Madhuri Dixit shoots for Life Ok!

Madhuri Dixit shoots for Life Ok!. She is the brand ambassador for the channel.

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Credits: FB

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What a gorgeous woman....i love her

i love you your welwiser firoz

She is loosing hair too. Her forehead is so big now because hair has gone backward due to aging.
All that doesnt matter. What makes me is that she seems to be so desperate for many that doing EVERYTHING.

she's really destroying that image of her as a graceful indian beauty by appearing in cheap commercials, reality shows as a judge, at awards shows as an attendee, etc...on top of that she looks older than her age, seriously I'm losing my respect for her as an actress as my memories of her being a splendid and a beautiful actress are marred by her being this attn seeking has been who's still trying to remain relevant. she really needs to stop ruining the legacy she left, next we'll see her playing a mother of ShahRukhKhan, that'd be the nail in the coffin.

why is she ruining her image...why madhuri? why?

I like Madhuri, but her dressing sense has gone for a toss! She desperately needs a good stylist, pronto! And I do have to agree to some comments about her sagging breasts! She needs to really look into wearing a good bra to support her breasts. Gul does it so well and enhances her assets! Learn something from her Mad! :-) But you are a fine actress!

she should really ask karishma kapoor for fitness tips, since karishma is so fit and karishma really adores her to bits

Wish she wasn't bk in Bollywood doing detergent ads and performing where only starlets are performing. Really did she have to destroy her image for the moolah?

herve leger dress on Madhuri? are you kidding? she does not have body, legs or attitude to carry such stuff. She is better off looking like some bhabhiji.

Am giving up on MD...used to love her and still thinks she is one of the best actresses....but this dated look is too much...does she never read critical comments for her own good...

she looks her age, now my grandma looks young for her age. She's almost 60y.o but she looks in her 40s.

ok y is she still in India? how does their marriage really work if she's constantly on indian tv...just curious

She looks gr8! Who ever thinks she doesnt look good is prolly a Wannabe

she is wasting her own and peoples time lol

she needs to get some gruelling workouts for the next 5 years. she has really aged - agree with the drooping shoulder comment someone made before. also her b*easteses are sagging.

Hey guys! why the coments on her ageing! She's in a saree.nd no one on the earth can be eternally young.....i think at 45 she looks better than many others...stop commenting that she is day everybody has to.....!!! think bout it!

she forgot to botox her hand! look at how wrinkly her hand is and how smooth her face is

sooooo tired of all her 90s look. she always looks so dated and backward. will we ever see her in something like a herve leger dress

she is old now i respect her alot she is one of my fav actress of 90s but aunty jee please go back home take care of ur kids

she looks odd. Madhuri has really strange features now. Her botox is ruining her face. And for heavens sake, Mrs Nene, cant you afford a fitting BRA? Your chest is sagging!

EWWW saree.

She owns that channel.

Madhuri is looking Gorgeous like always, but her drooping shoulders are killing all her looks. She needs to do something about it. Maybe dress smartly to cover them up like puffed sleeves!

Splendidly gorgeous as only she can be. Eat your hearts out haters.

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