Katrina Kaif Family Pics

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Here are some cute family pictures of Katrina Kaif clicked during her sister Christine's wedding. They seem to have a very large family - Roberts, Turcottes, Maurits.

Credits: www.facebook.com

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really man!!! these lady is jus soo super!!
so hardworking!!!!
love her the way she is...inspite being completely an foreigner she manages to be best actress in bollywood
so hardworking.....love her.
she is my fav frm now! salute her

Didn't she say she was half-Indian? Which half? Or was it someone else? Will the real Katrina please stand up!!
As a fan I demand to know!! :):):)
Aaaaaggh, the pressures of following a bollywood "actresss (not!)! :)

katrina kaif is the most gorgeous star in bollywood

So nice kaitrina kaif very very khubsurat

I am your fan

Nice pic

Katrina is not at all Indian ok. Stop saying she is!

Some people r so narrow minded in this site they r fighting for kat nationality,identy,age n her father...so sameless people

Its the truth she is not Indian

gosh! regarding her past, people are only unhappy because she misrepresents who she was (not just that name, but everything else). You can't walk around in this day and age, and suddenly pretend like you are this innocent/cute girl next door, just because you want the Indian audiences to accept you. Look at Bipasha and Deepika, they still have strong fan following without sugar coating their personal life or who they are all the time.

She is a beautiful, no doubt. She works hard, great. But who is she? I think it's normal for fans to want to know at least the basic information (e.g. real age, ethnicity, previous job) about their fav star. She said she did freelance modelling, but never goes further than that. How is it possible that there's not even one photo of her modelling days prior to coming to India?

I want to said kat one thing if people trying to bring you down it only means you are above them so keep rock kat we love u...ple post my comment

I want to said kat one thing if people trying to bring you down it only means you are above them so keep rock kat u love u...ple post my comment

katrina is insecure regarding isabelle..

Hy ru deepika padukone?

Katrina kaif is hottest star in bollywood. And I dont care about her past , she is wonderful person and thats what matters. She is surely worth it.

Such BS man-only the two sisters in the Indian movie industry have dyed black hair-all the rest are so fair and have light hair. Rubbish and lies. Oh well all you desi people got suckered and Katrina and her family say thanks to all of you for paying for the wedding. LOL

Katrina has very beautiful sisters . More prettier than her but katrina had the best destiny among all of them.

Nice pictures! She and her sisters look pretty.

Makes me think though.... A tanned white woman pretending to be Indian and all brown people falling for it,"LOOK! WHITE SKIN! BETTER! BETTER!!!!!!!!"

Not saying there is anything wrong with a white woman flourishing in India, that is if she actually played white characters. But there's just something wrong in the reality of the entire situation. It irks me that a white woman plays Indian characters and how we let her. It irks me how racism continues to affect us til this very day - we hate our own skin colour, want to be fair and accept anyone who is fair as being better - hence Katrina ruling the nest, being called "Indian Barbie" though she isn't fully (or even a little, maybe) Indian, wasn't born there, didn't live majority of her life there and nor does she even know how to speak an Indian language fluently. I totally went off tangent here, anyway:

Katrina's a nice girl, and a very hardworking one. Her 'shady' past shouldn't be judged. We all have some skeletons in our closet. ;)

But the Indian audience - we have to change our mindsets one day, dudes and dudettes.

I wasn't born in India, haven't lived in India for majority of my life, in fact Katrina has lived longer than I in India, and I can barely speak Malayalam, my supposed mother tongue. I don't regard India as my home, but I still consider myself an Indian because its my heritage! The country that I live in now accepts me and the culture even if people here don't follow it. So, why can't Indians be more accepting of other cultures. If she has the features to play a character that has some aspects of being an Indian then she should be able to. Racism is everywhere. Its a global issue. Everyone wants to be more fair, because the majority opinion is that fair skinned people are more beautiful. For that to change, people needs self-confidence as to who they are which women lack in general.

Speak for yourself, looks like YOU have issues with your colour.. How pathetic.
I'm Indian, brown, and I love my colour. I like Katrina because she dances well and is glamorous. How does skin colour even factor into all this.

Katrina is truly a very beautiful lady.

The whole family should thank Salman Khan !!

U dumb should thanks salman lol......

Katrina Kaif is the best! Just look how beautiful she is. I am so sick of Filmi background star kids who have no good looks or can be anyones Idol. Give her a break and go pick on Sonam or Esha Deol even though I love their parents. (Yes I'm Katrina's biggest fan)

Katrina is not half Indian, she is 100% European who looks middle eastern, that's about it!
the denial policy wont work anymore, whether you want to believe it or not, and i dont understand this crap
about her being an "outsider". there are many examples of so called "outsiders" who made it big in Bollywood
the biggest examples being; Yousaf khan aka Dilip kumar, and Begum Mumtaz Jehan aka Madhubala, Dilip kumar
was born in Peshawar he still has his ancestral home in "kissa khawani bazar Peshawar", both him and Madhubala were

Beautiful Katrina & her family.

I don't understand this ...Katrina said she's a very private person . How are her family pics getting leaked ? I remember , she said she's not inviting anyone from India (or perhaps they could not go) , so how r these pics coming out ? She's a very pretty little girl & looks like she has some Middle Eastern ancestors somewhere up the family tree.

Few her sisters posted it on there instagram account. And few were given to media for reporting purpose. Her problem with media is resolved. They give news about katrina , they give about any other celebs parties , weddings news.

I have a feeling Ronaldo turcotte is katrinas father and he converted to christanity. Coz ronaldo dosnt look British.

No one family is perfect..wt problem ppl have with her father and all...stop digging on ppl family...like that everyone in Bollywood has a wierd family story...stupid ppl she may be Indian or not or Arab or British..she is a actor who earns in India..leave her alone especially her family and past..get a life guys

People hate her not because she is British or an "actor who earns in India" but because she LIES about having a Kashmiri father just to play the sympathy card. Just own up and admit you are British. End of story!

so sick of her. She released this picture for sure. For someone who guards her privacy so much, how did the media get this personal picture? Now that her sister's movie is coming up, let's start distributing 'family' photos. Every actor uses PR, fine, but what gets me is when she gets mad at media by acting like this innocent girl whose privacy is violated.

Ignorence is bliss. This photos have been in media from long time now . Katrina is not on twitter or Facebook but her sisters are . Isabella kaif is on twitter and instagram , natacha turcotte , sonia turcotte are on instagram . And these are last year pictures . Somebody might have re arranged and published it . Big deal , stars childhood and family pics gets posted again and again by various media houses.

lol ignorence? you meant ignorance? :P

Wht are u english teacher?

I saw a little girl from Iran once and she looked exactly like Katrina...I do think she might be from that area...long nose long face...

lol this is the stupidest comment I've ever read!!!!
it's not about long or small or even heart-shape face, it's the whole features that make this Iranian and that Indian and so on.
everyone knows how beautiful Iranian people are. and this means they have diversity of shapes, colors, features... but overall one can directly guess they're Iranian. but yes Katrina looks very persian that's true.

I disagree....I have seen MANY Iranian women and they all have the same features...it's the men that look different...clearly, you have no idea how Iranian people look like..

I honestly speaking dont care if she white, indian, if her name is fake or real, if she is from a different father or not, if her sister is a pornstar or not :S I do not know much about any single one of them to comment but what hurts me is that we have to deal with her inability to speak in Hindi (in a hindi speaking industry) and act or give more than one expression for the last so many years. If she only knew how to act and speak in Hindi, 7 khoon maaf ho jata -_-

seriously have none of you got anything better to do with your lives than question where she is from, who her parents are etc. I mean is your life so incomplete without supposedly knowing the 'truth' about someone either you don't like or do like but won't ever be best friends with?!
if she turned around and said she's 100% english people will object, if she said she's half english half indian people will object, if she said she's have martian and half klingon people will object. just let her be! I don't understand why people are still talking about this 10 years down the line!

You guys are jabbering away, the point is her family is very happy that day.

And they are a beautiful family. All the sister looks very pretty with less is more look.

What difference does it make what her nationality is? Whether she's from Timbuktu or Jupitar she now resides in Mumbai India and works as one of the top actresses in Bollywood film Industry. Everything else is irrelevant. Actors from all over the world come to Hollywwod to work, no one questions their lineage whatever they say they are, that it is. Talk about her work and criticize her work. What's the need to argue about her background every single time something is posted about her. Too much idle minds, me thinks.

No one cares about her nationality. But what does irk people is that she LIES about having Kashmiri Lineage. Just admit you are a brit.

If katrina was spanish that could have explained her hair and complextion. But she is british , and how can two whites have a brown baby. Katrina is even darker than kareena and isha shervani. She has been accepted by indian audience coz she has north indian complextion and kashmiri features. If she wasnt an half indian , she could have easily passed out for a jewish women or arab national. Coz kashimiris have jewish heritage. One of tribes of Israel came and settled down in kashmir long long age.

wow. Thanks for the History. do you know where I can read more about the Jewish tribe settlement in Kashmir. Just recently I read about Tibetans fighting with Indian army against Pakistan. That was an amazing history which I did not know.

that's very very true. I agree.
-I'm an Arab/Kuwaiti- yes she looks very Lebanese or Syrian or even Kuwaiti to me.

If only you guys understood basic genetics. sigh! Just because she looks darker or has darker hair compared to her siblings doesn't mean she came from a different father. She could have gotten it from her father or mother's lineage, especially father has this Iranian type of look. Besides, she said it herself that the name Kaif was given to make her more acceptable to Indian audiences. If only she would clarify once and for all.

I don't really care about her family dynamics and who her real father is, but there are plenty of girls in the world who could totally pass off as Indian but don't have any Indian blood in them...

I believe her that her father is Indian. Im Indian and both my parents are punjabi but no one thinks I am Indian because I got my fathers fair skin and features. I feel really bad when people say I don't look Indian. I think we should realize that not every Indian has to lookalike and that if shes fair shes gori or whatever. It hurts and I am proud to be Indian. Im sure katrina is too.

The difference is that Kat has a fake last name (given to her by the makers of Boom), and you probably don't hide the identity of your father. People talk about Kat not being Indian because her story doesn't add up, it's not just about her physical appearance. You are proud of your ancestry while Kat is secretive about hers.

It's Bollywood and celebs are entitled to be secretive. How much of your private life do you share with the rest of the world? You have a fake name on this and fake picture, just to protect yourself right? Well imagine what these actresses go through, especially with no backing in the industry. So before you make all these accusations look at the bigger picture. Why don't you just start hunting down each and every girl, flop or hit and see how much truth they tell. Maybe then you will realize what privacy and being secretive. Stay away from Kat! Go write on Deepikas page about her dad and ancestry background since you know so much!

@ "You have a fake name on this and fake picture, just to protect yourself right?" -----> When I walk around in *the real world* I have a real face and a real name, a real identity and a real background. Kat hides her father's name in *the real world*, because she is ashamed of her ancestry and her race.

@ "Go write on Deepikas page about her dad and ancestry background" -----> Deepika's parents are Prakash and Ujjala Padukone, and both are Indians therefore Deepika doesn't need to hide her father's name or race. Knowing the name of someone's father is not a big deal, but people do tend to get curious when someone like Kat acts like she has something to hide.

I love both Katrina and Deepika. But it's girls like you who hate on foreigner, yet when you go abroad are all gaga. First of all Deepika dated one of my friends back in her badminton playing days and she dumped when she started movies. Why don't you just go and do a background check on everyone. And Katrina is showing you IN YOUR FACE who her ancestry is. These pictures prove enough, photos of her mom attending functions with her are IN YOUR FACE. Yeah she's half british and half indian. WHat more do you want to know?? She isn't ashamed, shes just a private person. She's not hiding shit, it's right in your face who her family is. WHat else do you wanna know?? Prolly want to hear that she was a pornstar or something just so you can feel happy inside. Can't you digest people love her with or without her secrets.

Kitty is right. Katrina is not an Indian!

Keep ur mouth close u cheap girl kitty......... i am dame sure u cheap girl must be deepika fan?so u sound like ur idol ple post my comment i beg u pinkvilla......

Heehee... you're cute. :)

According to me, Katrina & Isabella are both Arabic/Middle Eastern, if not Kashmiri. The other sisters seem full white to me.

she's either Pakistani or Kashmiri if not Indian. 'Kaif' isn't an Arabic name and I'm an Arab. #justsayin

I like the black and white picture best.

Katrina and isabella look indian in the gang of girls . All others have reddish white complextion like Europeans

Katrina had black hair from childhood . And even her complextion isnt british from childhood . Its very much indian complextion. Her mother looks British with completly white hair. Her sister who got married and her brother in law look proper caucasian. Golden hair , white red complextion even there daughter is blond. And the point to be noted is her father wasnt present at her sisters wedding . The so called guy who people were claiming to be katrinas father was not present at his daughters wedding . I want to know how come two whites can produce a brown kids . Coz half of the girls in family have brown hair . And katrina is darkest among all sisters.

Half the girls in the family have brown hair because her mother has natural brown hair - duh. Also, the man who we say is Katrina's father (Ronald) is not the father of this sister that got married, not to mention he's not part of their life. He's with a new family he has his own life.

How did people come to know that guy is katrinas father .that was through Facebook account right. Were katrinas sisters called that guy dad. So that means that guy is in talking term with the family than why he dint come to wedding . Katrinas mother has had light to blondish brown hair and which has turned complete white now .look at dhoom3 party video . Katrina dosnt have brown hair , its jet Black. Another thing to note is katrinas sisters called that guy dad not katrina. So he can be second father. Katrinas father is indian . Pv plz post the reply

Ok your logic is so flawed. Katrina's two younger sister's called him dad, this is the same dad that is in the pictures of Katrina as a baby/younger child. Katrina's OLDER sister (the one who just got married!) and brother (the two whitest looking people in her family - they both have blondish hair and blue eyes) are the ones that are fathered by a DIFFERENT father.

Why would Ronald who is NOT the father of this daughter who got married come to her wedding, and ok even if he was their (the two older one's) stepfather and was close to them maybe he couldn't make it seeing as how he doesn't live in England and lives in North America. He has his own life as I stated before.

Another thing - the two older children had a different father but Ronald the guy in the Facebook picture was with this family when Katrina was young, she technically could have been fathered by the first dad (this bride's father) or by Ronald as her younger siblings were calling the man Ronald in the picture Dad. If you google Katrina Kaif baby picture you will see that she had very light hair as a child NOT black, she obviously dyed her hair black (Namaste London her hair was dyed a brownish color, you don't go from brown in one movie to black in another without some artificial dye).

Now a half kashmiri definitely didn't father the first two children, possibly some unknown man could have fathered Katrina and then shortly after the mother hooked up with Ronald who then looked after all the children and fathered Melissa, Isabelle, Stephanie ... ? Seems very very unlikely to me that out of however many children, only Katrina would be mysteriously fathered by a Kashmiri person, only Katrina would magically then end up in India and become a celebrity and only Katrina would have stories about how her last name was made up.

I have seen the pictures and katrina dosnt look like ronaldo , non of the girls look like him . Ronaldo has round face , and all the girls have lean face . Girls should go on there father right , just like ranbir looks like her mother and his sister looks like her dad . Karishma looks like her father. Katrina looks like the kashmiri tall guy in family pic of her childhood . She was baby than . She exactly looks like him . She dosnt have a single feature of Ronaldo. I dont have a clue who father of other kids is but father of katrina is that guy. And I have come across few kashmiri on twitter who said katrina has indeed a kashmiri heritage. They are from sopore. Her fathers business was of carpet.

second one is prettiest

Her mother was one big ho popping so many kids with different men

She is 100% white.. you fools... stop trying to make her relatable!
her skin is tanned.. but her features are 100% european..

Oh so she looks 'european' ? really ?
spanish may be.... but not 'european'.

Spain IS in Europe
Hai Raam, isko Geography kisne padhai?

india se kama kama key aysh hu rhy hain !!! poor desi strugglerz

Auesha Shrof wrote about her origin, katrina is not Indian in any angle, nor her origin is Indian, Kaif is her given name and once se said, that all the time she was taquet and kaif is just name she became famouse,

beside, this is pic where her elder sister got married, she was part of adult movie, just search Terry Stephens and kaif and you wil find lots of their pictures.. so i do not know why kat pr is giving this picture, maybe they just want to clear her name, but no way..
woudl she be honest saying who was she, and how she started her carrier, it would be nonest from her side, like Sunny has done, but playing naiv girl, of course is not her scalem especially when Salman is not with her

These pictures were taken from their Facebook profiles, not from Katrina's PR.

She looks very pretty in the wedding pics.

These are very sweet pictures. Kat does stand out. Also looking at these pictures it's clear as day that she's at least half indian. Even in her younger days she has that Indian look to her. She's clearly secretive about her family life but look at her and then the rest of her sisters...it seems obvious that her dad was either Indian or of Arab origin while the rest of her sisters are all full white (maybe besides Isabella?).

These are very sweet pictures. Kat does stand out. Also looking at these pictures it's clear as day that she's at least half indian. Even in her younger days she has that indian look to her. She's clearly secretive about her family life but look at her and then the rest of her sisters...it seems obvious that her dad was either indian or of arab origin while the rest of her sisters are all full white (maybe besides Isabella).

Her claims of having an Indian father are as authentic as 'her' surname Kaif.

Do people realize that northern Indians, Pakistanis, Afgans, etc. are Indo-Aryans? They have roots in the Middle East and, even further back, Rome. They immigrated into the region. That is why you see so many Meditteranian looking Indians, Afgans, etc. I have seen a few "full" Indian girls that look like Kat and have the same complexion.

Sorry to burst your bubble...but Indians have got nothing to do with Aryans and that is a fact. Your theory is a myth.

You clearly do not follow anthropology. They have found evidence of bones from Aryan migration into the North. People are mobile. They migrate. It's called evolution.

the aryan theory has been debunked long ago. yeah they look similar and may have similar roots

where is the indian connection here ??? just getting your hair dark doesn't make you half indian .

shes not half indian. salman changed her last name so she would be accepted by indian audiences. so he lied to alllll of india , again haha

Ranbir defi bagged a good looking girl (both her and deeps actually)

Ranbir broke up with Kat. Its the truth!

im more astonished at how she reached to the top with literally no talent. of course Indians are obsessed with white people and anything to do with them. its kind of pathetic.

she is the only one with olive skin

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