Blast from the past: Nargis Fakhri auditions for America's next top model

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Little known fact about the Rockstar actress Nargis Fakhri is that she has been modeling for years now. She was a semifinalist during Cycle 3 on America’s Next Top Model. She narrowly missed her chance of making it into the Top Model house during episode 1 of Cycle 3. She also auditioned for Cycle 2, but was unable to make it to the finals.

The premiere date for Cycle 2 was January 13, 2004

For Cycle 3, it was September 22, 2004.

Watch 5:45 of the video where she says she is 24 year old. This makes her 31 years old.


so what??

Wikipedia doesn't have all the right info. The founder Jimmy Donal Wales admitted to that in this interviews. Since there's so much( millions/ billions) of bios, info material, it's difficult to manage all that and people kind of manipulate. Have seen wiki pages of many- more so Bollywood actresses changing. Raveena, Koena, Urmila, Mallika , Sameera,even Asin and many others whose ages have been questioned.

So Nargis could very well be 31/32 and her wiki page could change too. But she looks good as a model and better and fresher than Torquette -whose background, age is under doubt and debatable . She might not be an actress thought-audiences will soon find out.

o wow if she says she is 21 now..would still believable...she looks darn young

Tue, 2011-03-29 14:02 — Anonymous

who the hell u think u r to make this conclusions abt all of these bolly actresses age??????
then u must be a 50 nasty old woman!!!

hopefully she'll just disappear after this lame rockstar film

Madhuri is 47 for sure. Bipasha is 36.

well atleast she isn't a star kid who gets everything easily.. she is trying despite being a non indian.
i personally can't stand likes of sonam etc who land in bollywood because of their parents when they have no talent, education or skill to be an actor.

Wow! she is 31!! If she says she's 21 she looks believable....she can give most teenagers a run for their money...unlike some other actresses who look 40 and say they are 30!

wow she is so stupid!

she doesn't seem to have a brain

Tue, 2011-03-29 14:02 — Anonymous
You said it "they are insecure".
None of them can act and it's pathetic to watch "models" in movies.

so this video is before she got her lips job done.

sum1 keeps changing her real age on wiki y r dey doing dis......alld actors hav der age rite n no1 changes it but hw cum sum1 is just hooked on changing her age

Hahahahaha that was awesome- havent seen that in a while.

Everybody lies and not just in the film world....I've met so many guys through online dating sites who told me they were 25-26 but once I met them they looked about 36 and balding plus they're always lying about how tall they are and what kind of job they have ( if they have a job that is)


Guys lets start a campaign to change her wikipedia info to her correct age, each time Imtiaz Ali and the other shit change it to lie about her age.

shes nt hifing nothing just chkd wiki myself

Oops a daisy!!! Why lie about your age????!!!

GTFO of India. G.T.F.O

she looks so boring. i am sure if she was darker or tan, no way would imtiaz have picked her.

who cares if she is 31 she looks y oung its just weird when they lie about age

hollywood doesnt care about age its about looks and here in bollywood we care about both

haha. Someone wrote Ash is 41. Ash never has hid her age. She's 37. Go back to her Miss World days people.

haha now wiki say she was born in guess they don't want a girl who is some much older than ranbir to star with him..

India gets all the rejects, and they become overnight superstars. The deserving ones are rejected by who is the hyprocrities....Rather than hating & discriminating the actresses why not go after the ones who will never in a million cast, look & mold any of you.

when did she lie about her age? most of the stories I've read about her on other bollywood blogs state her age as 31

Rani is 37 ans she claims she is 33 now, Aish is 41 n she is 37 in front of the world, Katrina is 32 n again trying to be 26, kareena is 32 and she hides almost 2 yrs, karisma is 9 yrs elder than an old interview kreena said :karisma is 9 yrs older than me..tat makes karisma 41 but she claims 36....I think madhuri claims 44 and she is or may be 1 or two years here and there....all sonam, deepike and anushka hides 2 or 3 yrs...priyanka is around 31 but she also hide 2 or 3 years....bipasha is never crossing 33 for more than 4 or 5 yers....she is stucked to tat age..she must be 36 or 37...mallika aunty is 37 or 39 in between.....they all are insecure and hide their age..In west nobody hides their age...I don't know may be because of public demand to look young and be young...or to get more work....I really don;t know...if you are talented you will shine and off course if you are beautiful inside n out, everyone gonna like you inspite of your real age tat you are...tat is so the male actors I think its more genunine than female actors but you never know....I'm 25 now but I look like 19 0r 20....but I never hide it...2 or thre years is ok people can look 2, 3 yers old and young but 7,10 yrs difference,,,,tats ridiculous...really man..I can't beleive these bollywood guys...they all are fake...Indian should respect their people, their colors and their abilities, and stop running around firangis...they should beleive in their abilities and try to make their own identity and stop copying english movies, european music and all...westarn people like us due to our culture, traditions , saris food etcs...coz not coz we are copying them n trying to become somebody else....these world is becoming small amd small so please stop being it india...jai hind....

This girl has dumb written all over her face,the way she answered the question,I think of it as a job and thats it,like wtf. Plus its not her lying about her age,its the production ppl of the movie for the movie,so ppl will come n watch it,plus this girl still can go for like 25 or 26,she still looks young

its fine to b 31 n making a debut but just b honest....she looks good for a 31 yr old but she seems to b bimbo d way she answered d walked out

Haha. Women really are other women's worst critics; but it's hard, because you have aspiring actresses and role models who lie their way through their careers. Let's face it, it's model, actors, singers, and public workers whom girls look up to, because they are the most available though TV, radio, internet, and magazines. And then there are women who are trying to empower others by saying looks, age, sexuality, race, etc. doesn't matter. Who should we listen to when we're getting all kinds of mixed messages?

Tue, 2011-03-29 05:01 — Anonymous--------- yes nw it shows again she is 31yrs after dis post but before it dint...

but i dont think she is hiding her age... wiki says she is 79 born

Big deal!
The film industry is only about image and these celebrities will say and do anything to project a certain image.
Why only signal her out? They ALL lie and manipulate the media and it's extremely difficult to get any evidence to the contrary. In Nargis's case the evidence is all over the internet.

What she should have done was change her name so people wouldn't be able to google her and find out her real age and she could go on saying she is 21.....the woman is really dumb but models aren't known for being smart.

You should hold on to this video because I don't see this video on must have been removed.
I think all evidence of her actual age are being deleted from the internet.

So.Much.Fail... lol

Wow! Why lie about your age, but then again in the entertaintment business everyone is lying about something and in life.

lolz.. she looked younger than katrina when i sawe her pictures at the rockstar's pictures

Lol now I'm pretty sure Katrina is the same age 31 years.. lol but at least this girl can't lie about her age?

Can't believe her age has been reduced by 10 years...she does look younger than her age but she does not look 21....more like 27

People, DO NOT trust Wikipedia....anyone can write anything

actually she looks really good for 31 years old
it's so silly to lie about her age though

she is really stupid and dumb the way she answered the questions. she definitely done something to her lips as they are so different now...y does bollywood pay so much attention to fair skinned rejects? why not give chance to those indians that have talent.
this proves that Katrina is no way near the age she lies about...she is definitely way older!

@ Mon, 2011-03-28 17:06 — Anonymous
its so true when i saw her wikipedia page about 6 months back it said she was 31 yrs

Hey it is still showing that she was born on October 20, 1979 only that means 31 years, it is still showing her as 31 years old only, i just checked it!

Hey I used to watch America and Britain's next top model obsessively.. Hmm Nargis isn't able to hide her age now, I bet this is the case for Katrina too. Maybe oh maybe we might be able to divulge in some of Katrina's blast from the past scene's.. lol Having said that both are gorgeous ladies though!

Look at eva's colour very nice.

imtiaz ali and the producers of rockstar won't be happy that her real age came out, bollywood doesn't accept old new comers...

this is cycle 3 and eva was the winner

I do not hate Nargis , but I'm not Indian I love Hindi movies I wish to return Indian dances, and actresses I see women with brown skin
But now everything has changed
I did not watch movies anymore, only music

lmaooo jersey girl

wow !! in a couple of months ,they will launch her in India as a 20-something year old !! ... Are we SO desperate for fair skin ??
she now makes me doubt Katrina too , whom I've liked so far ... who knows whats her past is ???


I love AMNTM, didnt remember her in it.

what is up with her accent how the hell will she speak hindi!!!!
oh god we the have managed to find katrinas kaifs mom when it comes to speaking hindi and shes gona be in a movie.

@Mon, 2011-03-28 17:28 — Anonymous
well if she is not good enough for a reality show, why is bollywood bothering with her?

because bollywood loves to shelter imported rejects as long as they are "Fair skinned".
The colour obsession of bollywood is ridiculous.

31 year old for Ranbir?

oooh.. and if u look carefully at her pictures from back then and now.. she also got a lip job.. and small one.. but upper lip job for sure.. lips dont get bigger with age.. they get skinnier!!

wikipedia again shows 21.....LOL

doesnt she look better now? :S

Great post altho show I think is americas next top model not best! At least we got a chance to get a little preview of her acting skills...I mean her lack of acting skills!!!!!! BTW, Eva winning was right bc she worked it!


The show is called America's NEXT top model!!

Wow tats my favorite programme..and i watched all cycles, but I didn't notice her...will see cycle 3 again on youtube.....lets find her real character...LOL>..

I love America's Next Top Model, no wonder she looks familiar!! :D

wow, this girl has no personality

No wonder Turquotte is so fiercely protective of her past. That woman must be in her late 30s at the minimum.

lol i just changed the wikipedia page..its says the truth now

bhuddi...nice work dude...what a liar she is and u can also see hw many injections she has got to puff up those lips. there is no charm about this girl.

she sounds so dorky! man bwood standards have dropped since the days of madhuri and juhi and such greats!

HA HA can they lie so much?

well if she is not good enough for a reality show, why is bollywood bothering with her?

Why lie? She looks pretty darn amazing for a 31 year old.

good catch!!! now she is claiming that she was born in 1987 lolzz...

its so true when i saw her wikipedia page about 6 months back it said she was 31 yrs who is a model n appeared in america's top model in yr 2004..........after 6 months it said she was a model who is 21years old and nw it does not show her age and does not even mention she was in america's top model......her PR r trying make her young and dont want ppl to noe she was in america's top model.....she is pretty though

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