Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan & Dino Morea at the IIFA Awards 2011

Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan & Dino Morea at the IIFA Awards 2011. Hate Malaika's dress, but love her earrings.
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Love the dress so classy!

6th pic is so scary..look at her right hand..OMG..she is hot no little too much expressions everywhere in these pics...i kinda like her dress here

Arbaaz is looking like stress is gettign to him..looking fat and not so great.

she is beautiful, atleast she doesn't steal people man, and she is nice

she's hot. but i dont like where the dress is cut.

I agree.....dress looks terrible on her......great to have them

Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan looks great. Anything that Malaika wears, looks great on her and thats because she is beautiful. I wish both of them all the best. I hope that their marriage last forever and ever and ever.

Nonetheless, she looks beautiful

She is really looking vulgar..horrible woman..

Trashy outfit.

i like malaikas dress but the cut on the side with the shingles is kinda an over kill

stunner..hats of to these ladies who manage their personal an professional lives so well

Malaika is so trashy. I guess that's her signature style though. I don't know who tells her it suits her cause it doesn't. This dress is cut in all the wrong places and makes her look extra short and extra dumpy.

abraaz khan and malaika are beautiful couple, he look the best with long hair

such a besharam husband is ARBAAZ. go figure why I said that .

if she had ditched the earrings and pulled her hair up she wudnt look so trashy


ewwwww...that dress is so tacky.

I luv her dress

she is so pretty....

she looks hot......IMAO at the second the way maliaka you dont need contacts.

Last pic of Malaika dress looks disgusting! Flesh splurting out, not a good look! Even though she's slim,dosnt matter, no need to look gross.

Not liking this look on Mal's....!!

Malaika looks disgusting. PICTURE NO 7 IS APPALLING

Was there OMg this woman is hot hot hot .... Seriousy hottest along with hips and shilpa

Malaika's makeup is nice. Don't like her hair or the dress. Arbazz and Dino look nice all dressed up.

Not really liking Malaika's dress here :(

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