Video: Dhating Naach - Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Catch the new fun filled song from an upcoming movie 'Phata Poster Nikla Hero' featuring Nargis Fakri in her first item song. The movie starring Shahid Kapoor and Illeana D'cruz and directed by Rajkumar Santoshi is all set to release on 20th September.

Credits: Youtube

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someone mentioned about Pinky ..thts the worst item number and a huge flop please spare us from Priyanka ..

Stupid Shahid. Ranbir should have been in this movie. Shahid sucks!

he's trying so hard to be a ranbir. Really? do your own thing

All these people who are talking nonsense about Nargis, mark my words she is the best and perfectly suitable item girl for this song. There is no comparison to other typical Sheela,pinky,halakat jawani item songs most of them are vulgar. This one is very funny entertaining and sexy song yet it's classy.
Usually all item girls praise for themselves about their hotness and sexyness but this song has great balance of boy and a girl. Lyrics is extremely funny, Nargis brings beauty and elegance and Shahid bring energy to this song. This song is going to make people dance in theaters for sure.

Note - moving your body too fast like other item girls does not mean good dancing BTW.

Sasha is doubt.

aaww come on guys, nargis wasn't that bad. but honestly, they could've just put ileana in the song. she's a killer dancer! go watch her belly dancing song in nanban guys!! she's amazing in it.

this movie and song gives a headache..its like a hyper-movie.

, Song is bad No comments on Nargis fakhri.
shahid is atleast dancing.

Katrina and kareena are the only actresses who can pull off any dance numbers.

i am missing kat badly.....she should do atleast one item song in a year.

non-actor+over-actor= lameness and stupidity like dhating naach or whatever

awful song and awful dance by mr flopstar shahid kapoor

Dhating Naach shahid. Great energetic moves with awesome xpressions. Nargis fakri is lost.though she is sexy doesn't have any xpressions on her face. They should have casted our desi girl priyanka. She would have been great matching steps with shahid with her killer moves like pinky. Any way enjoyed coz of shahids high energy

nargis can't act nor can dance.
She is not at all beautiful, what is doing here.

Dear guys don't ever compare nargis with katrina.
Katrina is baap of item songs...forget about expressions she can't dance like katrina.

Katrina is in industry becoz of her beauty and hard work.

Nargis is nothing to me.

Nargis is so expression-less!! dont know why she is still being casted in sum or the other movie.. she is not meant to be in bollywood! as for shahid... he dances so well & looked so cute :)

Nargis is very pretty but she cant dance also shows zero expressions..

Shahid is a pleasure to watch in this song..For once hes not over-engergetic which is why hes rocking it, however he still needs to work on his expressions, I believe expressions are are slightly over the top..

Infact all bollywood actors give over the top expressions in their songs xcept for Salman, so he needs to work on that, otherwise hes a goodlooking lad and can act, i prefer this dude over ranbir and other news lads anytime.

The song is however bad, not something one would hum..Hope the film does well..he needs a hit BIG TIME


woow Nargis can't dance but she got a good body and she looks taller than Shahid..

Shahid is good. Nargis's torso is too long and thick.. Ewww

The best item song since sheila/chikni....but this is waaaay better! Nargis is so much better than kat!!! Gorgeous, danced well! And shahid as usual rocked.

Nargis looks so pretty and Shahid dances so effortlessly!! :)

Shahid is just phenomenal in this song......... I mean his expressions and dance and everything is just mind blowing. Nargis is looking absolutely beautiful and has danced well. She does not look vulgar in anyway, she look elegant. It is not possible for any heroine to match steps with Shahid and his energy level. so for Nargis I have to say job well done.
This is the best item song I have seen in the recent past. This song is very different that typical Shila,chameli,pinky,jawani etc. usually all lyrics talk about girls sexiness and focus is only one the girl but here it is very different. Girl is talking about boy and boy is talking about his monkey habit. It's just nonstop nonsense in a good way. Complete energy drink.......

In love with the song.. Chartbuster!! Perhaps the best item song this year. The video is amazing as well, thanks to Shahid's killer moves and expressions. Nargis looks pretty but she can't dance. A skilled female dancer would've enhanced the video. They should've approached Deepika.

Shahid is a great dancer but his expressions are very fake. It's like he himself doesnt take the character he is portraying seriously. However grazy the character maybe, if not enacted from a genuine place, it looks artificial. Shahid has been in the industry for too long not to know this!

Shahid Kapoor has rocked this one! Nargis is ok in parts but Shahid is the heart and soul of this one!

Shahid did the dancing. As much as I like nargis, this was aweful. She needs to tone her abs.

nargis has frozen her face 2 much, and she looks like an amazon compared to shahid, this jodi does not work, its 2obvious....Shahid deserves 10x better than this, I would love to see him with Shraddha

the song rocks, just cant stop listening and ya, Shaheed is great dancer, the movie will rockk, just became sure, that will be huge blokbuster

god nargis is awful.......shahid rocks,,,,and the video is cool but nargis makes is bad

The NIKHLA is still bothering me. It should be nikla in proper hindi.

Superb Shahid......and Nargis - svelte body, cute face but not an expressive face. Shahid deserves a heroine who acts on HIS level, not lower. Someone not at his level takes AWAY from the movie eg. the way I felt when I had watched Mausam. Hope Ileana will be a better match with him.

Shahid was so cute and funny. As for Nargis, her dancing just can't match up to Shahid, not even close!

High energy song!

Shahid is awesome but Fakhri is just ewwwww

Wow. That was . . . kinda awful.

Good Work Nargis . People are too harsh with you. I don ´t understand Indian people sometimes !

LOL i dont think nargis had ANY idea what she was lip syncing but shahid was giving enough expression and energy for the both of them...overall the song was TACKTASTIC hehe

Woww I love the way shahid dances! Best choreography!

nargise is bad but shahid is worse. he looks same in his every song. his dance moves r boring. at least nargis has screen presence.

I didn't understand the half of this song's lyric and I have a feeling that Nargis doesn't understand it as well. The thing is, hindi is not my native language,I have been in India just once and for a week, I'm not bollywood actress so my weak hindi is excused but it's funny to see bollywood actresse who lives in India, works in Indian film industry and whose hindi is worst than mine... Any way Shahid dances very well. It's fun to see him dancing in Govinda's style!

Awesome song, brilliant Shahid and craptastic Nargis. Gives even less expression than Katrina and dances like a donkey on crack. Congratulations on signing her, Mr Santoshi, and wrecking an otherwise great song. And people will defend her, saying she's learning but I'm sorry, I think you should be able to actually act if you choose to go into a profession which requires, oh, I don't know, acting?

Nargis is so bad, I can only cringe. Song is ok. Shahid is good but choreography is weak.


Good song

Loooooooove it!!! Shahid Kapoor=Best dancer. Nargis Fakri is really not that impressive. Can she speak/understand Hindi? If she understood what she was lip syncing to, maybe she'd have better expressions and dance better too

I'm sorry, I really dislike Nargis in this, she's just dead. No expressions, no moves. The song itself is really catchy and Shahid is, of course, fantastic. Looking forward the the film, looks way better than APKGK.

nargis is really bad in this. her face doesn't move in that last move and her arms and hips look like they're having a spaz attack. she loos even worse next to someone like shahid kapoor.

Wow. Nargis Fakri really sucks, doesn't she? No expressions, mediocre moves, zero presence. Please go watch Munni, Beedi & Aga Bai and see how an item song should be done.

Her dancing has slightly improves from her LIVE performances at award shows last year and she has the gift of screen presence and quirkiness which makes her very likable. Keep it up Nargis. At least she is trying.

I love Nargis.... but this is a hot mess. The songs of the film also suck BIG TIME.

I've seen pieces of cardboard give more expression than Nargis Fakri. Katrina Kaif, you have been dethroned.

A "hell no!" for Nargis. What the heck??

Shahid was awesome. Great dancer. Shame Nargis looked like a startled duck throughout.

Nargis is looking SUPERHOT!

nargis is even worse than katrina

Nargis ruined it! She looks so awkward and out of place! Her body hardly moves and less said about her face the bettter.

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