Who's the hottest Desi Girl of 2013?

During the later half of 2012 we saw a fleet of strong-willed women-oriented movies. Be it Heroine, English Vinglish, or Aiyya, the ladies were at their creative best. This year, there seems to be another trend for our lovely B-town beauties. The gorgeous girls of Bollywood seem to be donning de-glam looks for their high profile upcoming movies. Here are the movies and the desi-girl looks. Who is that desi girl who looks most convincing, for you?

Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express

Deepika plays the role of a South Indian girl in this movie.

She is seen donning simple, traditional costumes.

Deepika is also sporting a nose ring in some scenes.

Does the desi-girl look work for you?

Then there is also Deepika's traditional look in Ram Leela

Sonam Kapoor in Raanjhnaa

Fashionista Sonam has also managed to go completely de-glam for Raanjhnaa.

Sonam is seen wearing a uniform and plaited hair.

Here is another look of Sonam from the movie. How do you vote for Sonam in this one?

Priyanka Chopra in Gunday

Priyanka Chopra is to be presented as the sari-donning 'Nandita' in the film.

Priyanka is seen mostly draped in traditional wear.

Is Priyanka the ultimate desi-girl?

Sonakshi Sinha in Lootera

Sonakshi is the lovely yesteryear heroine in Lootera.

Do you think Sonakshi is charming as a lovely, tragic, yesteryear heroine?

Not to forget, there is Sonakshi's bullet Raja too, where she donnes a traditional suit...

and a saree..

There you go...the desi girls surely seem to have taken the year by storm. Happy voting!

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priyanka... one and only

None of them.

Priyanka any day !!! the real Desi girl !!! :*


I too loved Priyanka, She is fabulous,,,

Obviously PeeCee is d best desi girl, No one can beat her !

i looooved priyanka and deepika both are beautiful and talented but if i have to choose then of corse i go with priyanka chopra

Deepika all the way! ESP in ramleela

By the way, I love that photo of PC with Ranveer and Arjun (with hearts on their jackets). Wow!

If we're talking about who's HOT out of these ladies, then PC and DP win it hands down! I don't think that even Sonam or Sonakshi consider themselves "hot".


of course it is.. MRS PRIYANKA CHOPRA KHAN hahahahahah :D

most definitely the lovely priyanka. the other girls don't stand a chance


Deepika for sure. We are so used to seeing Sonakshi in the desi girl roles (which is not a bad thing, of course) but seeing Deepika in it is totally refreshing. PC also looks nice, but Deepika definitely overpowers her in the pictures.

Piggy Chops. Priyanka looks stunning.

The one and only Priyanka Chopra!

Well PC is the offical "Desi Girl" Priyanka♥

Sonam Kapoor

PRIYANKA!!! Duh...


all the girls obviously they are true desi girls.......however sonakshi started it and look at her she is flying...i say well done.......being desi is very colourful and afterall its desi films

Priyanka Chops!!

no competition this time.it's our desi and sexy deepika

ALL the way PC..she looks drop dead georgous

undoubtedly deepika.her bikini blouse's are awesome

deepika and sonakshi sinha r my favorite :)

obviously Sonam!! that's what a real desi girl looks like! BEAUTY!

One n only deepika *.* she looks heavenly

Deepika and Sonam

Sonakshi looks the same as always
Sonam doesn't suit it

The best actress from the lot and the ultimate desi girl of bollywood- priyanka chopra. This title belongs to her and will remain with her forever.

Priyanka looks the best

Sonakshi, Sonakshi & Sonakshi!!! She is the true definition of 'Desi Girl', the 'Queen of Desiness', (as someone said earlier) along with Vidya Balan. It's their USP. The rest are all fake Western Wannabes.

Sonakshi, Sonakshi & Sonakshi!!! She is the true definition of 'Desi Girl', the 'Queen of Desiness', (as someone said earlier) along with Vidya Balan. It's their USP. The rest are all fake western wannabes.

1.This round definitely goes to deepika.....she ill be a treat to watch in both ce and rl....cnt wait for both the moveis.
2.priyanka is fab...but the typ of sari which she is wearing in the holi sequnc luks very glamorus so it doesnt seems to be desi..!
Sonam is worst...she sud stick to her actual fasioniata tag...instead of experimenting with her luks....
N when did mrs.chulbul pandey played a glamorous role so as u r toking about her this year's desi avatar...she is evn worst than sonam...

deepika- as much as i hate to admit it, she looks great in all the pics...

sonam- just gorgeous

priyanka- yawn

sonakshi- nothing new.....so yawn again....

Deepikaaa ! She is the true indian beauty with true indian features

Deepika and Sonakshi for me. :)

duh deeps......of course i'm gonna b biased

Lets wait for their releases . In pics PC.

I'm bored of seeing Sonakshi in desi avtars in all her movies. I think Sona is getting type casted as the desi girl in movies. Frankly this girl bores me to death whether on screen or off screen.

Deepika looks like the quintessential desi/South Indian girl in Chennai Express. Eagerly waiting to see her in this avtar.

No one does simple desi looks better than Sonam (as in Saawariya, Delhi 6 and Mosum). She is a style chameleon on screen as well as off screen. Looking at these pics who would believe that this is a girl who loves designer labels and a fashionista.

As someone else mentioned PC's desi look in gunday looks very OTT, loud and daily soapish but I think it maybe because she is portraying a very loud,OTT character and if so she fits that character perfectly.


The one and only Deepika !!!!!!

Deepika ofcourse

desigirl007 what rubbish
......its about. hottest desi girl..........not about. boring sonakshi.....who always wear such clothes

what the stupid post is this ? Okay In my opinion Kareena is the perfect Desi girl okay coz I like her in JWM??? how come shes not here?

Wed, 2013-03-20 04:25 — Gohar

I don't know about hottest desi girl.... but Sonam looked very good in Sawariya and Mausam...She is the most beautiful desi girl.

Sonam is the most beautiful desi girl. There is no such thing as a hottest desi girl because the term desi is not meant for an object but a beautiful traditional Indian girl. Sonam lacks the hunger to succeed, she needs to be ambitious enough to work on her acting skills and deliver powerful performances to put her desi girl looks to better use.It is sad she hasn't worked with the Khans. Maybe she would have learnt the ropes. Or maybe she just does not have any talent.

Only two of them qualifies for hot desi girls(in that order) :
1)PC 2) DP

Deepika Padukone


Sonam all the wayyyyyyyyyy

everyone except priyanka..she looks too fake and glamorous. It just doesnt look genuine

Deepika and Sonakshi are more sublime, poetic kind of beauty. Sonakshi if loses a stone or so she will look even better.


Sonakshi is the real desi girl


Everyone is copying everyone!!! None Besides Sonam...:)

sonakshi looks the best in indian outfits, ekdum desi

1. sonakshi.
2. sonam.

deepika, duh

From these pics, Deepika and Priyanka.


Deepika and Sonam. The rest try too hard.


deeps hands down - true indian beauty. im a big fan of sonam but have to say its only when shes glammed up that she looks great

Deepika and Sonakshi..have the best features..almond eyes and beautiful desi gal facial structure.

pc,deepika look perfecto


Deepika and Priyanka are strikingly hot in the pics above! I love Deepika's look in Chennai express and Ram leela and Priyanka's 4th pic is mindblowing! love the hair

The "desi girl" tag belongs to Priyanka Chopra.
According to the pics above, the "hottest" actress in an "Indian avatar" is Deepika Padukone. I love her look in Ram Leela.
Sonam looks cute, not hot!
Sonakshi is the opposite of hot
Priyanka looks good

sonakshi is hands down the queen of desiness...priyanka is looking really good in gunday i must say...and deepika looking gorgeous in ram-leela and her look in CE is also a change from her usual western look. sonam is just meh. so, sona, pc & dippy...in that order :)

I don't know about hottest desi girl.... but Sonam looked very good in Sawariya and Mausam...She is the most beautiful desi girl.

Sonam kapoor n priyanka.








Deepika padukone all the way!!!

Priyanka is the Best

Sonam kapoor!

Priyanka looks nice !!

Sorry but this post does NOT make any sense to me!
these kind of posts usually come at the end of the year!
none of us have n t watched any of these movie yet so how can we predict this from just bunch of pictures!

sonam and then deepika

Deepika coz her all 2013 movie.

sonakshi( what's new about her desi looks, she looks same in all her movies)


Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor!!!

Priyanka, definately, in that golden saree. Deepika to looks very nice.

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