“Bajirao Mastani” work starts

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The work on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Bajirao Mastani” has begun. The movie features Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in lead roles.

Ranveer will feature as Bajirao in the movie and Deepika will essay his love interest Mastani. Priyanka will play the role of Kashibai in the movie. Both the actresses will also be seen in a dance-off in the movie.

The photograph is from the sets of the movie. The workers are busy setting it up.

It is said that the shooting will begin from October with Ranveer and Priyanka. The two stars along with the supporting cast are going through their look tests.

Deepika, who is currently with her “Happy New Year” team on SLAM! The Tour, will reportedly join them in February.

In the movie, Ranveer will be seen in a bald look. The actor will shave his head in the end of October.

“Bajirao Mastani” is said to release in December 2015.


Beyond excited for this movie! Loving the casting too!

Priyanka and Ranveer....new super couple of indian cinema! May they make many more movies together!!!! They will be what SRK and Aish could have been!

Are you people serious or sarcastic? Did you not watch gunday by any chance. I felt no such vibe ever! there are number of couples who easily surpass them anyday. anushka ranveer and deepika ranveer are far by a gazillion times I vouch on that!

because the movie script was not great...but seeing them during promotions, i just loved their pariring!

i love my deepveer but i totally agree, i think honestly the chemistry they share is the best in the industry. they are definitley the next srk-aish thay have such an electric chemistry it's so damn attractive and real! love them all my 3 fav in 1 movie! 2 beauty's baba's dream come true.... and ours!! ;-)))

i hope SLB will put his heart and soul again into this movie unlike Ram-Leela..

i think this movie might create slight tension between PC and DP.

All the best :)

Your deepest desire!

PC always have had problems with her female co stars eg Kangana, Ileana,Kareena, Lara etc.

You mean kareena who doesn't have any friends except younger ilena who she doesn't feel threatened by. Media and pple like you wrote the same thing about pc and anushka. I wound blame anyone who feels insecure around pc. She is quite secure actress, that's y she doesn't have problems working with her contemporaries . She can do very well by herself .

I see a boat lol this for sure going to be a film heavy on colorful set.


Excited! Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh will start shooting soon. Deepika is reportedly joining the team in February, after Piku. Priyanka on the ohter hand seems to be doing Madam Ji and Bajirao simultaneously. Can't wait for the final results. The looks test should be fun this Tuesday.

You didn't learn anything from Gunday and Marykom results.

BOI just confirmed that Mary Kom has officially grossed over 90 CORES world-wide, which is amazing! And Gunday was also a Hit and did around 70 core business domestic! Don't be jealous of PC's success the only unsuccessful movie that she has had in recent times was Zanjeer and that was over a year ago.

Very excited. I can't wait for PC, Ranveer, and DP to start doing scenes together.

Plz plz replace sidharth malhotra from ranveer......wow dp n pc n with sid....wow.....but nope for ranveer..he is also good but..

Ew no thanks. And DP probably wouldn't have done the film without Ranveer in it in the first place. She had to switch her schedule around to be able to do the movie once he became apart of it. So keep wishing for now.

Hahaaa.......i know she will must sign movie in which sid is also....becoz she wish for this.but oooh there is pariyanka who have role of ranveer wife if sid is replace then pariyanka is looking his mother.mei ne to socha hi ni tha.......plz go cinema on 2nd oct 2015 becoz brothers will be release...


This is my right to get correct opinion.plz plz replace sid from ranveer or dp u must should do movie with sid....

Wooooo!!! Can't wait. And bye bye to Ranveer's hair :'(

all the very best to pc.

Shooting begins on October 3rd.

Indeed. Yesterday they started work on the sets in the studios. It is reported that the first schedule will be with Priyanka and Ranveer and will be filmed in the forests and ravines of Chambal. Deepika is said to join in February. Right now all the main actors and the supporting cast are going through look tests. It is reported that Deepika will finish Piku first, while Priyanka will work mainly on Bajirao Mastani, but has to start Madam Ji also at the same time. Last week Ranveer and Priyanka wrapped up the DDD shoot. Exciting all of this!

Koimoi also reported that Ranveer has blocked out an entire year to shoot this film and at some point will sport a bald look. I'm wishing the team all the best, love epic films like this.

yep, she`s currently in the states.


bring it on....cant wait....

Super duper exciting! Yay! :D

It is said tht the budget of the movie is 209 crores!!? N to be bollywpods most expensive film. N I thought bangbang had biggest budget...

Nope, that was a rumour. Ranveer and SLB even cut their for this movie (but will take a share in profits), so I don't think it's true

Can't wait for PC and DP to come together :D

Not sure if I want to see a bald Ranveer. Anyway excited for this movie ! :D

I've got bad vibes about this movie. Probably because I am 99% sure that Sanjay won't be sticking to the actual historical biopic facts and will focus on over-the-top, larger than life melodrama and the love triangle between the three. And they will try to market it like a typical masala potboiler with the usual Bollywood cliches, recent example being Mary Kom (which he produced), which I don't know if it can even be called a biopic cuz that would be an insult to the name.

Plz no more set's pictures. We already had enough of hype about this movie. Why do you want to ruin the left over excitement.

i am soooo excited about this one..but we have to wait for a long time to see this...December 2015, mean more than a year...My most favourite actors in one movie..I love Ranveer, he is my fav actor..i love deepika after ram leela and PC i love her as well. They are the only 3 actors who excited me in bollywood....they are in one frame?? come on, you got to be kidding me...

I hope this get flop

I love DP but I just hate Ranveer so much. Ugh.

I'm so excited! Love the cast.

Yay pc and ranveer. My favourite pair.

yaay! Ranveer and DP together on sets, again! I hope we get to see some cute pics :D

this one will be epic and memorable for sure

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