Kathak lessons from Madhuri Dixit : Video

Here are a bunch of exremely lucky kids learning Kathak from the diva herself: Madhuri Dixit.

P.S: Its apparently Madhuri's son Arin's school that she is in.

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Credits: pv

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What else do you expect her to teach? Acting lessons? No she herself should attend some acting lessons. So this is fine. She should spare everybody from these video and everyone one know she is a greedy woman. She has a big greed for money. She would'nt do anything for free. I'm sure she got out of this few rupees or at least for her son some extra marks!!!!!

no she was not on Karan's birthday party list.

She has ton of make up on just for a class room dance session with young school kids. Why is she pushing herself so hard.
When she asked those kids if they have seen her dances in DEvdas only couple of kids raised their hands. Really that should be an ahaa moment for MD. only people from 80s and 90s care for her.

Madhuri is AWESOME. Beauty, smartness, dedication to art ( without the PR games like Ash- and not fame-hungry)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> are you out of your mind? if not for publicity why do you think it would end up on PV? geez.

This took place in Oberoi International school where MD's kids study. The school is owned and operated by Gayatri Joshi Oberoi 's family. It is one one the good schools in Mumbai. BTW the girl at 26.08 on MD's right is Shilpa Shirodkar's daughter.

Having celeb kids in school is OK but school and people work there should not make any differentiation. Hope star kids do not get all the special favors and attention from teachers.
She is good with kids but again she is a mom.

I think this is India since all the kids in the class are Indian
it can be USA....u think american kids r intrested to learn Kathak ?? ehm..NO

sridevi will teach kids how to snatch others husbands when they grow up..

Is this video by Ram Nene ? He is a Hottie too.
Madhuri is AWESOME. Beauty, smartness, dedication to art ( without the PR games like Ash- and not fame-hungry)
Awesome lady and beautifully raising the two kids.. Good family.

Wed, 2012-05-30 22:12 — filmychica
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If anybody knows, was she not invited to Karan Johar's bday party?????????? If she was, where was she?????????

she returned from America 2 days after the party

I think this is India since all the kids in the class are Indian

She makes a lovely teacher, has a real sweet way of teaching children. She really should do this full time. She would really inspire the next generation into the wonderful world of dance.

this is in india and not abroad. this is at her son arin's school in mumbai. those of you who dont know she moved back to india with her family and parents.

I love that she is doing this. She is conducting the class so well, speaking so well and introduced its history so well. Kudos Madhuri for deciding to do this. And indeed, very lucky kids. She might be opening her own academy soon? PS: And she is looking GOOD!

This is not in the states.... just look at the accent of the kids and also the architect and design of the room

How I love that woman man. No one like her. Love her

Judging by the mirrors all around, it looks like some kind of dance school. There are a ton of dark hair kids, which again means it's not really a regular school classroom. May be her son was attending a dance class. I thought 30 minutes is too long for such little kids and all those references to various taals was also probably going over their heads. Overall, it was fun little video.

About her on again off again accent part.

People need to understand that those who are born in India and then move to west and live their for substantial length of time say over 5 years do develop american, British and so on accent, but because they were born in India and were speaking in Indian accent until they moved westward. They can switch accents easily. I think sub-consciously Madhuri has american accent now, but sometime she makes conscious effort to speak in Indian accent, so that to not sound airhead with an accent.

I don't think she is putting up a show with accents. I myself have British accent, but when in India I consciously try to force my Indian accent so that I don't come across as all that, but sub-consciously when I am not forcing it my British accent comes out, and it happens to a lot of my friends here.

Its all natural.

Madhuri is in denver. ANd this is held somewhere in US definitely. I don't think she would mention broccoli to kids in India. They don't eat broccoli in india, she would have used example like Karela if it were in india.

Probabely the teacher told her son that you wont get extra marks until your mother gets her ass here and shake some leg for the children for FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wait, is that her husband's voice and was the table boy her kid? lol then it maybe in India

If anybody knows, was she not invited to Karan Johar's bday party?????????? If she was, where was she?????????

LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!!!! This is definitely held abroad, the kids and parent's voice/English sounds so. Good teaching. She's looking lovely.

Real Indian woman, with real talent, so warm and lovely!

Wow that's amazing! It's a bit long so I'll check it out later, I just skimmed it a bit... those are sure some lucky kids!

I got some lessons myself haha.. whatta lucky kids :D

She is a diva. love u Madhuri :)))

She truly know her art and what a lovely way of teaching the kids about Kathak. love it!!!!!!!!!

she is bundle of talent...wow.

shes lovely...we're all really blessed to have her

This was at Arin's school.

Unimpressive with her husband shooting video.

wow! love u madhuri.... the most amazing beautiful graceful dancer n person ever

Oh I want to join her classes, Madhuri is so warm. I watched the entire video in a go, just couldn't stop admiring her skills. Very cool.


Had she been in the USA, this is what she would do to bust butt and collect chump change.

Now she is india, the land of the money for a few lucky.

Nice lesson, good job Madhuri RESPECT!

How charming she is! And she teaches the children really well. Lovely lady.

Not digging the on-again and off-again accent. But she is an AWSOME DANCER and fab fab Momma and a wife.

Loved the video...thanks for sharing...Madhuri is true DIVA....love the way she is teaching?
Where is this BTW.

bravo. truly impressed.


wow.. she is such a natural and graceful dancer.. love madhuri.. the last best dancer bollywood ever saw..

Was wonderful to watch this..thank you for sharing this!! Madhuri is such a darling!! So talented.

elegance and grace - no one like her today...

Mads cheeks and eyes look so puffy, way too much botox :-/

which school they go to?

She is the perfect kathak teacher .. i really got involved in it .. i wud love to learn some kathak with her, simply amazing!!

The dance is good...as usual. But something looks terribly wrong with the face. The eyes look very small & she looks somewhat like Gauri Khan.

where is this?

she is the most talented actress in btown. no one ever as talented ever entered btown after her.

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