Watch the trailer of Ragini MMS 2

Video,Ragini MMS 2
Video,Ragini MMS 2

The theatrical trailer of Indo-Canadian adult film star-turned-actress Sunny Leone's “Ragini MMS 2” released Monday. It can also be accessed worldwide across adult websites.

"Sunny enjoys a huge viewership on adult websites, so yes, we are launching the trailer on these websites," Tanuj Garg, CEO of Balaji films, said in a statement.

The film, directed by Bhushan Patel, is a mix of horror and sex.

"Nothing spells super sexy and super scary as well as the ‘RMMS 2’ promo does. This is something my fans and lovers haven't seen before! It’s a treat that I don’t want them to miss," she said.

Produced by ALT Entertainment, the film is slated to release March 21.

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topless bath??seriously????????

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Ragini MMS2? Meaning that there is a part 1????? 8-O The scariest part is that this film will be a hit (because the budget is low) and may even cross 100 Crores at the box office like GRAND MASTI did. Bollywood continues to deteriorate.

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B grade.

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Scariest thing about this promo is Sunny Leone's make up. I mean, look at that pic, for Godsake.

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its totally ewwwww n its really very sad to say but BW totally lost its orginality n how cheap it happened:(

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Hopefully its Sunny leone's last bollywood film.These kind of people have eff-up bollywood completely.

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WTH Ekta Kapoor? Why?! :S

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Lol, seriously?

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Missing Rajukmar Rao in this one!!

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Isn't it strange that Sunny Leone made the transition from porn to films, but is still doing the same things, except now instead of heard-core stuff it's soft-core. Seriously, look at her roles so far: a porn star turned agent, a femme fatale conwoman, and now a Bollywood actress who does A-rated films...smh!

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Trash. They are targeting the audience that sits in back of theater in the dark. wink wink.

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Sunny and Priyanka are giving each other's a tough competition nowadays.

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I again says kareena is not insecure but her fans are.

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May be you forget kambhat ishq, tashan, qurban etc etc.

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i love Kareena Kapoor as an actress but the reason you hate PC is mainly bcoz she is Bebo's tough competitor. If you really think PC and Sunny are giving each other tough competition, then I think Bebo gave Sunny tough competition too in Fevicol Se, Halkat Jawani nd whichever item songs she is gonna do in the future. Ryt?

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wow its gonna be super hit..sunny curves are amazing

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You can tell they were targeting particular group of audience and they have successfully managed to do it with a trailer. Film will surely be hit. Why not this, right? If Grand Masti can be hit then so can this.

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Cheap. Sleazy. Trashy. Vulgar. Shabby.

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BW takes one step forward with movies like Vicky Donor etc. and ten steps backwards with these sleazy cheap movies. Are we living in 90's that a movie is being tried to sell on sex!?? These Bhatts and Balaji people are crazy!

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am confused.........i just dont understand the trailer.........nways i like horror but this not my cup of tea.

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Sunny ! Sunny ! Sunny ! What to say. I am sure that if she would have been around 10 years back, she would have been in place of katrina kaif. She looks amazingly (indian) hot. Good trailer. Best of luck to censor board.

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must be a nutjob to compare sunny with katrina

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what is there to censor? grand masti wasn't censored. also sunny leone is fully Punjabi whereas Katrina kaif(tourquette) is fully white and salman only lied to his fans so they would accept her as indian

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I am sorry but I disagree. I think Katrina has a certain screen presence that Sunny lacks.

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By doing these types of films, Sunny is only making things worse for her in the industry.


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