Mid Day Blind Item: Actress installs cameras in hubby's office

Here is an interesting Blind Item from Mid Day:

This actress, who is married to a director, seems to be a bit hassled these days. And it seems that the reason behind her stress is her filmmaker hubby.

Apparently, he is besotted with one of the many newbies he has launched lately. It is being said that he is constantly hankering after the atention of this one-film-old actress and is always trying his best to impress her in different ways. However, he has failed to make the actress fall for him so far.

When the another actress in his life — his wife —learnt about this development, she decided to take immediate action. To avoid any sort of turbulence in her married life and to keep a close eye on her husband's activities, she has installed cameras in the filmmaker's office.

Given that this is an industry that sees more than its share of divorcecases every month, this actress wife is clearly keen to not lose sight of her philandering husband.

Credits: Mid-Day

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Read it from another post. Is it Siddarth Roy Kapoor-Vidya balan and Amrita ?

I think its Anurag-Huma-Kalki if its a Old one or Mohit-Sharda-Udita if the article is new

Vipul Shah... Pooja Chopra... Shefali Shah

whichever person from the list down below that comes out of the woodwork flaunting their relationship or dating status, Im pretty sure this article was about them

By now the filmmaker must be knowing about the cameras because it's in the news. He'll have his "special meetings" elsewhere.

guys.....Anurag Kashyap and Kalki...who else!

Its not anurag kalki, Kalki knows everything about Anurag, she need not fix a Cam
It is one of the below:
1) Vipul-shefali-Pooja 2) Mohit-Udita-Shraddha 3) Aditya-Rani-Vaani 4) Aditya-Rani-Sasha

Think once before you comment, here you guys are pointing finger at someone's character.

Shraddha isnt a newbie and no disrespect uditya is way outta shraddha league, lets be honest.


Villain promotion going to be ODD


Man! that udita goswami is so gorgeous whether Indian cinema recognized her not.. whats wrong with that guy!

shraddha is shakti kapoor daughter raise by a man with such morals, I wouldnt doubt this has something to do about her. Her 12 yr old fans will take over though in 3...2...

you do realize that this article hasn't said anything about the actress.. it clearly says the actress isnt reciprocating and that its the director thats trying to get the attention

LOL.. Her 12 year old fans are way more mature than her 40 year old HATERS!

Hmmm idk putting 2 and 2 together from their tweets and whereabouts its starting to make sense. Odd Udita even trynna make sly remarks every now and then where it hurt mohit most his family, fist mahesh and recently the alia bhatt pout. I think things getting to her but she doesnt want to make it obvious by bringing sk name.

what's the point if everyone knows about it lol

Aditya Chopra-Rani - Vaani Kapoor

A. Rani is not married. B. It would refer to him as a producer and/ or director. C. Aditya Chopra is head of Yash Raj studios. Not some crumbly office where you can go and install cameras.

Who are these vipul, shefali, mohit etc.
Blind items should be about some renowned people.

The article says the newbie actress one film old so it cant be shradha right. She has done 2 or 3 films before aashiqui2.

It is Mohit Shraddha confirmed....
There was one more blind item from box office India about the same which gave more details
He’s been known to deliver successful films and his last successful film placed him among the top-notch directors in Indian cinema today. Sadly, he is so intoxicated on his success that it seems he has lost focus, and instead of concentrating on the content of his next film, he’s more keen on the leading lady!In fact, the wife of the director got wind of this, and guess what, she’s installed cameras in his office so that she can keep an eye on her husband’s roving eye! There’s more. Recently, when the director was shooting at an exotic location in India, the wife decided to tag along and stay there throughout the shoot. Hmmm.

YES! and the belind item was directed to Anurag and Huma at that time!!! STOP writing nonsense people!

what else is new in bollywood? all the men are dogs.

And what about women ?
Its not about gender. Its about character

This article is screaming Mohit Suri, Shraddha kapoor and Uditya. Lol

Lol for a minute i was like nooooo but then im like could it be? i dont know what to beleie at this point not like we know her personality.

Huh? Article doesn't say anything against the actress's personality, it says she's resisted or ignored the director's interest in her so far.

It is Vipul shah, Shefali and Pooja.
There was one more blind article about them a few days back.
This is second one

uhhhhh one film old actress guys, its not shraddha! she's done 3 films! teen patti, luv ka the end and aashiqui 2.

Camera in his office. oh oh ishhh just got real.

Its not Mohit Shraddha don't create unnecessay fuss
I think Mohit is happy with udita and shradda with Aditya

You are creating unnecessary Fuss by bringing Aditya, He is singe and happy, don't link him with Shraddha.

LMAO! R.I.P English language!

forget what sonakshi sinha said about shraddha having mahesh bhatt, this girl has Mohit.

Udita don't worry, Shraddha not going to fall for Mohit.

Mohit has not launch "newbies" so please settle down here folks. he is happily married. though Shraddha is an airhead and idolize priyanka chopra she does not give me the scheming young girl vibe.

You are such a airhead with this kind of stupidly formulated answer!

Oh lets be real here, it is NOT mohit and shraddha people. dont start giving media a story to run with.

I mean if she installs camera in his office it must be because the two are still working/interacting with each other and the only ones from the list down below working together is Mohit-shraddha for the villain. though I think this is 100% stupid false rumors... thats all i can come up with for this mid day blind item

Its surely one of the below
1) Vipul-shefali-Pooja
2) Mohit-Udita-Shraddha
3) Aditya-Rani-Vaani

I hate to say this but it could be "Mohit-Udita-Shraddha" cause people are talking on twitter.

this is messy but i doubt its mohit and shraddha. I know he seems fond of her but def not that way smh

Its shraddha mohit Udita....

Mohit just got married...I think its Vipul because Pooja is just one film old...Vipul directed Namaste London...

My first thought was Mohit and shraddha until I read the one film old part.

why is everyone saying mohit and shraddha. I just read some weirdddd article of these two on another site. wth cant be true

Poor wife :(.

Everything I'd heard about Pooja/Vipul suggested that they were in fact involved, so the bit about the newbie actress not being interested in the director doesn't match up. Also, Vipul's not directed a film in nearly four years, probably won't direct in the near future unless Namastey London 2 happens, and hasn't launched that many newbies "recently"-just Pooja, Vidyut, and Freddie Daruwala (the Holiday villain). And besides, I thought he had separated from his wife some years back, before meeting Pooja or starting work on Commando?

Rani and adi

Mohit Suri and Shraddha Kapoor. The same blind item was posted somewhere else toom but the only blooper here is the one film old part.

Yes I read it.
It said about recent shoot in exotic location (GOA)
How the director is ignoring the main Lead (Siddarth) and focusing too much on the Actress (Shraddha)

Vipul Shah
Pooja Chopra

Vipul shah n Pooja Chopra and this is old news

Same Vipul, Shefali Shah, Pooja chopra


Shraddha Kapoor is not newbie! Her debut movie was Teen Patti 2010! and Mohit is very happily married.

Vipul shah and pooja chopra

This is a very old "Blind Item"!

mohit suri and shraddha?

shraddha is 3 films old

Shraddha is NOT one film old! A2 was her 3 movie!

Shraddah is not one film old. Have no Idea

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