Aamir Khan dons a Rajasthani outfit on the sets of Peekay

After an interesting first look of Aamir Khan in a skirt on the sets of Peekay, here comes another interesting look.

This time Aamir is seen donning a traditional Rajasthani costume and the name tag on this outfit suggests he is part of a band. Aamir plays an alcoholic in the movie which also stars Anushka Sharma in the lead and Sushant Singh Rajput in a cameo.

The crew is currently shooting in the Rajasthani city of Jaipur.

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ugh those ears

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This movie will be definitely better then jab tak and ra one. Srk is also a full fledged botoxed person!

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Lol at the person saying " amir is a non botoxed" lol u must me kidding me , amir is a full fledge botoxed person , get ur facts right buddy !

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For all those talking abt his wrinkles I am sure you.are Ms. Rai fans. When a non botoxed person smiles wrinkles are bound to be there. Get a life people & stop criticizing a persons look especially of one who is contributing so much to society.

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OMG , aamir ?? its u ? seriously ? those wrinkles :O :O

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What has he done to his face? Look at his cheeks and skin folds around the lips! Better accept age now. He'll look like Anushka's dad! It's a Hirani film only story matters so it'll be a success anyway.

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Aww! Looking Cute! ^_^

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aamir looks a bit old...
its weird to imagine him with anushka but if deepika can be paired opppsite rajinikanth, why not them?!

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Pheww !! the wrinkles are back!!! ...Please Aamir no more botox ... On the other hand Iam super excited for this movie!!!

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i think its story revovles around a person who changes his getup regularly for some purpose....

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Aamir is done. Smoking detroys you!

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Is that Muthaiah Muralitharan?


lol nohh! what would he be doing with Aamir in a movie set? playing cricket? :P

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Haha... cute.

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gosh he looks cute granpa

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He looks really old. Prolly gonna look really in front of Anu

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Is that Muthaiah Muralitharan?

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oh my god, Aamir face

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Lol again....

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This film looks sorta lame!!! so far !!!


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