katrina kaif...Beautiful picture

Found this gorgeous picture of Katrina, not sure if has been already posted…

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Credits: http://img80.exs.cx/img80/1969/katrina720.jpg

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she is very beautiful

I don't care what anyone says....a woman shouldn't lift her arms and pose like this..it's one of the most offputting thing ever!!!


jano i love u

I luv katrina a lot.. I wanna b lyk hr n i alwez try 2 copy hr attitude, dressup, smile n etc bt i alwez fail 2 du dat...shez my favourite one,n alwez b.. Annie bajpai

I luv katrina a lot.. I wanna b lyk hr n i alwez try 2 copy hr attitude, dressup, smile n etc...shez my favourite one..

katrina is good not beautifull zarine khan is more beautifull than kat

k shes definitely not as young as she says..in this pik, 22 maybe..but 18, no. i was 18 once and none of the girls i knew looked THAT old.

oh ne kay shay haway saday kapray pay ker kamene apay ta kutte away oora ko be kutta barane aavay

she more beautiful than beauty


so beatiful actress in the world.
I love you my katrina
love you so very much

wat a navel!!!

u r amazing.i like u sooooooooooooo much

looks like sangeeta bijlani....also Salman's ex from the 1980s

l i like the armpits ...;)

she's a gorgeous girl. no doubt about that!

Submitted by Razmo on Sat, 2009-11-28 17:15.

What OMG? Shez a human not a statue jeez...

OMG!the armpits!

She is gorgeous with out a doubt, a naturally classic stunning beauty.

she is looking so sexy

Shez looking pretty!

she is gorgeous but this isn't one of her best shots.

wow she is beautiful

wow she is gorgeous. I think she was just 18 but looks beautiful.

awww soo pretty

breathtaking beauty

sana? on Tue, 2009-04-21 01:35.
yeah i agree wif you, totally!

i saw this pic
and gosh she looks so innocent and cute....
shes all grown up to be a stron individual and very very intellegent woman
i adore her

she looks innocent

she lookz soo cute
and innocent lolz

eww u guyz r soo sick..grw up!

wow shes pretty

u guys are so immature, armpit hair easily grows in 10-12 hours so if she shaved in the morning by evening they could have easily started growing. its normal

she didn't get time to wax her underarms..lol

yea she lukz really pretty there
tink it was 4m a telugu or malayalam whatever movie
she destroyed her self when she came in Bollywood!

its an old pic from her telugu movie

her armpits look so gross. i dont think she's pretty at all.. overhyped.



wow she does look gorgeous! shes soo beautiful, probably the best out of the current lot in bollywood.

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