Lisa Haydon launches Maxim Flex

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Lisa Haydon who graced the unveiling of the Maxim Flex.

Maxim launched the first edition of annual health and fitness, Maxim Flex this month with Lisa on the cover.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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how come she is so dark in real life and the FHM photo is of some "Gori"? Oh photoshop MAX ka kamaal

LOVE HER SKIN.... Who said, you can't be beautiful and be dark at the same time.


she is beautiful and has an amazing figure. she has an accent when she speaks. she dubbed for herself in aisha, but her voice was dubbed by the same voice who used to dub for katrina kaif, zarine khan, narfis fakhri...hope her voice doesn't get dubbed in the future!

chhhhhhhhhhiiiiii.. I will not be able to eat anything today.. I am about to vomit

LOVED her in Aisha i wish she would consider becoming a character actress

why so skinny. no one noticed her legs and feet? just the colour of her skin?

Oh the dusky beauty :)

Oh the dusky beauty :)

Looks very unhealthy here.

Scary pictures.... Halloween is done dear :-)

i love her skin tone!!!

she looked so light colored in rascals.may be due to makeup.she is hot.

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