Mumbai Mirror: Konkona Sen Sharma & Ranvir Shorey to divorce?

Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

In May this year, Mirror broke the story of Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranveer Shorey’s two-year-old marriage hitting a rough patch. We had hoped, like most couples they would find it in their hearts to settle their differences. Especially with a baby in their midst.

Unfortunately, it seems, the fissures may have run too deep. Sources close to the couple have revealed that the two are considering the legal route to terminate their marriage over “irreconcilable differences.”

It was in May that Konkona and Ranveer raised eyebrows when they arrived for a film screening separately, sat far apart in the auditorium throughout the show, and did not even exchange a word while leaving.

At that time, despite our repeated attempts, Konkona maintained a dignified silence, while Ranveer snapped: “We are not conjoined twins!” It has been four months since the episode, and Konkona is still silent. Ranveer, meanwhile, is unavailable.

Industry sources close to the talented couple say that the marriage is beyond repairs. “Konkona has even told a few of her close friends that she wants to file for divorce. She has told them that she has tried her best to reconcile with Ranveer but things don’t seem to be working out between them, and she is not to take it beyond a certain limit. Seems, the two are as different as chalk and cheese, and you get to know these things only after you start living under the same roof.”

The couple had bought a swank apartment in Malad a few days before their marriage. Buzz in the complex seems to suggest they may have demarcated their respective spaces and are leading separate lives.

Konkona and Ranveer married in 2010 in a private ceremony after dating for many years. It may be recalled that they had postponed their wedding on at least more than one occasion.

“Ranveer is not an easy guy to live with. And Konkona tried her best to make the relationship work,” says a friend, adding, “In fact, she has still not given up hope completely.“


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those people are truly spoiled and think life is easy and happiness comes on a plate of gold !!!
people who don't recognize simple life anymore, can't settle down, find pure love, and make a family.

anonymous@Thu, 2012-09-13 16:51

It's the tradition to wear white during the wedding in many parts of India. I have attended quite a few wear the bride wore white saree with zaree or red/maroon/green border.

Atleast they gave it a fair shot, if somethings not meant to be its not meant to be. I hope they find love and happiness, with out without each other.

I love the photo.

That's too bad. :(

Another one bites the dust.

They got married in a hurry because of her pregnancy anyway.
And judging from interviews, Ranveer seems like a bit of a difficult person, quite intense.

Ranveer snapped: “We are not conjoined twins!”
That is hilarious. haha.

Well if it does not work out, no reason sticking with the marriage. Its not old India anymore where wife had to stay with her husband no matter what because of social taboo and financial reasons. No big deal. Staying in a miserable marriage for a kid is not going to work for anyone, everyone will be miserable, including the kid.


What was she doing with a loser like that anyhow?

she was SUCH a beautiful bride!

Thu, 2012-09-13 01:37 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

whats the big deal................... all actresses know they wil not survive as a wifey material.

They marry to hav a legal child and throw the vicky donor (read husband) out.

Anyhow konkana is a good actress and i am sure she will come back to movies.

what kind of material are you?How many actresses have you known on a personal level?Mean people like you should be thrown out to andaman...learn some civic sense and then start talking.

yeah, it was a shotgun wedding, I believe. Konkona was already pregnant then. Im guessing they decided to tie the knot in a rush because of the unexpected pregnancy, and not because they were ready to marry/commit.

its sad when people invest so much in relationship but cannot stay happy within its boundaries.....good luck to u guys!

yeh toh hona hi tha...a girl like konkona deserves far far better. she went against the grain (and her mother's aspirations for her...dont think aparna was too keen on him as a potential partner for her daughter)...and probably her better judgements to marry ranvir. they are worlds apart, so this was bound to happen sooner or later. after all, this is the guy who beat up ex gf pooja bhatt, so obviously he would be 'difficult' to live with. don't know what she saw in him in the first place...wish she had married a decent and classy intellectual guy like rahul bose or someone.

koko is not a dudh ki dhuli. she looks dusht to me. so lets not just blame the man. both parties are responsible if the matter goes out of four walls.

i always thought konkona deserved someone better!

Sad, Specially for the kid.. I hope they find peace..

Sadness, but if he is a difficult person, you're better off without him long term.

hope it works out for them.. they have a kid. they should put their child first.
praying for their relationship.

I don't know how true that is because she recently retweeted comments on twitter when people praised Ranveer for his performance in Ek Tha Tiger. She was telling them all thank you, etc!

didn't they have a shotgun wedding ?

this is so sad :( they seemed like such a lovely couple.

and she gave up acting at her prime, when she was finally hitting the mainstream, when she got pregnant/married to him (whichever came first)

her wedding was so low key and beautiful.

I definately saw this coming, the guy is so sleazy and looks very possessive and stifling! She should have known better!

whats the big deal................... all actresses know they wil not survive as a wifey material.

They marry to hav a legal child and throw the vicky donor (read husband) out.

Anyhow konkana is a good actress and i am sure she will come back to movies.

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