Madhuri Dixit at Colors' party

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Madhuri Dixit was seen accompanied by husband Dr. Nene at the Colors TV's party at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Please don't make fun of her....she looks not a day older than 55. No one can be beautiful at this old age.

Please people....why re you all so rude to my Madhuri??? She is trying her best after all....she was never a fashion savvy actress since she mostly did tacky films in her career so give her some time....These comments are making me weep....At this old age of 55, she is trying her best to work....after all Dr. Nene is jobless and Madhuri is trying her best to do any and every role, ad, tv show, that comes her way to earn a few extra money for the family....pls support her third attempt to make a hit comeback and don't let it flop like AN and DI.....She can't go around begging people to watch her film again like she did for DI....Very humiliating for her and her fans....Am sure this flop phase will get over soon.... Pls sign a petition from her few loyal fans that they will go and watch EVERY show of GG...please....BIG FAN :(

Disaster..hah ha ha

She did it again. Another awful outfit. From now on we can call anyone in bad outfit as 'she did a Madhuri". after being in the public eye close to 30yrs is this all she could do? I give up.

Was she trying to match the Colors channel logo

eyesore. just looking at her few seconds gave me headache.

the dress wore her. looking way too overwhelming.

She is stuck in 80s-90s in a very very bad way. was it a Tackfest she attending?

Poor husband...hope he's happy

I luv madhuri,may God bless her...

Madhuri is a gorgeous woman and she always looks great in all her outfits. She dressed in Pink often nowadays as she's promoting 'Gulaab Gang'

She has a beautiful face and smile

Her teeth are yellowish! Lol. Oh Maad hoorey jee!!!!! Lol xxx

Omg...tooooo tacky...

Feel bad for her......such terrible taste in clothes.

Oh my eyes!!!!!

Ugly outfit

Looking so graceful... Love you Madhuri...

Not liking it very much.

That dress .. nay .. so much bling bling

Madhuri is in her "gulabi" mode . Nevertheless she looks nice so does the doc!

Madhuri looks different when she smiles now. Her smile is not the same.

Juhi's village style has rubbed onto Madhuri

too bright and too much makeup

she is back in circulation in a big way. very selfish woman.

Wow she looks like the old madhuri here like she was in saajan, HAHK etc.

I am so agree with you, she really does look like old madhuri of 90s, her beauty is amazing!!!!!!

Madhuri looks nice and comfortable here...she shouldnt try to copy the new actresses because traditional clothes really suit her and go with her personality

Madhuri looks best in indian wear...dont like the way she looked on boogie woogie and comedy nights with kapil

OH MY GOD !! MD you and Dr. Nene look amazing.. So gorgeous and am example of perfect couple

She and her husband make such an adorable pair!

Oh god I am blinded

beautiful couple love them perfecttttttttttttttt

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