60th National Film Awards Winners

Best Feature Film - Paan Singh Tomar
Best Actor - Irrfan Khan for Paan Singh Tomar and Vikram Gokhale for Anumati
Best Actress - Usha Jadhav for Dhag
Best Actor in a Supporting role - Annu Kapoor for Vicky Donor
Best Actress in a Supporting role - Dolly Ahluwalia for Vicky Donor and Kalpana for Thanichallanjan
Best Director - Shri Shivaji Lotan Patil for Dhag
Best Film Original Screenplay - Kahaani
Best Film providing Wholesome Entertainment - Vicky Donor and Ustad Hotel
Best Non-feature film - Shepherds of Paradise
Best Writing on Cinema - Silent Cinema in India – A Pictorial Journey written by B.D.Garga
Best Film Critic - Shri P.S. Radhakrishnan
Indira Gandhi award for the Best Debut Film of a Director - Bedabrata Pain for Chittagong and Sidhartha Shiva for 101 Chodyangal
Best Child Artist - Virendra Pratap for Dekh Indian Circus and Minon for 101 Chodiyangal
Best Male playback singer - Shankar Mahadevan for Bolo Na from Chittagong
Best Female Playback singer - Samhita for Palakein Naa Moon Don from Aarti Anklekar Tikekar
Best Screenplay writer (Original) - Sujoy Ghosh for Kahaani
Best Screenplay writer (Adapted) - Bhavesh Mandalia and Shri Umesh Shukla for Oh My God
Best Dialogue - Anjali Menon for Ustad Hotel
Best Lyrics - Prasoon Joshi for Bolo Na from Chittagong
Special Jury award - Rituparno Ghosh and Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Best Choreography - Pt. Birju Maharaj for Vishwaroopam
Best Director in Non-Feature Film - Vikrant Pawar for Kaatal
Best Debut Film Director in Non-Feature Film - Lipika Singh Darai for Eka Gachha Eka Manisa Eka Samudra
Special Jury Award in Non-Feature Film - Shumona Goel and Shai Heredia for I Am Micro & Vasudah Joshi for Cancer Katha
Best Non Feature film in the Environmental category - Timbaktu
Best Promotional film in Non Feature film category - Dreaming Taj Mahal
Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration - Thanichallanjan
Best Film on Social Issues - Spirit
Best Children's film - Dekh Indian Circus
Best Animation film - Delhi Safari
Best Audiography
i) Location Sound Recordist - Radhakrishnan S. for Annayum Rasoolum
ii) Sound Designer - Anirban Sengupta & Dipankar Chaki for Shabdo
iii) Re-recordist of the final mixed track - Alok De, Sinoy Joseph &Shreejesh Nair for Gangs of Wasseypur
Best Editing - Namrata Rao for Kahaani
Best Production Design - Boontawee ‘Thor’ Taweepasas & Lalgudi N. Ilayaraja for Vishwaroopam
Best Costume Design - Poornima Ramaswamy for Paradesi
Best Makeup Artist - Raja for Vazakkuenn 18/9
Best Music Direction - Shailender Barve for Samhita (Songs) and Bijibal for Kaliyachan (Background Score)
Best Special Effects - Eega
Best Assamese film - Baandhon
Best Bengali film - Shabdo
Best Gujarati film - The Good Road
Best Hindi film - Filmistan
Best Kannada film - Bharath Stores
Best Malayalam film - Celluloid
Best Manipuri film - Leipaklei
Best Marathi film - Investment
Best Punjabi film - Nabar
Best Tamil film - Vazakkuenn 18/9
Best Telegu film - Eega
Best Urdu film - Harud
Best English film - Lessons in Forgetting
Best Mising film - KO : YAD
Special Mention - Lal for Ozhimuri, H.G. Dattatreya for Bharat Stores, Bishnu Kharghoria for Baandhon, Parineeti Chopra for Ishaqzaade, Tannishtha Chatterjee for Dekh Indian Circus, Hansraj Jagtap for Dhag and Thilakan for Ustad Hotel

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Credits: twitter

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These awards are actually legit.

The "actress" from English Vinglish was parading around and attending events with her usual buckets of warpaint, extra extensions to promote herself yet didn't get didley squat! Is it maybe because she has no talent? Damn straight!

Why there's no award for gangs of wassyepur???
it was the best film .

congrats :)

Mon, 2013-03-18 04:22 — Anonymous

Its official--National Awards could be called the Oscars of India!

National Awards are the only awards to honor talent this year, the rest endorsed piracy and plagiarism. Shame on Bollywood and all the popular awards. Lost respect for all who awarded any part of Barfi. STOP PIRACY.
Bollywood actors are the biggest hypocrites they preach viewers to not watch pirated copies of their movies and they honor piracy and plagiarism at awards.

Well deserved !

hey guys why don't u post my comments i opened an account (iyizire)i really like u'r site and as a foreigner i'm really dissapointed with u.... from the day i opened my account i didn't see any of my comments...that's really bad

congrats paarineeti chopra the future queen of bollywood !!!! pinkvilla post this....

i really thought they'd give the award to priyanka for barfi , or even most entertaining film to barfi.


Congrats to all the winners. Lot's of deserving performances like Irrfan, Nawazuddin, even Parineeti and Dolly who I think were a little underrated this year. Also good to see a large representation by Bollywood after the past couple of years.
Was hoping Priyanka would win Best Actress again but with the credibility of this set of winners, who can doubt the choices of the Directorate of Film Festivals.

Irfan was awesome in Pan Singh Tomar...I loved Priyanka in Barfi..Vidya was fine in Kahani but not as good as Priyanka

What does special mention mean? Priyanka Chopra influenced the jury to give Parineeti a special mention! It's a tough industry and poor cousin won't survive otherwise. She's ok but not really that deserving

well-deserved winners...Parineeti is going places and she deserves it. All the others will be jealous now! Funny how they chose Barfi to represent India and then not give it any awards. It's a good choice as there was just too much of plagiarism in the movie! Kahaani deserved it!

happy for parineeti chopra actually the chopra sisters rock!!!!!

Kahani is the most overrated movie of 2012.

Mon, 2013-03-18 16:08 — Anonymous

nawaz was gud but not irfan. he acts same in his evry serious movie.


Nawaz will now give the biggies tough competition, those who slack and get lazy on their careers will suffer..

ha ha ha there is a best film critic award.

Congrats to all the winners. Finally, the National Awards committee is trying to get back their credibility.

Ranbir should get one. He is the best actor in current bollywood.

nawaz was gud but not irfan. he acts same in his evry serious movie.

Yaaay! Well deserved awards for Irrfan and Nawazuddin... just goes to show, slow and steady wins the race! I'm so happy for them.

Hey femalequixote I'm here, yeah! *hi 5*

Nawazuddin is a very talented actor with a powerful intense screen presence. Congrats!!! he won a NA.

Irrfan...Annu Kapoor...Kahani...and Vicky Donor!!!! CONGRATS. Truly deserving.
I am glad the most plagiarized movie Barfi mocking handicaps as caricatures with overbearing overacting from both actors did not win any National Award or else I would have lost all respect for NA. It is a given popular awards are all bought because they awarded a plagiarized movie and endorsed piracy.

Finally well deserved awards. I liked Eega(Makkhi) so I'm glad it won

Finally, Irfaan gets best actor award!!

Yeyyy Irrfan Khan for Paan Singh Tomar!

i m soooooo happy to see irfan winning this :) much love from your fan across the sea :)

Hey, Kitty, where are ya? Our faves, Nawaz and Irrfan, had just won big time at National Awards! ;)) *hifives*

Congratulations to all winners.

@Mon, 2013-03-18 09:28 — Anonymous Oh please!Kahaani's ending had absolutely nothing to do with Taking lives.If you say that just cos of the 'fake bump' thing(which was totally in different context in that film),then I don't know what to say..kahaani was an original without doubt and a well made film!!..Its like accusing films of plagiarism for the way the lead is holding the gun or for the way someone is walking etc.

Mostly well deserved..though some names are what we haven't even heard of,glad such little films get noticed(if they are great)!Congrats to all the winners!!The awards that matter the most.

I am so glad Paan Singh Tomar won the Award and not the overrated Barfi or Gangs of Wasseypur or the underwhelming Kahaani. Go Team Tigmanshu and Irrfan. Really glad. And congrats to Parineeti too. Well done girl.

Congrats to all...I agree with all you guys Finally Talent Wins!

im surprised sridevi and ranbir didnt get anything..priyankas performance in barfi was more deserving than fashion

Ranbir was better in Barfi than irfan but Na always gives to unconventional or issue based movies. if Ranbir played serious deaf -mute in a dark way then must get award. Feel bad for him. Though the buzz created abt Barfi as copied film the jury snubbed Ranbir.

Congratulations to all!

Irrfan Khan deserves every bit of this. But why on earth is any "original" award being given for Kahaani? I am really shocked! Appreciate the screenplay, the direction and of course the acting. But original - did the national award jurors fall sleep for this category. That whole fake tummy is a complete rip off from the movie Taking Lives which was based on the novel of the same title. The addition of that bit was the aha! factor in the movie and obviously it was not original. Forget about undeserving, a totally mismatched award.

Mon, 2013-03-18 11:20 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

glad that irrfan khan has won the most coveted award of all of them while he was royally snubbed at the trashy bolly award functions. barfi goes without any award.
Yes, some of the scenes in Barfii were copied/inspired (whatever people wanna call it) were borrowed from other films. That does not void the exceptional performances by the actors in the movie, especially Ranbir Kapoor who pretty much did a flawless job and is worthy of accolades.

That being said, Irrfan Khan too is a phenomenal actor and did absolute justice to his character in Paan Singh Tomar so I'm glad he got the recognition he deserved.

Best wholesome film= Vicky Donor?? Hmmmm a movie on sperm donation ?

forget the Khans( minus Irfan Khan obviously) and the Kapoors (minus Vidya Balan Kapoor), its the chopra sisters who are the true bolly starts

yay,irfan khan deserves this...congo

OMG! This is just unprecedented - winners are actually talented AND DESERVING! Wohoo!

glad that irrfan khan has won the most coveted award of all of them while he was royally snubbed at the trashy bolly award functions. barfi goes without any award.

Congrats to all the winners.

Yay!!! Finally talent receives the recognization!!! Irfan khan and vikram Gokhale Ji and Annu Kapoor congratulations !!!!

Start bashing National Awards as well Sri fans. ;P

Parineeti Chopra,nawazudin also were given special mention.

These are the real credible awards - recognising talent, hardwork and originality. Not the other nonsense always going on personality and box office returns.

Thank God they did not award anything to Barfi! Glad that they actually recognized ORIGINAL art!

aww... I thought sridevi will get an award :( at least a special jury award?

LOL, Vicky Donor was wholesome???!

Shame on them for ignoring Dibakar Banerjee for Shanghai and Emraan Hashmis brilliant performance in it.

irfan khan is the most overrated in pst. nawazuddin was far better than him.

Sub ke sub currepted hai saale.
Sonu Nigam truely deserve national award for legendory song Abhi mujh mien kahin.
Feeling very bad ;(;(;(

finally! irrfan will be happy with this. i could see he was pissed that ranbir was winning all the awards

The only bollywood awards I respect unlike those other awards I haven't heard about most of these movies and congrats to the winners especially Irrfan truly deserves it

so happy for Irfan Khan!
Finally he got this award for his amazing performance!

I can't believe kareena didn't won for heroine

Happy For Parineeti Chopra For Ishaqzaade

Its official--National Awards could be called the Oscars of India!

finally irfan got national award


wow, so happy for Irrfan Khan. He truly deserves best actor award :D

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