Celebs Walk the Ramp at the Fashion Extravaganza at IIFA

Wow, Sonam & Dia look so pretty. What's Neha wearing? And while I love Bipasha's lehnga, she looks so manly.

Credits: www.daylife.com

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vexy sexy

fabuuuuuuuuuuuuulous ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing
Sonam and Dia you both are so beautiful

dia mirza iz lookin lyk a barbie doll.....:)

Honey thats because you dont know whats fashion

Only Dia is looking gorgeos and rest of all look ok but amrita is so fake and sonam eeeewwww yukk!!!

wow dia looks SOO PRETYYY! same with sonam!

dia is beautiful all r evils

no sonam kapoor is slim and fit

Looks like Diya has borrowed Priyanka's wig...

bips outfit is grand grand grand GRAND

amrita is so fakE.........rest r ok!

Loved this post...

great pics

amrita is looking gorgeous man!!!


waaaaaaaaaaw their dreesesare nica and beautiful

wow so nice bollywood . keep it up . every 1 is looking awesome . wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

yup! sonam needs to hit the gym.. she's not even a one film wonder only photo shoots wonder!

I don't get what Sonam is proud of?? the numerous photo shoots she's done and still says the really good one is coming out soon?? she should have been a model coz she is Anil Kapoor's daughter..with a silver spoon in her mouth and touch wood she has has a happy childhood..lol she says all that in her interviws when asked about her flop films!

omqq wuts with nehaz dress its hideous!
sonam does need 2 hit the gym dats whi she pulls her dresses up so much nd covers her belly button lol
luvinn muqhdaz dress

sonam aunty needs to hit the gym

Each and Every one is looking Fantastic over here... Great move Bollywood ..

luv mughda's dress

wow wow WOW loving Diyas dress!!!

sonam looks hideous

looks like bips been over doing the exercises....she should stop working out with john!! lol

Dia looks AMAZING and feminine that lengha is stunning

LOL... Bipasha has transformed from Sexy to Drag queen!

dia luks awesome..lehnga is so elegant

Sonam looks awesome! She looks like a rock n roll Bollywood babe! Like her more and more. Very distinct and knows what style suits her. Manik Sen needs to get a passport and see the rest of the world, really.

dia looks likea princess
sonam looks fiesty. this girl can get away by wearing rags too.

neha's footwear looks mind blowing

lol ... maybe the roads that manik sen walks on has beggars begging in designer outfits like that -- In which case i'd love to know what $$ they make from begging per day.

manik sen how does she look like a beggar?
she looks beautiful! RUDE!

sonam.. sowie to say u neither got a face not da body.. so get lost

omg sonam looking like a beggar on street.....the dress is pathetic......dia looking elegant

omg sonam looking like a beggar on street.....the dress is pathetic......dia looking elegant

diya's dress is awwwwwsssssssmmmmm

Oh my God - Diya Mirza looks like an angel!
Wow - is that Amrita Rao!! She looks hott!
Sushmita looks gorgeous! Lurve the colour!
Sonam looks gorgeous also!
Bipasha looks okay and lurve Mughda's dress but not so much on her..

omg karma on Fri, 2009-06-12 23:27 i remember those amrita pix u talking about! yeah she looks hilirious...she was trying so hard to pose and look sexy and pouting her lips like crazy and she was dressed like a kid. lol. she was weird that day

Anon, that's Amrita Rao with Arshad Warsi.

cute Govinda

wow everyoenb lookz amazing

i saw little people or short people/actress/actor but Amrita is different kind lol

sonam aunty is already getting stomach. what will happen when aunty turns 35? will she be grandma?

neha look nice for a change i like her here Diya n Sushmita r looking gr8 N Amrita looks such an ant

sonams lookin gawjus...so's dia..actually i think i luv everyone

sonamm beuatiful face but flabby waist and stomach...but i still like her. OK I HATE AMRITA RAO,I USED TO LIKE HER BUT THEN I SAW HER PICTURES AND VIDEO DURING ELECTION DAY AND SHE WAS HILARIOUS IN A BAD WAY. POSING, AND TELLING THE MEDIA TO WAIT WHILE SHE KEPT PUTTING MAKE-UP AGAIN. i thought she was trying too hard to look sexy but she look like 10 yrs old no matter what. better if she remain simple. and she tries to be sexy, it comes out funny with her dressing sense.

they all look lovely except for that pose of bips. I think it woul dhave been a nicer picer with her hair flowing it would have softened the look of her muscles

Who is that with Arshad Warsi?? She looks so pretty..is that Amrita Rao?

Mugdha looks gorgeous.

Wow didnt even realize that was Amrita rao!
Everyone looks nice..I like the purple Sush is wearing!

Sonam aunty needs to work on her abs.

Amrita rao looks lovely
Bipasha needs to go slow on the weight training

Diya rules, Sonam pretty n Bipasha too much weight training

only sush 4 me..

Sonam looks extremely beautiful! :)

OMG Bipasha looks like a witch.. Hideous.. Yuck.. Except diya all are horrible..

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