Aahun Aahun song inspired from Kadi Te Has Bol Ve

Pritam's song aahun aahun is inspired from the punjabi song Kadi Te Has Bol Ve.

As per anon comments, pritam has credited the original song in the CD. Thanks god for that.

Also 'Ajj din chadeya tere rang varga' original is by siv kumar batalvi - aaj din chadya tere rang varga

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Credits: youtube.com

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Hello. And Bye.

preetam cor

lets face it naya aahun aahun It terrific hahahaa..atleast i dont give a damn i love the love aaj kal version and it sounds awesome with the beats!!

inspired by- why can't they say copied from, atleast they shouldn't insult the original artists

Come on guys tum logon ko ab pata chala hai?
He copied MANY songs not jus this one.
And it was funny how the japanese people were after him lol


Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2009-07-21 22:45.



Lolz Pritam and Anu Malik- BICHDE HUE BHAI!

on the cd booklet it says that kadi te hass bol ve lyrics and music are "traditionnal". either it's a good way to steal someone else's work or it's actually a traditionnal song (like nimbooda) but i have no idea about that.
pritam will have to start listenning more obscure songs if he wants to steal them without getting noticed... he's getting pathetic always denying...

he has credited the original in the music CD!

Most of Pritam's songs are inspired...he hasn't even left korean n jap songs alone.. lol

Friggin Cheater Lyer Pritam. SUE THE PANTS OFF HIM SOMEONE!!

What a big loser....cant be original

I meant "Inspired" by Bollywood standards translated to COPYing! lol

"Inspired" by Bollywood means translates to COPYing!
Most films are Tollywood, Hollywood, China "Inspired"
But now the songs seem to be "inspired" as well!
I feel bad for ppl that work so hard on there ORIGINAL craft only for it to be stolen by someone and popularized!...
Pritam should be fired! ..this is not the first time he has been oh so original! ..

Omg, why can't he ever create his own thing? such loserific. I don't like this about him. He needs to be sued once.

pritam is the biggest copy cat in bollywood

those are the exact lyrics! geez, I hate Pritam!

i hope the paki band was compensated!!

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