Lara Dutta no makeup photo

She tweeted that this is her no makeup look from her vanity van. Need i say she looks gorgeous.


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Stunningggggg,now this is what a miss universe looks like people! ;)

Super gorgeous, especially her doe eyes. People kill me when they say Aishwaray has doe eyes. Get real.


I agree with anon 2 below me, im sick and tired of the same damn thing. people obessed with skin colors.

OMG. Some ppl are real weird in the bottom msgs.
anways... lara is looking lovely and resh, w/ or w/out 'minimal' makeup. nice.


just kajol on

OMG.. how can u believe she's not wearing make up...its totally there... Moreover "no make up look" does not mean "no make up".. No make up look means the effect is given as if actress is not wearing make up...

she is pretty with or without make up

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2010-04-02 04:16: she is not that dusky actually (though ppl refer her as that).. but yes, dusky ppl blush if they have thin complexions.. but mainly fairer ppl have tranlucent complexions so they blush easily...

she doesn't have very dusky or thick skin, that means she can blush if she eats foods which trigger allegries, after sneezing or even washing her face. fair complexion desis often blush a lot.. so she'll probably get red where she puts a strong astrigenent on her complexion... hence her natural 'blush'. it looks like she put on a strong astrigent on the t-region..

wow!! she looks or no makeup, she is pretty, pretty, pretty ...

a LOT of Indian women do not need any brow pencil or even mascara. they do tend to blush the same way too..... it looks like she's wearing no makeup.. but then again who knows...

some women have naturally dark brows and lashes.. and after toning your skin, it does tend to get pink. she's rather translucent and not very dark, so after a strong toner, she will get pink all over.. (( and toners are put in the t-region, where she got pink). So yes, she looks like she has no makeup, and looks even bttr.

whether she is wearing makeup or not. she looks great. why can't Bollywood makeup artists try this natural look.. she looks so much fresher & better..

this is how any1 looks when they scrub their face clean to remove all the makeup.. blush doesnt look like this.. even a person with dark tone who has good skin can turn pink when they scrub and clean their face..

lol you can clearly see she has filled in her brows. its not a ONE HUNDRED percent make-up free photo! lol

wow she does look good very posh

just ma opinion gals but i do think she is wearing lipstick, blusher, lil bit of eyeliner and she has coloured her eyebrows with an eye pencil.

she looks even better without all that makeup ..

this is such a fake smile, though i like lara, i dont like this pic

not bad but not very gud either!


she is pretty

to cherrycrush on Wed, 2010-03-31 19:56.

her skin is so fresh looks amazing


she looks really pretty..nice to show that being natural is not a bad thing...nd she aint wearing blusher it happens smetimes ur cheeks get red.

i wouldn't recognise her if i saw her on the street...such a normal average face. but then again average is pretty :)

Yep my skin is about the same olive shade as hers and really it can get flushed at times. Hers looks quite natural to me.

I agree, she does look like she's wearing some make up. Not bad nonetheless!

@cherrycrush.. a lot of women tend to get red in the face when it's hot outside or they've just gotten done working out. my skin is the same way. its not blush.. how about you open up your mind for some possibilities before you start talking crap! that would be much appreciated!

she is clearly wearing blush.

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