Ranbir & Katrina in New York

All the speculations about Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif's vacation plans can come to an end because the news has been confirmed! Unfortunately, the duo's 'secret' vacation is no more a secret.

Even though we don't have sensational pictures of them holidaying together unlike last time, sources confirm seeing the two together in New York. An onlooker tweeted that she spotted Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif watching Rush at a theatre in Manhattan, New York!

It's a pity the media finds them wherever they go but we aren't complaining, are we?

Credits: twitterpinkvilla

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Most annoying couple on earth! Seriously, kat please leave the film industry!! Please spare us from ur horrible acting!

I hope I get to marry Ranbir. I hate Katrina. Ranbir deserves better than her. She needs to stop following him around she can't get him!!

@ toobored Ranbir is not dating Katrina please stop it!

KK has no idea how to dress. This is an example of one of her worst clothes days.

so many articles abt their vacation...nothing scandalous is left in dis story now...she is his gf he is her bf both hv gone on a vacation to new york..dats abt it..

dat fake illness story though is such a turn off...ppl actually were wishing her get well soon for a fake viral illness...lol....

This information may not be true, or it may be. Wuite often, when one is down (now that Besharam flopped) one often sees the need to be part of a couple. So who knows, Ranbir might be drifting that way.

However, Ranbir should grow up, gain some integrity. His acting skills cannot be questioned, but his integrity can. My estimation of him dropped several notches when I heard him repeating his need to keep his relationships under wraps because if they were to fail the girl would be the person to suffer in Indian society!!!! While this may sounds chivalrous and magnanimous at first hearing you soon realize what a load of patronizing nonsense it is. It is also inherently hypocritical, a stance chosen for his own convenience. "I am single until I am married." It's time Ranbir learnt to be more straightforward and sincere. Like Ranveer Singh.

Yes, R.K. probably needs some support and cheering up which Kat is likely to deliver.

I wish someone would share the above info. with Ranbir. He needs to know.


Until there is pictorial proof, this is a non-story.

We love you Ranbir and Katrina! They truly love each other.

i will lose all respect for deepika if she ever got back with ranbir, the guy cheated on her and uses her name for promotion of every one of his movies. i hope him and kat stay together, they deserve each other, pr seekers.

More like dp uses ranbir for her film promotions. We share something spl, our frndship is like wine, n blah blah blah. Better u tell ur deepika to stay away from ranbir. He is better off without her

Pv pls for god sake post this

where's their bodyguard ayaan???

get married both of u

Hahahahaha. Katrina, fire your spokesperson who's trying so hard to spread the false news of you being sick and on high antibiotics. Oh wait, that would be your idea! I actually started laughing!

I am sorry but Katrina looks like she is from the woman's WWF in that picture! Ranbir looks completely smitten! God bless the both!

Why do I even click on this link?

You idiots saying you don't care,you just made it the #1 post SMH.I hate them too and I'm responsible for this too sigh.

Nice to hear love their jodi! Young and fresh.

People always hating on them but go energy to write commets like I dont care, who said that you had to take a look at this news at first place? So pathatic...bitterness overload

Just let them be. We've lost interest & I'm sure they want a break from it.

No matter who you date or marry I will always love you Ranbir ..... oops ! ! ! but don't mistake me for Deepika I'm only a fan hehe

Good one! I also love ranbir a lot!!

Even midday newspaper is now reporting about katrina joining ranbir in New York. Apparently she has gone there to seek medical help LOL. But her spokesperson is not available to comment Hahahahahhahahahahaha

i read that too and couldnt stop laughing.

Didn't they just come back from holiday some weeks ago? These film stars and their lives of never ending luxury. Sigh.

They look good together in that pic, though they resemble a pair of siblings/twins. I know many enduring real life couples who uncannily resemble each other from the beginning of their relationship or became gradually like that.

o really tell me more i am curious about them ... idiots! getting on my nerves even more than bigboss

So What???Who cares Btw?

Ranbir and Katrina have become UFO's...spotted here and there but none can confirm LOL

Best comment on the page! LOL

haha :D

Unidentified Firang Observations?


After the Spain vacation and a big drama, they don't have any shame. Again they are holidaying and could not even hide it from media or (may be they themselves leaked it).

But I saw her in Mumbai last evening!!!!!

Did you take pics???

No. I don't like her that much.

LOL, how do we know its her you saw and not a lookalike?

She looks like a old white lady in the pic above

I once read that couples tend to be attracted to each other look alike I think the same went for Ranbir and Kartrina they do look alike for me. Anyway they are an adorable couple and one flop doesn't break a star .The film was bad it deserved to flop but he is a talented actor and will get up Every stars has a flop in their Résumé so why make a big deal out of it.

" I once read that couples tend to be attracted to each other look alike."

Only if the couple is into incest lol. I prefer the "opposites attract" concept more. :)

So many 'Who cares' people here....

Ranbir and Katrina are Disgustingly big liars who keep faking answers to their fans and the media. I just hope they both get married and leave us for ever. I think reels and reels of paper and print have been wasted discussing their personal life in the last few months. They both deserve each other as both are big flirts, users, liars and fame hungry despos.

Katrina was never even there please stop stupid media! The media always post lies. I hate Katrina

Yep Saw them at cosi near empire state building! They looked awesome!

are you sure you saw them not someone who look like ranbir and katrina bcoz someone wrote they saw katrina in mumbai god knows who is saying the truth

won't put their twitter handle but here are the sightings from twitter. Seems they don't want their pics taken.

First tweet spotting them:
"Katrina Kaif & Ranbir Kapoor refused a photo w/ me in SoHo today saying they felt "unwell." Feelings hurt, guys! Next time? #Bollywood #NYC"

Second tweet from person who it seems works as reporter for a financial magazine. Her tweets her not usually about Bollywood so she has no reason to lie.

"Day out at movies w , spotted #RanbirKapoor and #KatrinaKaif at @AMCTheatres Kips Bay, Manhattan @timesofindia watching #rushmovie"

Third tweet:

Just saw Ranbir & Katrina at battery park theaters NYC! They both looked adorbs. I froze!

"What's this I hear? @___ just spotted Ranbir & Katrina leaving BatteryParkCinemas , #NYC ? Word is that Kat is pretty & RK is hot ;)"

Their "spottings" now make me laugh. Good for them for vacationing. It doesn't really matter cause their "spottings" are getting old.

And Katrina, please don't make a fuss about this one. You were perfectly capable of hiding from the paparazzi in your earlier days. You didn't make the rookie mistakes back then and after all these years of being in the industry, you SUDDENLY are not capable of hiding these outings anymore. Please don't take the audience for a fool and have a good time in NYC!

Where's the pics? They were spotted and nobody had a phone to click a pic?

Ranbir is toooooooo good for any boly actresses.

They both have similar noses. Kinda look like siblings.

Now I am waiting to read comments. O I dont care but main ayse hi yahan agaya aur itna pain leke comment kiya . Reading the title which clearly states ranbir and katrina. Lol.....

So i should be expecting some pics soon, thanks PV or movie buff for taking off that silly title hardly breaking news.

Good for them. Come out in a movie soon. We love you!

the people who are saying ' we don't care' then come on why did you click on this link? =p

I for one am sick of hearing about these two but curosity again led me here

they are a dull couple. With Deepika, at least she was milking the relationship for more fame - but Katrina is such a walkover.

I AM COMPLAINING! seriously...i dont care two shillings about these two. Let them go to mars...who cares. Just dont waste space on Pinkvilla with their whereabouts.

Can someone please post the tweets about them in NYC?!

Katrina was never even there please stop stupid media! The media always post lies. I hate Katrina!

Overrated and ranbir puhleezz gimme a break! You hate him thats okk but no need to be mean unnecessarily. He is one of the most talented actors around. Take ranbir out of BW and bollywood will become a laughing stock. He is a silver lining in the bollywood which is full of overactors or non actors like srk salman imran shahid and the list goes on...

Lolololololol, had a good laugh after reading this comment!

This getting ridiculous now, we knew they were going to NYC even before they went, so obviously somebody deliberately let it slip, which makes me very suspicious of Katrina and ranbir because we always end up knowing where they are going.

If these two ever decide to have kids, the kids will have very long faces with long/parrot noses, lol..... oh well nowadays we have solutions that apparently make your "face swell"!

I love them together! They look wonderful

The lies these two tell every time!! Such vile human beings. Why do they do that to their loyal fans each time, who believe every lie that comes out of ranbir katrina's mouth, LOL.
Rankat to fans: "just watch our films and make us our millions but we will lie to you constantly and treat you like fools."

Urgh you maybe a successful and good an actor but when your personalities are such it's not appealing at all!!! Such liars.

And for the record Ayan mukerji is not in New York, saw his piks with kajol at their Durga Pooja function 2/3 days ago..which were posted here on this forum.

PV plz post.

Oh I thought she was supposed to be ill at home, LOL!!!!!! Hahahaha

how come his always holiday with her....oh yes he has no movies to shoot for and his career is going down dramatically......overrated actors in reel and real life...pls leave Bollywood and join Hollywood... Give another actors in india a chance to be in hindi movie..

I'm kind of over these two. Just make good movies and keep it moving.

who cares?????????

U click this post and asking who cares?????? LMAO

Gosh this kat is such a lier! Why is ranbir even dating her when its clearly visible that she doesn't want to acknowledge the relationship and give it the respect that it deserves

Has he ever admitted they were dating? Even if they are or not dating, it's none of anyone's business except their own!

Breaking News: We already knew.

The two of them make me laugh. So lame.

oh my god it s enough of these two it s killing me !!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously lost interest in them. Katrina was never an actor and now ith all her newfound rudeness to media is sinking. Wonder about the fever and swollen face. Pr trick to divert attention or aftermath of botox? Used to like Ranbir, now after this Katrina linkup his attitude is also going down.

Breaking news?! Everyone knew about it! HAHAHAHA!

Breaking news? Nobody cares

Ranbir-Katrina sightings is like playing a game of Where's Wally ;)

Sorry I just laughed when I read "breaking news" :-) We are crazy :-) "spotted" reminds me of that very mysterious Ek Tha Tiger scene in the end where one could barely make out the couple in some part of the world.

well it is Breaking News as poor Katrina was supposed to be at home with a huge swollen face!! haha

U're hilarious!!Lmao...

You call this breaking news???

oh wow i clicked this post bcoz is saw the word Breaking News and thinking these two got married in new york something like that. And now its the same old dragged story they are spotted here and spotted there. I think Ranbir is confused. He wants to enjoy the benefits of being single and retain his Casanova image with girls at the same time have katrina as his partner which is not happening. You cant have a cake and eat it two. But for the sake of your fans plz plz stop us the torture of reporting all those fake stuff about your sickness and pub pics. I have lost respect for both of them now.

Plz this is so boring.....I mean seriously

Who cares?

Its no breaking news. Although they make a nice pair but i think RK deserves much better than her

then why the news of her being sick and all. Oh can kat ever stop lying. So what ppl date and move on. WHat the big deal about RAN-KAT dating why the hide and seek. such attention seekers.

Hasn't Ranbir realized yet that if he stays with Katrina then his career will be ruined?
Seriously, even after BESHARAM flopped, he is still with Katrina. Can't he go back to Deepika?
I don't know what he saw in Katrina that he didn't see in Deepika. Is he a blind or what?????

what is so breaking about that? Also I don't understand why do they have to go to NY to watch a film?

Wtf get a life writer -.-

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