Mid-Day Blind Item: These stars are more than just friends

Here is the latest blind item from Mid-Day:

This actor is on a new high as his most recent role — he starred in a blockbuster last year — was greatly appreciated.

The actress, on the other hand, has been having a tough time due to her recent separation from her filmmaker husband. And while they have been close friends, sources say that the two are now in love.

“This actress is a close friend of the actor and she knows that he’s is a married man. But with the two spending more time with each other, it looks like they have grown really close and are no longer 'just friends'," says the source.

The duo has been spotted together at a few award functions, and is known to hang out together. Adds the source, "They were shooting for a film last week and were inseparable on the sets. It was difficult to ignore their chemistry; something is definitely brewing between them."

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Credits: Mid-Day

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& why exactly is she "having a tough time" after her separation? She's pretty successful in her own right, its not like she's out of roles or on streets without Anurag. From her recent appearances,I would like to think she's in a very happy, healthy space then why make her sound like a poor, abla naari? :-\

Kalki and Saif.

I thought filming was done on Happy Ending? Don't think they're making a film together besides that.

Kalki isn't in any other films this year other than HNY though

I hope Kalki and Gullu aren't having an affair, I was shipping their friendship. :(

Kalki and SRK?

kalki ,
gulshan deviah film ram leela
posed for filmfare togather

This actor is on a new high as his most recent role ? Its not Gulshan, It seems more like Farhan.
If Vidya and UTV boss are heading for split then surely its Farhan and Vidya, but they seem to be happy together.
This is confusing.

Sid Roy Kapur and Kalki

Not siddarth, he is married to vidya. The middle brother I think his name is kunal. Kunal was in yjhd the groom who married kalki and Delhi belly.

Roy Kapoor's are in news for all wrong reasons.
Sidharth cheating his wife, his brother getting cheated, what is happening in Bollywood ?

So just because 2 people are working on a shoot together and hang out outside of work, "an anonymous source" will say that they share "chemistry" therefore they must be having an affair! Grow up, Mid-Day!

Its called Gossip.
peeps like us who don't have much work to do spend time discussing these things so just Chill

You don't have to be so defensive (unless you're the brain @ Mid-Day who came up with this lame blind item) so just chill. :)


" her recent separation from her filmmaker husband." Can only be Kalki. If it's Farhan, it's icky. I always get that vibe from him. He acts like he's not married, and avoids drawing attention to his wife in interviews.

he's been getting it on with Sussanne R. Sheesh. These people get around!

LMAO! since when is Aditya Roy Kapur married & which film are they shooting recently---> (last week) together!
Other than that the Answer is already posted ---> @ KajuKatli "Kalki Koechlin and Gulshan Devaiah (was last seen in Ram Leela). "They are shooting for a movie named 'Severing Ties'.
Then why are people posting BS! lol

Kalki and aditya Roy kapoor brother, the one in yjhd. Can't remember his name!

Maan I'm sad for Anurag if this is true. He really seemed to wanna make it work :(

for Anurag? really? Anurag is having fun there. The woman found a man a long time after Anurag did... yet its teh poor man!! cos she is supposed to moan and should be thinking whats wrong with me? ...is it?

Aditya Kapur and Kalki

Who are they ? Never heard of them

Aditya Roy and kalki

LOL And Aditya is married to whom???

Married to Me, He is cheating on Me, I am crying :( :( :( :( :(

Mrs Aditya Roy Kapur wakeup !!! :)

Gandharva Vivaha!!! LoL

Filmfare and Rajeev Masand were enough for these Blind articles, Now Mid day also *SMH*

Kalki and gulshan ...they were seen together at filmfare awards..
Dnt pull farhan..

Udita and ?

farhan vidya

Shut up!!! Vidya and Sid Roy Kapur are happily married.

Do Farhan and Kalki really even know each other?

Umm yes...they kinda did co-star in ZNMD together, so I should think they know each other!!

NO it was a BLIND DATE

I didn't know Gulshan was married? He was great in Shaitan and Ram Leela!

Based on married actors in blockbusters last year, it could be Farhan

Kalki Koechlin and Gulshan Devaiah (was last seen in Ram Leela). They are shooting for a movie named 'Severing Ties'.

Kaju , what is Devaiah 's recent role which was appreciated ???

Diva, he last starred in Ram Leela which was a blockbuster. And I have read they are working together for the movie 'Severing Ties' and are very good friends. He is also married. So I guess it his him.

accha, they were talking about Ram leela..Devaiah's wife is very pretty :P

He is a pretty cute guy actually. I didn't even know who he was.


Farhan kalki?

Kalki and?

Kalki and ?

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