Katrina And Kabir Khan shopping in Dublin

Katrina Kaif and director Kabir Khan took to the streets of Dublin yesterday and the zealous paparazzi caught the two.

As evident from the photos, Katrina did not want to be clicked(wonder why?)

Credits: pluz media

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she looks so weird without makeup sh egot probably had a botox treatment there look at that expression she cant move her face

Wed, 2012-06-06 03:39 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
Best acting I have seen from her so far. Pretending like she didn't hire that photographer to click her pic, wow give her oscars!!!

Woahh u gota valid point there!! didnt notice her poses..so orchestrated

Wed, 2011-10-26 10:05 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
wowwww !! kat looks stunning mann ! look at her .. i love her totally !! yo yo ! yeah yeah ! holaaa !! :D :D

==== lmao!! wtf??
no wonder u like her

cuz she looks weird ..and totally knows it

she's average with the hottest perfect body.

she needs to calm down. lol

she probably didnt have makeup on thats why she didnt what to you to take a picture.

these actresses, im not sure whether to call her that but anyways they sit in their interviews and say we love our fans, they are everything to us but deep down inside they dont give a crap.

stay away from them and dont approach them, i once approached amisha patel in london and i said good things to her but i didnt get much conversation out of hernot even a hello. now katrina has done the same thing. my goodness stay away.

Best acting I have seen from her so far. Pretending like she didn't hire that photographer to click her pic, wow give her oscars!!!

She looks crazy in the last pic! Who'd want to be photographed dressed like that? :p

Mon, 2011-10-10 14:01 — Anonymous

she has a point, attract a lot of fan make them madness!
and you probably pissed coz she said no

.. come on that is so normal, i dnt like to be clicked all the times, she need some space,

legs look in great shape in pic for .... NOT
hide them ... instead of ur face .. ha.

She doesn't stand out in the crowd at all! Yes, she did ruin her face.

wowwww !! kat looks stunning mann ! look at her .. i love her totally !! yo yo ! yeah yeah ! holaaa !! :D :D

Mon, 2011-10-10 14:01 — Anonymous
met her in oxford street, london ... my little sister wanted to take a picture with her but she said that it would attract lots of fans ... you ain't that famous worldwide, love ...

Famous enough for ur sis to want to take her pic....

who is the girl next to her acting even more crazy than her??

met her in oxford street, london ... my little sister wanted to take a picture with her but she said that it would attract lots of fans ... you ain't that famous worldwide, love ...

not at all pretty..........so normal lyk normal grls.

She looks so pretty..I'll tell u why she's hiding her face..simple she doesnt want to be photgraphed. Hollywood stars do it too..big deal.. do we have nothing better to do than debate this?

for once, I actually agree with Sareelove

wooo ppl kat luk stunning without makeup and u cant digest the fact

kat has always been beautiful and beautiful girls don't "need" to constantly doll up like a certain slumdog flop-ika padukone who has just discovered the word "beautiful" and keeps aspiring to be it.
Kat is beautiful not just because of her exterior but because she knows she is within too.

Imagine if this was Deepika - remember that pic when she came to Siddhivinayak - she looked like a slave-servant

she looks so pretty MashALLAH . I don't understan why peole say she is fat..some comments on here is just pathetic..how is she huge? i guess showing your ribs and bones is attractive these days not curves huh?.. i gues if she had anushka's bony legs ..some people will say ...wow... hot looking legs.. if her bones & ribs are showing Certian people will say wow what a figure YAAR... I want that figure right?.. I think she's fine .. & has a great face & body to match without make up she still looks pertty then actresses who wear flashy ..dresed up clothes .just to walk a street.. plus she's been not wearing make up before.. only thing though is she does look a bit different these days.. she is STILL pretty ..but before she was VERY pretty. also maybe she had a bad day ..I know if I hadd a bad day last thing I want is a camera in my face taking pics of me.. & then have people say bad things about the way I dress.

i love her even more without make-up....:D

directors are paying her to do nothing in films

drama queen. she such a hypocrite

she looks even better without makeup,and she is dressed up like a normal person...maybe she wanted to have a private moment with friends out of all the fame and glam...she just dont want to be click... in fact i dont get it why its so hard for you to understand this and what are you wondering!!

what i don't get is why would she got shopping with a film director?

I do not think it looks like this because of the lack of make-up
This is what happens after the injection to her face for a long time Since shooting began her cheek and her mouth became normal I do not know if it was because of Salman or director All I know it looks bad I hope to return as it was.

its gud to see a celeb secure and confident in their own skin without bothering abt others judgement and after kajol i find kat in that self assured position or mind ...without doubt she is pretty without any paint !!!!!!

look at her lips and under eyes ortion.... something is definitely wrong....

this is wat i really like abt kat simple and casual in her day to day life unlike some fashion slaves who i am sure visit the loo in designer dresses ..

omg!so much overacting!!!!!

@anon 22:17...considering you are gods favourite foriengner who in her dream world looks 100 times better than kat than why dont u put your jaw droppin pic up so we can see and understand yours STRIKING reality !

I love it when actors are out and about without makeup. It shows confidence, which I find incredibly sexy.

me dont think kat looks heavy infact she is normal healthy lukin girl much better than skinny shit

why is kat shopping with kabir ? dont they hv stylist for ett

hey dont see anything wrong with wat she is wearing , its comfy and casual bt yaa she is quite pretty

she come across as a private person...unwanted attention must be pissing her off..nevertheless she lookin stunning without makeup too

omg ! why dsnt she want paps to take pics of he r??? couple of years ago, she was like "posing" when paps were taking photos.....just bcoz she famous now, she have to be arrgonant ! like aish and kareena ! ugh !

If she thought she loked bad, she would step out with more make up woudlnt she?????? She's annoyed that despite her best efforts not to attract attention by dressing like a normal person shopping on the HIgh Street, she's still being photographed.

Maybe she's got something to hide...lol a bad botox or her trout lips gross*

OMG the real Katrina!!!

Wow! Katrina looks so ordinary here!! Great to see the real Katrina for a change. [that explains why she is covering her face. I bet she is kicking herself for forgetting her sunglasses LOL]!

Katrina look gorgeous even without make up, she is simple and gorgeous

LOL, so obvious shes been gettin her lips done. She has nothing exclusive about here = a very ordinary look

Katrina still looks pretty w/out makeup, not many bw actresses look gd w/ no makeup.

perhaps katrina is sick.

I am glad that she looks like one of us when she doesn't have her hair extentions, wigs, make up, and designer gowns!:)

p.s. pinkvilla please post my comment, i didnt say anything here to offend katrina:)

she has no mojo and appeal without salman by her side, she'll be like hundred other artists, no special

katty looks stunning even without makeup - i love a girl who isn't constantly turned out like a christmas tree. Desipte being one of the top actors of bollywood she still takes a chance to be regular and turn up for shopping in ordinary clothes. This is the reason no matter HOW FAR SHE GOES SHE WILL ALWAYS BE GROUNDED.
Success truly comes t o the ppl. that deserve it and can sustain it. Imagine if this was Deepika (after two blockbusters), her head wld have bloated so much we would have to find another planet just to accommodate - her head !
And she would look into the camera with those spine chilling "holier than thou expression"
Besides Deepika looks like a slumdog without proper makeup, grooming or "expensive clothes". Katty is so stunning naturally even if she wears blah clothes it NEVER TAKES AWAY FROM HER BEAUTY

She has NOTHING striking on her face! I am a foreingner as well and I look 100 times better than her.

we've all seen her without makeup on various occasions so i don't think its the lack of makeup. i don't know but she looks kinda upset to me and not JUST because someone is taking her pics. it might not have been a good day for her personally and she did not want to be photographed and didn't expect to be photographed by paparazzi in dublin of all places.

She's wearing WHITE FUNDATION! Check her cheeks and her neck, it's so damn obvious.

bro i dress better when i go to sleep and shes supposed to be an actress.......... GET OUT OF bollywood MAN

Come on Katrina give us more hits n let all be jealous....

The top is making her look huge but she is sooo pretty...love her...

One word- pretty...

She is awesome....beautiful...

Katrina is not pretty at all.

a tip for u Kat :never EVER wear skinny jeans, they make u look so heavy, its not even funny!

She looks pretty without makeup. Probably one of the few actresses who can pull that off. And there's nothing wrong with what she's wearing. Pretty much every hollywood actress looks like crap when they go out in their sweats and sneakers. Just comfort clothes. Not like she's going to a model shoot that she should be dressing all nice.

She looks FAT! I know the blouse is making her look huge but check her legs she has definitely has putted on some weight and I can clearly spot a chubby tummy there!!

SHE'S DEFINITELY WEARING FUNDATION! God, that's so cleaaar her cheeks looks more white than her neck!
And that style is really not working for her, in some younger thinner girl it would look nice.. that short jeans and snickers is a big NO.

Katrina isn't gorgeous anymore. She used to be many 2 or so years ago. Now she's lost that spark in her face. Not much longer before she's out of the movies.

how is she huge? i guess showing your ribs and bones is attractive these days not curves huh?

She looks more like a little kid than a women.

actually she is not very slim, she is huge

she looks really tired here but still looking pretty :)

i wonder that sardarji walking on back of her recognized her or not, LOL...

Why? Because she looks like every other girl in the street (worse even).

THis is the way she always looks when she's not all dolled up so I don't think it's due to lack of makeup but maybe she's just tired.

Shes not a great fashionista...and she looks huge! loose weight like you were in tees maar khan!

Shes covering her face b/c she just had a wardrobe manufacture nd probably feels embarassed bout it :(
But she looks good without make up

yup...she ain't looking that great that's why she's covering her face. but that's normal I guess...if I wasn't looking my best I wouldn't want to be photographed either.

she LOOks PRETTY with out make up.. what are YOU talking about anon below.. let's see you with out make up? also she looks better than many actresses without it.

what is she wearing???

of course she doesn't want to be photographed in the middle of the street with other ppl, so random. it looks like it may have been one person who probably wasn't even a journalist, trying to get her pics without permission.

ya, tall average. thats what you are in europe.

OMG!! leave the make-up!!! This Woman got NO DRESSING SENSE!! at all!!! what the.f....is she wearing!! her and kabir khan r looking soooo paindu! :O

plain jane

she is looking so beautiful....

She just acting pricey..trying to protect her non-existent privacy.

She's looking bad w/o makeup, that's why she covers her face!!

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