Kiran Rao at Ravi Mandlik art event

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Time and again Ravi Mandlik emphasized the influence that nature had on his life right since his childhood days. He has always affirmed that there is constantly something new being created in nature, it can bean extension of the previous one or a complete emergence of something that you ever wondered of.
His latest preview at Tao Art Gallery for a collection titled as “Burgeon,” epitomizes this very constant activity of life in varied forms and highlights the fact that there is no end to nature’s creativity.
Mandlik was clearly overwhelmed by the positive response that he got and said that, “I enjoy my creative journey because I believe being alive is nothing but a creative process in itself. Each step of my creative process is like a new breath, it infuses a lot of vitality. Nature always is full of creative processes trying to stir my soul and inspire the life in me.” His mesmerizing artworks clearly displayed the acclaimed artists’ talent.
He further adds that, “Whenever I paint I expect the same life in my creation. As I discovered life within me is nothing but my work I started dedicating all my time to this creative journey".
Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan are huge fans of Mr. Ravi Mandlik's work and therefore Kiran personally visited the gallery to see his recent collection.
From Raell Padamsee representing the theater world to Sameer Mondal from the art circles, everyone was seen appreciating Mandlik's ability and talent to epitomize nature in all his creations.
One can see how he has managed to capture the magnificence of creating something new and has contantly nurtured and even managed to expand it. In his works, he has embedded his own symbolic of the dynamism and love that nature abounds in.
It is surely hard for one to be oblivious to his obvious creations and the message, that seems to be floating all around, in the air that we breathe, the expanse that we manifest ourselves; it is truly all encompassing andethereal in every sense.
His artworks are displayed at Tao Art Gallery till 22nd April from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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did i sense reluctance in karen's face in the last scene? the enidng would have been perfect if there were unequivocal and categorical lines like i love you from both the leads..facial expressions and taciturnity can prove effective if the leads can deliver the message across with as much effectiveness.don't get me wrong though,i really like the storyline.commonplace theme maybe but the plot was rather brilliant.congratulations!

Don't buy from Kiran Khan! My sister bohugt her Bridal, and other shalwar kameezs' from her; BIG MISTAKE!Kiran did not hesitate in taking the money, but took over 7 months providing the additional shalwar kameez, and the Bridal suits were made very cheaply considering it was so expensive! Whenever we questioned her to send the shalwar kameez, she would make excuses. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, STEER CLEAR!!!

Oh Kiran, what can I say just that I envy your life but you ooze being such a nice person.

Very interesting art. I like them all ! And Kiran's looking so cute and smart even through the plainness. I like the style of the broad salwar she is wearing. What's it called?


Kiran is such a cutie-pie! She actually "corrupted" Aamir in appreciating art/painting which served him well in preparing for his artist role in Dhobi Ghat...hehe

Amazing paintings, love them all.

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