Pics: Lara Dutta & Mahesh Bhupathi's daughter, Saira

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Pics: Lara Dutta & Mahesh Bhupathi's daughter, Saira. Mahesh was spotted with his daughter at the Chennai Open 2013.

She's so cute!

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So cute dad and daughter .,......

she's sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!1

Babies of most races and ethnicity are born with fairly light and often pinkish skin. The pink tint comes from the red blood vessels, which show through baby's still-thin skin. And who are we to comment others life!!!

If i were Bhupati... I'd get a paternity test done. That baby does not have 1 bhupati gene in her. Lara's not so light skinned either. How come this baby is so light skinned!!!

Because Lara's mother is half Scottish. I hope you have enough common sense to understand genes and other things.

the baby looks more like Kelly Dorji's !! lol

If i were Bhupati... I'd get a paternity test done. That baby does not have 1 bhupati gene in her. Lara's not so light skinned either. How come this baby is so light skinned!!!

She looks like her grandmother......very sweet baby.But I feel strongly disinclined to compare . I think both superstar babies are cute adorable little angles.

she is soooooooooooo cute.looks like her mam.

She looks like the doll my dad had gifted me for Christmas when I was little♥ So adorable;-) She's going to be one hell of a stunner when she grows up!Such a gorgeous Miss Universe of the future.
And to all the sick people who compare year old toddlers & say mean things about either should just do one thing-GET A FREAKING LIFE!

PV please post! To Ash dislikers - let me advise you now itself to stop with the comparisons because this again will turn out to be blown out of proportion and Ash somehow will emerge as a victim and martyr!The same thing happened with her weight - yes a few were commenting on her weight gain but many more used to support her BUT suddenly Ash got all the focus and it became like she was doing something great for all of womenkind! When the truth could be that she was also dieting and exercising just as hard but found it too difficult to lose the weight. The hateful comments actually backfired and Ash's PR managed to make it a triumph for Ash. I see the same pattern here - some people will make unflattering comments about a little kid, and suddenly it will be made to seem as if the whole of India said something bad about Ash's daughter and Ash will become a martyr for Indian motherhood as well. Please stop right now and do not give this more mileage. Sometimes I think it's Ash's fans only who are posting such comments so that Ash will get sympathy.

I think the baby has blue eyes

She looks like a white baby

Lara should put the baby in some brand name ads while the baby is stil chubby and cute.

This post is getting more comments because ash haters think it is an avenue to vent their anger and frustrations about ash and her baby being super famous. Sorry haters.

Roly poly pudding - Adorable!

those cheeks

Wow look at the frustrated ones picking on a one year old...trolls! I too find this baby cute and the cutest of celeb babies but that does not mean that other celeb babies need to be put down. All children are beautiful. It is only when we become adults we take on the ugliness!

By far the cutest celeb kid!

This baby is actually really cute and will be a beauty when she grows up!

Now this is what you call the best genes of both parents being passed on to children.....that is one stunning baby and a healthy child..touchwood!

Frankly - the comparisons are little unfair but are bound to happen - Saira seems more alert and curious and that's because she hasn't been over protected from the outside world like Aaradhya has...just my thoughts here.

OMG she looks like kajol's childhood ...she was chubby like that cute

wow. she looks like the babies in ads.. so cute..

Doesn't matter of skin colour Saira is already beautiful but Aradhya is only famous because of her parents.

she is going to be a very tall and beautiful child... such a cutiiee pie... the last pic is going to be my desktop wall paper :-)

She is such a beatiful baby

Shame on some of you comparing babies! Both babies are cute in their own ways, just because u hate a celeb doesn't mean u need to vent that on an innocent child! You must've had a pathetic upbringing to say such stuff..
PV post this

Morons are saying that Laura's baby is beautiful than Ash's because of the skin color.shame on you people

So cute...chubby chubby cheeks.

Thu, 2013-01-03 23:32 — Anonymous
How sweet aaradhya has set a trend in India, now other baby girls are copying her.
My neice had same headband when she was of this age and she is much elder than Aradhya, do you think Aradhya copied from my niece LOL

Please dont compare babies atleast , keep it till their mom :X

Such a pretty little girl. Miss Universe of the future set.

so cute masha Allah. no comments abt Aaradhya

The obsessed ash haters are back, bring ash and aaradhya into someone else's post. At least allow cute Saira shine in her very own post.

His Nike tshirt is same he wore at Guns N Roses concert
baby is super cute...prettier than her mom

beautiful baby!

Cute chubby baby . She is almost same age as Aradhya but looks more tiny.

What a cutiiiiee!!

She is a very beautiful little princess angel.

How sweet aaradhya has set a trend in India, now other baby girls are copying her.

she is such a cutie...a human doll.. mini lara

God can't help but compare Lara's toddler with Aish's.....This baby is super duper cute and Aish's baby...AHEM, the less said the better....

AISH will be so jealous.....cause unlike her baby, this one is a cutie pie!!!

She is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful....adorable baby..

Ditto Lara!!! Cutiee!!! First Pic is really cute !father -daughter :) cute is she. she would be a perfect for burberry children.

Such a cutie..God Bless

Oh those cheeeeeeeeeeks!! She is a mini Lara.

cute butter ball. just beautiful.

Most adorable celeb's kid pic i ever seen. 1st photo she looks too beautiful, 2nd pic she and her father has same expression, 3rd one just lovely.

Such a doll!! Looks like Mommy, super cute

OMG she's so so cute!

she is so cute..........cutie


she's gorgeous

She is a cutie!! i m gonna snatch her! hehe!!

goodness gracious, what a lovely child..such a doll..God bless..


how cute is she!

Awwwww....cute :-)

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