Alia Bhatt & Parineeti Chopra: Koffee with Karan promo

Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra feature on the final episode of Koffee with Karan, Season 4. It is Alia's second appearance this season, and Parineeti's debut on the show. The newbie actresses of Bollywood who are doing a good job on the acting front, are seen sharing a friendly vibe on the show.

Highlights of the promo:

1. Parineeti Chopra wouldn't mind it if Saif Ali Khan made a pass at her!

2. Alia Bhatt feels that 'her boys' Varun and Siddharth will always love her more (than Parineeti)!

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Credits: youtube

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i knw kjo loves her bcos she keeps complimentin rk like "i love him i want to merry him, blah blah blah".....

So apparently Alia is going all out in her pursuit of Ranbir. Katrina Kaif and anyone else be damned. A small write up of some of the things she says during the show has hit the web and she's Ranbir all day every day. I'm not quite sure whether to be amused by her audacity or creeped out by her desperation. Be careful what you wish for Alia, you just might get it.

plz Alia stop dreaming abt Sid. he deserves much better. u should stick with Arjun baba.

Awww After this promo , I just watched Aish in Oprah"s show (coming as a suggestion after this promo)
And Aishu I totally loved you.....
Really , OLD WAS GOLD , They all were talented (MADHURI , SRIDEVI , KAJOL , RANI , AISH , PRITI ) but never boasted of them....Has not created stupid PR teams & always talking about your boyfriends , Boasting about their movies...They let them their WORK to SPEAK....
I think after AISH beautiful actresses are NO MORE (BEAUTY WITH BRAIN"LL BE MORE SPECIFIC)
After Kajol , no more natural actresses are there....
And about this promo , Who can see this stupid non-sense ???
Don"t like kofee much , Real talent like KANGNAA was totally missing in the show !!!!

May be I'm wrong but Aish was the one of the first ones to use Pr way way back. I remember a quote from Pooja Batra mentioning something About Aish's Pr being good hence she was winning all the best newcomer awards. Secondly, After Devdas when she started getting more global recognition she began to have a Hollywood agent called Simone. I think that was her name. As for the other other actresses having a Pr makes life easier for the stars today as they manage everything. Even Madhuri stopped using her Sectretary Rikku Rakesh Nath and joined a PR company to manage her work. Everyone has to move with the times.


lol i think sid like parineeti more than alia!!!!!!!!!!!!

This promo is damn boring. I kind of thought this episode would be a good one because it was saved for last. Let's hope KWK goes out with a bang and not a fizzle.

No Alia I'm 100% sure Sid likes Parineeti more than you. In fact, he prob thinks you're a little kid jumping up and down for attention!

The over loud acting parineeti and the forced superstar by Karan Alia....boring

Karan is so forcing Aalia to be the next best thing, which is NOT i didn't get the over hype she got for Highway, the only good thing about that movie was Randeep Hooda the saving grace of the movie...But the hypocrite industry people over praised her only....

Not going to watch this- I'm sorry, but as much as I appreciate Alia the actress- I'm a bit bored of seeing her on KWK now...

Why are you still sending celebrity guest possibilities. The recording of the show is over. I bet KJO is BEGGIBG SRK to make a surprise finale to save his face!

koi mjhe btaenga yeh baccha koun hai sorry fr ma poor english

KJo won't leave no stone unturned to transform Alia into Kareena with ZERO IQ.

alia already hav zero IQ as she proved in her debut episode whn kjo asked abt the current president of the india n guess wat she hav rpld maharana pratap

Actually she said Prithviraj Chavan. And in case you don't know that he is actually a present-day politician then I guess your IQ is as bad as hers. Get your facts straight before commenting on public forums!

You will get ZERO ANDAA in your exams if you name Prithaviraj Chauhan as President of India instead of Pranab doesn't matter if he is a present day politician. What facts you are talking about huhhh.

Not interested at all about Alia, but what makes u think Kareena has an IQ above 0...? She shares the crown with Sonam for most WTF statements...

As a neutral viewer, i feel Parineeti shows more talent than Pc... She just needs the opportunities Pc has... I'd like to say i absolutely dont like Kareena either, so this is a neutral opinion...

You think so? Very interesting view.

I am sure, she is happy to even get the roles she had till now. Because without PC's unconditional support, she wouldn't be here. Bollywood is a scary place without support & a chance to learn from someone else's mistakes to avoid making your own, is everything.

As for her so-called superior talent, she would have to try other roles than her trademark to be able to proove that. Just because she plays the boisterous girl better than her sis, it doesn't make her a better actress imo.

i kinda disagree though..priyanka has that rock star,uber cool persona off screen but whenever she has tried her hands on something similar onscreen she has done really really bad job...a real good actor should be always a treat to watch onscreen ,not just in author backed strong lead roles,but also in roles with minimum screen timing minimum dialogue baji..see people love mr.big b(giving you just an example)because he is one of those rare kind of actors who always shines onscreen.. doesnt matter if he is playing some over the top characters or a subtle one,in comic role,in negative role..he is always good..i guess that would be a good example of a real actor,but priyanka, not so..she still overacts more than one occasion.. parineeti is only 4 or 5 films most of her films critics have praised her more than anything in those she is doing something right..
n plus if i go by your words i would say tushar kapoor had unconditional support from his sister ekta,bobby deol had his brother sunny's backing,tanisha had her sister kajol's backing,sohail n arbaaz had their brother salman on their side..they also got unconditional support from their siblings,but they couldn't make it because they didnt have one thing that was most important n thats "acting" body praised them for their least parineeti has that in her..

Come on, lets b real, most of PC's over-rated performanes are too rehearsed and not spontaneous... Thats why Vidya scored better in Kahaani than PC in barfi... Nothing against PC but I dont see PC supporting Parineeti's career in any way...

Is it that tough to figure out that Alia is a dumb as a dodo. Like Parineeti though. She is really fresh !

will only watch for PARI

Will watch this only for PARI

I love Pari, but I really don't like Alia! She's either dumb, or acts dumb! This show would've been so much better if Parineeti came with Priyanka or Sid! She's so much smarter than Alia! Alia just uses her star child power, and KJo encourages her- its sooo annoying

OMG so wanted Katrina to be on this show!! Why not her, would love to see her with Jacqueline!

They could have had Parineeti with Aditiya and for the finale a celebrity who actually matters !

Both have no unique looks whatsoever.

Can't wait to watch the heroine with a high Aiku (I.Q) once again.

LMAO!! That's sooo mean!! Lol!!! Leave the girl alone! She will mature! She's still a baby :)))

I'm very sure that a 20 years old "baby" would certainly know who their country's president is!!!

Haha haha baby? :P

Why Alia and Pari? Why not Asin, Jacqueline and Sonam?

would love to see asin and jacqueline on the show but not the ikaun sonam.

Alia twice on the show... why !?
this season is a total failure.

Hmm.. parineeti is another motormouth and alia is another dumbhead. :P anyways this is the last episode. So bring it on.

I seriously doubt these two actually get along in reality. They probably just gossip about others when they're together, and then gossip about each other when they're with other people. And what kind of finale is this anyways? Who is actually interested in these two?

too much of alia everywhere... I want to miss this one but then again I like Pari

These two give me Mean Girls vibes

LOL... Parineeti's like Gretchen Weiners and Alia's like Karen Smith

You go Glen Coco! ("Wow! Cute skirt! It's adorable!" "Thanks!" "Oh my god that's the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen!") That's KJo, KKK, and Alia. Only they're not as funny.

It's on daily motion fr blocked viewers. And yeah Alia is more graceful.Parineeti trying to be poised,not working.She should be herself comparisons and criticism wil never stop.

Please make it available for US.

Says 'not available in your country' can't find it on daily motion either someone post a daily motion link

sorry girls! i can only tolerate u when u r with Sid. with Sid u both seem mature n sweet. otherwise always full of urself. plz leave us alone.

My comment got deleted WHY?

Never notice before, but they could easily pass for sisters

not available in my it on dailymotion?

How can Parineeti win national award ??? I am still not over it :(
Look at Priyanka chopra's acting in barfi..

Like if you agree that she did not deserve the national award.

I dont understand why some fans stupidly hail PC as the most talented actress today, she's good but not the best... I m not a Bebo fan or DP fan and i dont like either...

I wish someone would just sit on Alia and squash her.

Allow me to do the honour :)

loooooooooooool ur comments are always so hilarious. But I wonder why is there so much hate for Alia. I find her cute, and I think she is a pretty good actress. If you look at the likes of Priyanka, Kareena, Deepika they weren't good actors when they started their careers, but they proved themselves over time. So why not give Alia a chance?

A Rikishi from Sumo would be great :P

Parineeti has zero star quality .. Her body language is ewwwww Alia looks more confident and graceful in front of her :)

Can someone please share what they showed in this promo?
The damn thing is not viewable in my country :/

Go to dailymotion :)

What more does Alia have to say? Like seriously, get someone even a little bit more interesting than her. You're ruining your image, KJo.

Karan knows Parineeti is popular so he is repeating Alia again with her so she can get exposure too. I tell u Alia is one lucky grl, KJO wont rest till shes shoved down our throats!

What happened to the sunny leone episode if this one is the last?

She was never invited

I really don't get it. why bring Alia again? Because she had so much wisdom to depart in that SOTY episode?? This is a bore man. I was hoping Pari'd come with Sushant.

Sushant, who? *giggles* (I hope you get the reference :P)

LOL. Someone send Sonam a film magazine. You know the ones whose covers she likes to hog. I guess she looks at the covers, pats herself on the back for being such an "IKaun" and ignores all the content that's in it?

I know. Karan has limited set of episodes and if he cant find a different guest for each episode then what is the use of being such a big shot in fillum industry LOL

what is idea behind inviting same person over and over . I mean you have one show with few episodes cant you find a new guest for each episode?

I'd rather watch PC and Pari. Or Kangana and Pari.

Alia ---- Sonam ----SAME SAME

I don't like Parineeti ..She is over smart


This is the most ridiculous attempt they could have tried to showcase their FAKE friendship to the world.
I have tears in my eyes to see this much love among these girls.

I am always here for your comments, because you're such an equal opportunity giver! & you had me dying on this one. lmao. But hey, having a fake friendship is better for both. That's what society want to see anyway ....

=> "I have tears in my eyes to see this much love among these girls"

Thank You!

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