Preity Zinta will be the celebrity judge at the 'Miss Bollywood' Pageant in Houston

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Preity Zinta will be the celebrity judge and chief guest at the Miss Bollywood 2014 pageants in Houston on March 7th and Austin on March 8th.

This contest will provide the opportunity for young ladies to showcase their personality, display their talent and represent Desi Culture - Bollywood style!

Miss Bollywood Austin and Miss Bollywood Houston will be chosen by the judges on the basis on personality, articulation, talent, confidence, representation of South Asian culture and Bollywood style!


And they didn't even spell Preity's name right in the video -_-

Preity Zinta is the best for this!
She is so humble and beautiful!

Bestest ever!! We love u ZINTA!!

Gorgeous lady


You know, I think i believe the recent "rumours ":(

I lol'd after reading this Preity judging a 'BEAUTY' patent joke of the millennium.

It's like Sunny Deol judging a dance reality show. lol

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