Nita Ambani at Priyasri Patodia's Art Event

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Seen here is Nita Ambani at Priyasri Patodia's Art Event.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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She always wears pretty clothes, she has a good taste in fashion.


Fri, 2013-04-26 17:43 — Anonymous
true something is off abt her face
could be the sudden weight loss her forehead is so wide while the cheek and mouth area is like a deflated balloon and shrunk.even the shiny face, pillow face look, prominent eyebrows all look badly put toegther. she went to a cosmetic surgeon that didn't have aesthetics on mind i guess!

her outfit is gorgeous . essence of classiness

She is not even able to smile normally???after effects of Botox?

what is going on is Botox thats what makes her so shiny

Even with all the money, she can't buy youth!

GOd, these people are billionaires even at USA standard they are worth so much. The Ambani can really help the poor and kick start the economic growth in India, if they wanted to!

even that old man looking at her face like WTF?

nice nails and hands

her face scares me

LOVE THE DRESS. on her ?

oh my word, something is terribly off with her face. I see she lost weight, but what is wrong with her face???? It looks like wax, and those eyebrows look like they were painted on there, her skin is so shiny (too shiny!), the eyes are glaring, her face looks inflexible, just...what is going on????

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