Transformation of Anushka Sharma

The Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi actress Anushka Sharma made her debut in 2008. In 2010, she delivered another hit with Baand Baaja Baraat.

I was looking at her at a recent event, I could not help but notice the amazing transformation of Anushka Sharma.

Look for yourself. First photo is of her during RNBDJ promotion in 2008 and the second one is at an event in 2010.

Spot any differences??

Credits: pv

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enthusiasts. And perhaps entirely directly referring to a later date, Expert op would only purchase

She was chubby girl first but now she is hotter

She was chubby first but now she looks bit sexy I guess

She never was beautiful. Am never going to understand what people see in her?

I'm not a fan of Anushka's actually (after that interview where she blasted at Sushant!), but I don't see that big a difference..she's just wearing more makeup in the more recent photo..

It's the makeup, which makes her look diff in each pic.!

With or without surgery, she is still a chapati face, a lollipop head on a stick-like body.

I wonder how the like of her (Kajal, Kareena) top it in actress list when they can't actually act nor look beautiful compared to anybody I've seen in my drama or dance workshops...

God bless mediocrity.

Make Up Fools!

I dont see any difference. You guys need to stop this. not everybody is getting surgery- it could be just makeup.

She hasn't gotten any surgery done. That's the power of make up. She hardly has any make p in the first pic and significantly more in the second one

and recently sha had a lipjob!

It could be the play of light and shadow on her face, the second one is much clearer and makes one think if she had a very discrete nose job?!

she looked better before...

i think she did cheek implants

She also needs attitude restructuring methinks....too arrogant (and not many reasons to be so high and mighty!)

I think flash can really blur out people's actual features so this isn't a fair comparison at all. Its quite dumb for you guys to speculate when the lighting is so OBVIOUSLY DIFFERENT. That said, if she hasn't had a nose job yet, she should hurry and get one because she really isn't very pretty (apart from great complexion which isn't saying much)

Oh and she also needs some jawline restructuring. Her face is very wide...

nose job! check out the tip

since she has small eyes, they did her make up in a way to make them look bigger. PLUS some nose job surgery.

ummm no. Give it a rest. She is smiling more broadly in the first pic. Perhaps you need to do more home work before you post rubbish.

look at her nose

she looks the same


YES there is a surgery...nose job dat is....

No. Just different make up. That's it.

She looks the same to me.

more makeup and flash on in other pic ? hahaha

its just simply awesome make up wid some great sexy artificial eye lashes....:)

nose job....

the nose in the secon pic is different !!!

Anushka chahe jo v sergery karwa le she would always look weird with big face,
and her mouth would always look like Tarbuja.

one pic is wid flash and the other is widout it lol

You all say rubbish.I'm an make up artist.I know everyone can make the nose look slimmer with darker shade of make up...but here Anushka obviously had done little nose jobe....on her nose tip.Her tip looks sharper and that is not due to make up!!!

She looks the same

She looks the same to me. Maybe she has a brighter make up in the second photo besides the lighting being different.

change only in her make up.. al her features are the same.. !!

Wht rubbish!!!
she looks the same on both pics don't see any differencess

NO SHE DIDNT GET ANYTHING DONE...LOOK AT HER SHE LOOKS THE SAME>......her features have NOT changed...its probably just the make up !! Stop creating false rumours !! :/

she looks same to me. lol.

i do not see any differences.

I'm seriously getting fed up of these freshies who thinks that every x y and z has had surgery. Do u honestly freaking thing she has anything done??!! I mean are u sick? I recommend a mental institute to get ur freaking brain cells working.

And bollywannabe I'd appreciate no more of this crappy "Have u noticed any changes/transformation" shit please or anyone else 4 that matter. Thanks

she looks the same, it jus that the eyebrow is abit different, this time is thick...she looks great in natural beauty

Tue, 2011-04-12 17:23 — Anonymous
i totally agree she didn't get nething done and its just the make up and the lighting but whats the need to call be fob? Indians living in India are not fobs. You are, twat.

No her nose is still same, only she lost weight, that's why she looks different.

Wears more makeup now, that's the change.

nose job!!!!!

she did NOT need that nose job at all

She got a nose job and got her chin done! She's pretty still no doubt.

the only difference is she is wearing makeup lmao!
fobs these days

nothing really has changed. expect for contrast of the picture and diff makeup.

colored contacts and red lipstick thats the difference

dont know bout a nose job but def has become more glamorous since 2008!!

noes job

Its just make up. The first photo is totally washed out, with no Highlighted cheeks or Eye make-up.
As of now, I don;t see any surgery or knife work.

she is wearing contacts in the second picture. that's why she looks so different, nothing else beyond that

SHe looks better in the old one, right?

i don''t seee anything

OMG OMG i cant believe it!!! she's wearing makeup and her picture isnt in white light! OMG OMG the change!!!

no difference...she looked fair in RNBJ days...

more healthier in the face and make-up.

exactly same............ not very good but cute


looks the same

Its makeup guys...

She is the same...its big deal.

Why the outrage! IMO - nose job for sure. Chin - maybe. No big deal. She looked and looks pretty.

looks the same, lol eye test required

No difference at all, what a silly thread. Plz come up with something more creative!

She was pretty. Still is.

Lol, her chin and nose have changed! But she still is not counted as a top actress. She needs to deliver more hits. Band Baaja was average.. it was called a hit because of its very low 10cr budget. It made about 20cr. Films like Raavan and Kites made more than 50cr. But they were called flops. Why? It's only about the budget. If BBB was produced with the budget of Raavan or Kites, it would've been a bigger disaster!

No clue what you're talking about. She looks the same :S

lol, there are no differences you loser. she's wearing different make up in each one. the only thing different is the picture quality. what a moron

shes done her nose...You can soooo see that she has done it. blooDy fakes.

I tell you what why dont we all go under the knife and
HEAD straight to bollywood. YEAH RIGHT. XX

only difference i see is the make-up

no diff, stop trying to make a story!

she's definitly showing more confidence in the second pic, the way she smiles and her makeup is flawless.

Fail post!
She looks exactly the same in both pics.

nope, i cant spot any diff bw the 2 photos. her nose seems a bit different, probably because she has a broader smile in the 2nd pic. bt i thnk the transformation isnt in her looks, bt her behaviour. she has become more confident post BBB and is rumoured to be throwing starry tantrums. i remember her saying in a interview that her lack of social skills is often misunderstood as arrogance.

she is d same just d make up is diffrent

both are the same

she got a nose surgery .....

Same face, different lighting!

hehehehe..LMAO..i m nt seeing any 'TRANSFORMATION' everything is exactly same in both of d pics..eyes nose just wide smile in d 2nd pic thts all.

there are things called MAKE UP and GROOMING dude in case u've never heard of them!!!

Surprisingly no, except for the lighting and makeup.

same .nt
drffnt .

she looks the same except for the chin

Agree nothng difference is there only LIGHTING Working is there dtz it!!!!! but hey here she looks lyk AISH c her CUTIEE SMILE???? sho shweeeet! juz lyk AISH!!! :)

no difference. she wasn't pretty and still doesn't look pretty. what a wide smile and wide face.

Ayesha Takia natural beauty!!! Hello bo.Ob job more like it

Absolutely no difference betn the 2 pics excep lighting.

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