Rani mukerjee with AIYYAA director Sachin Kundalkar

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Rani with her AIYYAA director Sachin !! What a make-over Rani !!! she looks GORGEOUS !!!


Forget how she looks, I just NEED to see the trailer ASAP!!!!

Why no one is screaming SKIN BLEACHING here..of course it's the light which makes her look pink biased pinvillians would do that only for one actress

I feel sorry for these women RANI, PREITY, KARISHMA... they look too desperate and even theri fans are no longer interested in them and they are moved on to new comers ..anyway GOODLUCK RANI..

of course she has to be perfect...if this turns out like DANGEROUS ISHQ then she would be in the list of WASHED UPS.

When will the trailer be released?

shes looking hot hotter hottest!! good luck babe


She's practically glowing like a 1000000 watt bulb!!!LUV U RANI,AND BEST OF LUCK FOR AIYYAA♥♥♥♥

Completely agree with @Dorian Grey!

Sooooo excited for the movie!

Rani is looking very young she has maintained her age well and i like the cute freckles on her face...I wish her all the best for this film.I believe a trailer should come out now.

Sat, 2012-09-01 22:42 — Anonymous
It is some light and camera trick, otherwise when did Rani become as pink as Kareena ?
i guess the picture quality is like that everyone looks pink
P.S. looking forward to rani's performance

She is looking old


looks hardworking and dignified

awesome the see her...she is 1000 power light which has...lightened the whole postttt..........

LOVE rani!

It is some light and camera trick, otherwise when did Rani become as pink as Kareena ?

When can we expect this film?

ohhh she is looking magnificent!!

I really, REALLY,hope that her costar in this movie, Prithviraj, joins her in the promotions of this movie. It would be somewhat of a start in the bridge between south and north movies.

She looks so fresh here. That's a really good pictures. I'm interested in seeing the Aiyaa trailer. When is it going to come out?

How about calling it waxed, whitened, botoxed face.

She looks so fresh! Her skin is glowing. Can directors wake up and cast this woman in everything already?

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