago and they relesed it in hindi 1998 all of her 4 releases were flops and she came out with sexual harresment issue .......that ruined her career

she got tempel on her name and she was the best seller of post cards even more than madhuri .........she was the orginal cover girl in 90s(she went on covers more than anyone else in industry in period of 1993 to 1996) and also went to tour with aamir and sharukh

she was on the top in 1993,1994 and 1995 ........ right after madhuri, juhi and sridevi.......i still have those magazines and polls .....i will scan them later ........later lolo,kajol and manisha went to her position but during 1996 1997 she still was more popular than likes of raveena,sonali and shilpa (1996) she was on the list of 50 big people aka power list by stardust ......she was on 48 right after karishma.....her titel was indian sharoon ston

even dont compare her to monika bedi and sheeba and namrata shrodokar ....they even didnt go to list of top 30 actresses ...

ayesha was popular and was in top 10 but only in 1992 and 1993 ..........later she just get low budget movies along with newcommers ........her problem started when she was dating with armaan kholi ......

neha got kareeb when mamta got problem with vinod chopra ....... mamta and manisha were orginal choises for kareeb but mamta got it ..........later she left the preoduction because of changes on script and her role

neha was really pretty and had good potential. i wish she had tried a little harder before getting married. but she is currently shooting for a film. i really use to like sonali bendre too. she was really pretty and had good talent. wonder why she didnt make it?

@ Fri, 2010-10-08 08:23 — Anonymous

Sushmita was never a hit heroine in the 90s. Even today, she doesn't stand anywhere. What world are you living in? She had one chance to prove that she can carry a movie on her shoulders - SAMAY!

That too she blew it off.

good 1st post CONGRATS me likes :)

i LOVED Aditi Govitrikar in soch she was PERFECT :)

& @ Tue, 2010-10-05 14:29 — Anonymous

@ Tue, 2010-10-05 13:17 — Anonymous

Tue, 2010-10-05 11:28 — Anonymous i TOTALLY AGREE W/ AND SUPPORT ALL OF U

kat IS here b/c of luck and "hits"

suman and namrata were both DROP-DEAD GORG and never ran :( + aditi 2

& i LOVE cj she is REALLY underrated but i'm just happy she did some films :) imo she is better looking and a better actress than asih xD

sushmita sen is a very hit herione her films may b aflop but her acting n career is superb she is a WOMEN

re:Wed, 2010-10-06 16:17 — Anonymous
i knw aditi did a few movies, but don't u think if she got more chances she wud have done better, like katrina, she was really beautiful, lol ,i wrote tat up there
but anywho, thans 4 those names maybe if i get a chance i'll make another post to this w/those actresses

I totally understand mayakim, I get your point. I was just trying to assemble everything under one post so people can gain out of it.

And honestly, Aditi was never an actress. She barely starred in a movie or two.

re:Tue, 2010-10-05 18:36 — Anonymous i never said mamta was perfect or any1 mentioned below but they were WAYYYYY better then todays, i dn't knw much bout those u mentioned prob cuz im only 15, but the ones i watched n i really liked were the ones i mentionede above, '90s complete flop actors are thousand times better then the ones today tats wat im tryin to imply, im not sayin which actors were better or hit n flop , i just wanna say today's actors can't act or dance better then the actors in the '90s any1 of the above or below wud have rocked today, i think many ppl are tryin to find girls like mamta,neha n aditi in todays movies
just my thought

90s actresses that really had a future but blew it!

Monica Bedi: Before she got involved with the whole Abu Salem scandal, Monica Bedi was doing well at the Box office. Although her movies weren't doing so well, she got great recognition for her sweet, round face. Her soft, angelic looks made her stand out amongst the rest. Her cute, bubbly acting and a soft screen presence made her worth a while. However, she decided to opt out of movies and then we all know what happened.

Sheeba: Sheeba, the girl who was burnt to death by her viscous husband in Yeh Aag Kab Bujhegi. Sheeba was involved for posing nude on some film magazine cover. She was highly regarded for her acting back in the days and was a good competitor for Manisha and Raveena. However, destiny had its own games to play and she was subsequently sided.

Rukhsar: Rukhsar was a direct competitor to late Diya Bharti, Raveena, Manisha, and Kajol. She was in the league and made a fortune with her first ever movie. Such was her aura that every other director wanted to cast her. However, she quit movies, and returned back to screen after almost 15-16 years. By that time, people had forgotten her and she was no where in any director's good books....

Madhoo, Pratibha Sinha, and the Shirodkar sisters: Although Shirodkar Sr. was an 80's actress, she did well in the 90's too. However, her career declined around 94 or 95 and was subsequently forgotten. Regarding Madhoo, Pratibha Sinha, and Namrata; they all started as glamor dolls of the 90s. However, to their misfortune, Karishma Kapoor, Kajol, Juhi, Madhuri, Raveena, Manisha, Urmila, Shilpa (Shetty), Tabu, and Sonali were rocking the screen. These girls were pretty, but somehow failed to make an impression. Madhoo had a very grown-up woman like face (very typical south indian looks), and therefore, couldn't fare well. Pratibha, who becuz of her mother Mala Sinh, made her way into Bollywood, could only see a few years of glory and was forgotten later. Finally, Namrata, from whom ppl had much expectations decided to go for side roles (Pukaar) or either do movies in the South. She too was later forgotten.

Anjala Zaveri, Mayuri Kango, Simran, Suman Ranganathan, and Priya Gill: The actresses who started the year 1996-97 with a bang!!! They made a major impact on the screen with their looks, fresh acting, and a beautiful screen presence. However, their happiness lasted until the end of the decade and were totally lost after 1999.... The rising sun of the millennium didn't bring any good news for them!

Nagma, Ayesha Jhulka and Mamta Kulkarni: PROBABLY THE ONLY SUPER FLOP ACTRESSES OF THE WHOLE BUNCH THAT STOOD OUT!!!! Ayesha Jhulka was a major actress of the early 90s. She acted with a lot of super flop heroes including Pritvi, Avinash Wadhwan, etc. The movies fared well only becuz of her. The girl with a broad smile and a raspy voice was lost after the mid to late 90s and was no where to be found.

Mamta was a great dancer, she had a beautiful face with a beautiful screen presence. However, she was much interested in skin show and boob flash, instead of focusing on her dialogue delivery and acting. Her dialog delivery lacked the fullness and steadiness of conversation. She would deliver dialogues in an amateur fashion. Compare her acting to Kajol in Karan Arjun, you'll notice the difference in dialog delivery.

Finally Nagma, a very promising actress with dreamy eyes and a pretty face. She would have gone against the odds to make it big. But she decided to stick to doing movies in the south. This really hindered her potentials in Bollywood. Nagma did not have any competitor, since her acting skills were great and her face was very striking. She could have easily given actresses like Karishma Kapoor (who then looked like a man) and Kajol (who looked like she never took shower) a run for their money!

Regarding rest of the actresses mentioned below, the lesser said the better.

i agree with the post, looking at these actresses, katrina looks like just another face but with great luck and if it wasn't for namaste london, she would've very well have flopped bc it's only after that movie in 2007 did her fame kick up roof.

wht ever

Suman Rangananthan and Namrata Shirodkar are two gorgeous ladies.. loved suman in devaki !! It would have been great if both them had brushed up on their acting.. they wud have come a long way if they had !! Really beautiful women !

heroines that totally flopped in late 2000: Celina Jaitley

she was absolutely beautiful but even after multiple films is still underrated and overlooked :( i wish she had made it bigger shes stunning!

Mamta did pretty well for herself, she worked with all the top actors at that time (aamir, salman etc). I am not sure what happened to her or where she is now, I am curious though.
Aditi may not have made it as an actor, but she is a great model and she is a doctor as well, that is impressive in my book.
Neha did not make it or maybe she did not stick around to try and instead settled down.

I agree with a previous poster regarding the following actresses, seriously what were Bollywood producers thinking when they cast these ladies?
"Ayesha Jhulka, Madhoo, Rubaina Khan, Monica Bedi, Pratibha Sinha, Shilpa Shirodkar, Namrata Shirodkar, Anjala Zaveri, Mayuri Kango, Sadhika, Rambha, Pooja Bedi, Varsha Usgaonkar, Rageshwari, Ritu Shivpuri, Simran, Suman Ranganathan?

I read somewhere that she lives in New York now!!! BUt who knows!!

Mon, 2010-10-04 20:22 — Anonymous

I was talking of actresses within the 90's timeframe. I wasn't talking of post-2000s. I should have been clear.

Manisha and Raveena were super duper hits. They ruled the 90s.

Regarding Ash, she didn't get her recognition until 2000, where she won her first award for HDCS. Although it was a 90's movie, the decade was over by the time she got recognized.

Rani was ONLY recognized for KKHH, and Preity was ONLY recognized for Dil Se at that point. Her soldier was a disaster.

The other actresses, you may wish to combine the semi-flop and semi-hit categories together. But given their standing in the 90s, that's what it came down to.

It was only post 2000, that actress in the "SEMI-HIT" categories got their due and recognition. For example, Urmila for bhoot and pyaar tune kya kiya, Tabu for chandni bar, shilpa shetty for dhadkan and celebrity big brother, and Ash for various other movies, Rani for black, and Preity for KHNH etc....

Although they were 90s actresses, their true recognition took place post 2000.

The only exceptions in the list are Sridevi, Madhuri, and Juhi, who were 80's actresses, but smashed the box office in 90s...

Good post. Gauging by the standards, luck-by-chance ambiance of the movies world, would have said "couldn't" rather than "didn't". I like the thoughtfulness of the post though.

Hey where did mamta kulkarni vanish?? she was quite good looking but vulgur too...but haven't heard about her at all ever since! does anyone know??

Sun, 2010-10-03 23:57 — Anonymous
Honestly Aishwarya Rai is in hit category. Manisha and Raveen faded out.

Re:Sun, 2010-10-03 23:57 — Anonymous
oh yes, i thought of some of them, but when I made this I sort of 4got, but maybe on my next one
these were the ones I really liked especially Neha

Yayy!! ppl like it , thank u :)

good post! and i agree..........

Oh BTW, good job on your first post!! :)

The first girl, Neha got her start with music videos right??? I remember seeing her in a few songs back in the day!!
I remember Mamta Kulkarni!!! She was always somewhat risque back then but yeah, you're right, she probably would fit in bollywood now!!

Aditi Govitrikar was also in Khatron ke Khiladi last season.

Neha was really beautiful and had a grand launch, i was really surprised that she did'nt make it.

Hmm.... Aditi... well is has done alot for herself.. dont forget she is also a doctor and a supermodel.. so why be an actress.. ??

awesome post! good job!

good post.. yes where is Mamta today?
surprise that the blue-eyed DR (the first actress) didnt make it, but not really. she was married out when she started.
one needs to have scandals, be single and dateable (sadly) to make it.

good post. keep out bringing stars from the past.. they were all the rage.
Mamta was so BIG BIG back then.. where is she NOW???
anyone know?

Great post...

Totally flop heroines... (90s): Ayesha Jhulka, Mamta Kulkarni, Madhoo, Rubaina Khan, Monica Bedi, Pratibha Sinha, Shilpa Shirodkar, Namrata Shirodkar, Anjala Zaveri, Mayuri Kango, Sadhika, Rambha, Nagma, Pooja Batra, Pooja Bedi, Anu Aggarwal, Varsha Usgaonkar, Rageshwari, Ritu Shivpuri, Simran, Suman Ranganathan, Neha, Rinke Khanna, and Sharbani Mukherjee (to name a few)

Semi-flop (50-50): Sonali Bendre, Mahima Chaudhri, Sushmita Sen, Twinkle Khanna, and Pooja Bhatt (to name a few)

Totally hit heroines: Late Divya Bharti, Kajol, Madhuri Dixt, Kajol, Juhi Chawla, Sridevi, Karishma Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, and Raveena Tandon

Semi-hit heroines (50-50): Urmila Matondkar, Shilpa Shetty, Tabu, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherjee, and Preity Zinta.

Great post, I like Neha, she really can act! wat a waste of a talent!

very good first post!

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