Priyanka Chopra on Harper's Bazaar July-August 2009

Priyanka Chopra on Harper's Bazaar July-August 2009 0
Priyanka Chopra on Harper's Bazaar July-August 2009 0

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Anonymous's picture

unthinkable, does it hurt when people talk bad about ur fave celeb?
stop covering up for her jeez

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-07-14 23:52:
pathetic! someone has to paint themselves white to 'look good'? NOT! In that case, clowns would look good, would they not?

Priyanka's charm is in her lips, voice and face. she looks a million times better in this photo where she is tanned & bronzed and gorgeous:

Anonymous's picture

wow.. she looks SO GORGEOUS - 2nd photo is a knockout.

Always thought in terms of sheer charm in her face, she stood head and shoulders above the rest of the Miss World. Although Aish has the most beautiful eyes of the Miss Indias, she has the most charming face.

Anonymous's picture

she did not bleach her skin. how stupid! look at her events pictures she is still not light just not that dark. skin whitening is aishwarya and rekha

Anonymous's picture

Look at that cover...PC seriously has a PERFECT figure!! And, wow, she sooo works the drastic lip color!! Love that she changes up her look with every photoshoot!

dreamy girl's picture

I agree with most of you, wholeheartedly on the skin whitening issue. Though, coming to the lighting bit, it is rather obvious that she has bleached her skin if you look at her now compared to when she first won Miss World et all days.

Anonymous's picture

gorgeous love her

bollywood lover's picture

she looks differnt in the 1st pic...
but both pics r amzain
Harper's Bazaar probaly one of the best magazine luv the photoshoots

Tindolu's picture

she is really becoming the POWER of BOLYYWOOD ...

Anonymous's picture

what is everyone talking about in here? go to the aishwarya topics and fight there. this is simply due to the lights they used. haven't u seen bipasha's pictures at events? same thing except over here it's waaay brighter. priyanka isn't that dark as bipasha but she isn't light as aishwarya either. i like priyanka's skin tone since it's inbetween. those pics are on fire ouch lol.

unthinkable's picture

Anonymous on Wed, 2009-07-15 01:57

Very true

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2009-07-14 23:30.


Anonymous's picture

white paint? hahhaa it's the lighting as someone mentioned. bright lights does wonders. she is gorgeous no matter i like those new pics of her a lot

Anonymous's picture

this cover reminds me Aish's Verve cover....same pose & same topic- power

Anonymous's picture

when will indians be proud of their dark circles and not use concealer? what a shame! they can show regular women that you can be beautiful with undereye bags too.

Anonymous's picture

She has definately painted herself white!!! So that she can look good!!

Anonymous's picture

they brightened her completely
when will indians just STOP lightening their skin in magazines and just be proud of their skin tone

Anonymous's picture

woah is that pc? she looks amazing. didn't recognize her with that hair lol

Anonymous's picture

love both of the pics

Anonymous's picture

she's hot

gudgal's picture

luv the 1st pic...

Anonymous's picture

i need to buy this magazine! she is gorgeous

Anonymous's picture

she's smoking hot and the smoke is making the computer heat up.... lol!!

Anonymous's picture

loves it

BOLLYWOOD's picture

GORGEOUS!!!! period

Anonymous's picture

Here is someone with grace. Thank you Priyanka for showing class.

Anonymous's picture

Her body is envious! so jealous

Anonymous's picture

Now this girl knows how to model!!!

Anonymous's picture

painted herself white? good one. it's called LIGHTING! she looks fieerrrce!!!!!

bollychic19's picture


Anonymous's picture

exquisite! doesn't even seem that photoshopped unlike other harpaar's covers i've seen recently.

Anonymous's picture

1st pic is nice, don't like the 2nd one, or the dress.

mans's picture

cool one!! i like it!!

sasha's picture

when and why did harper's bazaar india become bi-monthly?

Anonymous's picture

wow! she looks awesome!!! i want that figureeeeeeeeee!!

Zwanas_only's picture

OMG she looks awesome.

Anonymous's picture

painted herself look good


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