Malaika Arora & Arbaaz Khan at Arpita Khan's Birthday Bash

Malaika Arora & Arbaaz Khan at Arpita Khan's Birthday Bash


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To anonymous 18:20, PC is over 35, does have a kid named Siddharth but you are right, she is still not married.

Where is the rest of the dress, seems like she forgot half of it....;)

seriously...why do people blame PC for wearing short dresses or skirts ?? Malaika have crossed the limit !!
PC is 28,young,beautiful body,beautiful face and everything...she dstn have any kids or she isnt married....she can show her legs..etc but MALAIKA ?????? shes over 30 !!! and have kids...she wears dresses like a teenager !!

She gets hotter and hotter every

chicken legs are hot

Average face, average outfit, average hair, whats so special
About her?

Why does she dress trashy all the time? Her legs are not great....she has thunder thighs. Prefer her face....nice cheekbones!

F*** she is super hot!!!

shee looks yummy....oh she is mummy too

Nice hairstyle, nice dress n color n nice bag BUT it's too short n tight like ALWAYS! Cheap woman, this is yur sis in law's bday!

The guy has boobs too, and almost her size!

malaika! whatz the need of wearing this much clothes even....better! go nude in the party

how will she sit in that dress. but she does look stunning. unbelievable for her age and being mom of a son too. amazing. though i dont care for her hubbys left man-boob

Nice pair :)

infront of media they potray themselves as happy couple bt due to malaika fling with arjun kapur there is a strain in their relationship PRETENDERS

Bored of her short and tight dresses. Time she changes her style.
She wears similar ones for all occassions.

Malaika might as well not wear any clothes

this man needs to wax his caterpillar brows

malika's face looks pretty and the dress is nice but she's got terrible chicken legs

this is the first time i'm saying it..she looks good. love the dress, not the clutch though. hair looks beautiful...she's not looking tacky for a change

hey according to Masand's article, maliaka and arbaaz had some problems, right? so did Arbaaz forgive her n take her back
or was article false

malaika sexy as ever.undoubtedly best body in bollywood.those curves,legs,arms...she's just too hot

She looks amazing but her dress looks a little to short !!

Malaika is one of the sexiest women in B Town and this proves it once again. Yes she may dress inappropriate at times but my word what a beauty and soooo admirable at her age to have such a figure Kudos :)

wow Malaika look younger her!!! Very beautiful!!

mallika ur so typical!! change ur fashion statement. short and tight is getting annoying..

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